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Why is Alight Planning Different and Why Agile Planning?


Look at how Budgeting and Reporting software vendors position their value propositions on The Planning Maturity Curve. …

Look at how Budgeting and Reporting software vendors position their value propositions on The Planning Maturity Curve.

Then see how Agile Planning is what makes Alight different.

Alight Planning is a next generation planning solution that not only streamlines budgeting and reporting but enables Agile Planning – which is becoming the most important activity for Finance teams in the 21st century.

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  • Use the following deck when you know someone is looking for Type 2 benefits. OR if you don’t know, but want to qualify someone – Remember, if someone is looking simply to what they already do with no intent of ever adding new planning processes, they are NOT LIKELY TO SUCCEED WITH ALIGHTNOTE: BEN WILL DO A 5-minute recording of this soon
  • Ben/Colleen to add NOTES HERE LATER


  • 1. What Makes Alight Planning Different? A 5-Minute OverviewAGILE
  • 2. All Planning Software All Planning Software Claims Effort Every Vendor Says They Do Budgeting & Reporting Reporting Every Vendor Claims: Budgeting • Saves Time • Adds Business Value Business ValueAGILE
  • 3. “Actual” Value of Budgeting & Reporting Typical Budgeting & Planning Software Effort “What FP&A Customer Says” about Impact of Dedicated Budgeting & Reporting Tool: Reporting • Saves Time • BUT DOES NOT ADD Business Value Budgeting Just Doing Budgeting is Not Enough Business ValueAGILE
  • 4. THE BIG ROI – ALIGHT! What Alight Customer Says: “Our overall planning process is Effort somewhat streamlined… THE BIG ROI COMES FROM ADDED BUSINESS VALUE” Forecasting Reporting Only Alight Does Agile PlanningTM Budgeting Only Alight Forecasting Does Scenarios Budgeting this effectively & Reporting Adds Real In Alight Value Business ValueAGILE
  • 5. Why Agile Planning? 3-Minute OverviewAGILE
  • 6. The Value of Traditional Planning Over Time But ROI diminishes quickly over time. VALUE High ROI at the early stages of planning… TIME Source: The Agile Planner BlogAGILE
  • 7. The Value of Agile PlanningTM Over Time Long-term VALUE value from planning increases significantlyROI remainshigh in theearly stagesof planning… TIME Impactful planning that addresses the right business issues at the right time with the right people. Unlike budgeting, it is a continuous process that adds increasing value over time.AGILE Source: The Agile Planner Blog