What is Social Media and how can it work for a service professional


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  • BEN Split into 2 parts
  • Intro Ben Intro Helen
  • Ask audience! Make it easy Break down the words 
  • Our intepretation
  • From happy memories
  • to not so happy ones
  • Sharing
  • Attending social events St Paul's carnival Bristol
  • Networking Tweetup
  • or team building
  • Way it's communicated Who uses these?
  • Your customers are already using social media 800M+ Facebook 100M+ Twitter How get involved? Win new customers Retain existing Develop good links within your industry Start looking how we build lasting relationships in 3 stages
  • You are visible Go out meet people Advertise
  • Take interest in others Start sharing - Referrals - Recomendations - Helpful advice
  • Do what you say you'll do On time Consistent personality Become trusted
  • Who already uses SM to promote business? People recommend your company publically
  • How can we use SM to research Better informed - Local events Potential clients Business partnerships
  • Ideas - what to do, where to eat Friendly, show personality Local knowledge Discounts, offers and deals
  • Everyone benefits Reduce calls Improve TripAdvisor reputation
  • BEN 3 steps
  • Relevant for audience Start by recommending / quoting others
  • Think the kind of people and organisation your target audience might be interested in Follow them and start chatting!
  • It's the same principle as before  just a different social media channel...
  • BEN Visit website - Subscribe for tips - Listen to Podcast - Sign up to a workshop
  • What is Social Media and how can it work for a service professional

    1. 1. Social Media What is it and how canit work for my business?
    2. 2. Part 1 What isSocial Media?
    3. 3. Socialas in socialising, chatting, making friends, sharing, recommending or just keeping in touch
    4. 4. Mediaas in various types and formats
    5. 5. GettingInvolved
    6. 6. Know
    7. 7. Like
    8. 8. Trust
    9. 9. Part 2Using Social Media in business
    10. 10. Social Media in business Promotion
    11. 11. Social Media in businessBetter informedPotential clients ResearchNew markets
    12. 12. Social Media in business Sharing
    13. 13. Social Media in business CustomerSatisfaction
    14. 14. Getting startedMaking a plan
    15. 15. Step 1 - Understand What do you want to achieve Who is your target audienceWhat are your audience interested in
    16. 16. Step 2 - EngageFocus on relevant topics Decide how often Start simple
    17. 17. Step 3 - ConvertAction you want people to take How will you measure this Feedback into step 1
    18. 18. Bonus Part 3Social Media Tips
    19. 19. Social Media Tips - Twitter Raise your profile by talkingto famous people & organisations with large followings
    20. 20. Social Media Tips - Twitter Raise your profile
    21. 21. Social Media Tips - Facebook Build relationships byLiking businesses & people you want to work with then @mentioning them
    22. 22. Social Media Tips - FacebookLike experts in your industry thenshare & comment on their updates
    23. 23. Social Media Tips - LinkedIn Creative, 100% complete profileshelp you to stand out from the crowd
    24. 24. Social Media Tips - LinkedIn Stand out from the crowd
    25. 25. Thank You ;)InventiveWorkshops.com Follow us @BenKinnaird and @HelenColdicott