Social media in the workplace


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If employees are allowed to use social media, will this improve the business?
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Share some of my thoughts and results from a simple survey

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  • Share some thoughts Review simple survey
  • More accurately this presentations asks... Too long, not snappy
  • Researching images Intrigued by 80s phone (Facebook founded in 2005) Shows different styles of Facebook How SM in workplace has and still is an issue
  • My professional profile
  • ASK Make it easy Break down the words 
  • From happy memories
  • to not so happy ones
  • Sharing
  • Attending social events St Paul's carnival Bristol
  • Networking Tweetup
  • or team building
  • Way it's communicated
  • Who uses these? Does this help?
  • Facebook: 50% are active daily, 50% on mobile (7 Billion people in existence) Twitter: 340M Tweets a day (double from last year) LinkedIn: 9M+ from UK
  • Goes on to recommend a clear policy on social networking as best way to ensure employees do not waste time. However reading further they (TUC) consider social networking a leisure activity and TUC (Trades Union Congress) represents workers not businesses
  • Wanted to promote discussion Who saw this?
  • Before show results ASK: how would they answer
  • 21 people responded Does the result surprise you? Initial thoughts
  • Mainly Owners and Managers, Male and over 35
  • LinkedIn appears to have a better image in the workplace Source: Bottled Drinks Manufacturer
  • Source: Owner of IT company
  • Previously worked in a Hospital If they had employees now they would allow fair use ASK: Who has a social media policy?
  • Works in PR All staff use media regularly as part of work
  • Works in PR
  • Thoughts from folks interviewed at IBM Also have and internal system called BlueTwit
  • If employees use social media can this improve their business?
  • Made new connections just by doing survey
  • Yammer and Basecamp to business social collaboration tools
  • Covert Chirp, secret tweeting
  • Social media in the workplace

    1. 1. Social Mediain the Workplace Image: Getty Images
    2. 2. If employees are allowed to usesocial media, will this improve the business?
    3. 3. What isSocial Media?
    4. 4. What is Social Media?Socialising, chatting, making friends, sharing, recommending or just keeping in touch
    5. 5.  
    6. 6. What isSocial Media?All the different types and formats
    7. 7. Usage Stats Facebook 955M active (June 2012) Twitter 140M active (March 2012)LinkedIn 175M registered (August 2012)
    8. 8. Report by TUC in 2007“when handled properly, allowing internet accessfor staff during breaks can be beneficial for staffand can help them develop IT skills.”
    9. 9. LinkedIn Poll “I believe social media can engageteams and customers to improve business” • If people use social media at work? • What restrictions they have, if any? • Should usage be more open?
    10. 10. Do you allow employees touseTwitter, Facebook or LinkedIn at work?• Yes• No• Sometimes• No web access provided• Only on own devices, smartphones etc.
    11. 11. Do you allow employees touse Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn at work?use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn at work?
    12. 12. Do you allow employees touse Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn at work?use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn at work?
    13. 13. Contributor comments“Twitter and facebook for the benefit of thecompany only- not for personal use apartfrom at lunchtime as it is distracting.Linkedin is actively encouraged as itsupports business development”
    14. 14. Contributor comments“If someone spends a couple of minutesover a cup of tea then I dont see it as aproblem. Effectively they are all responsiblefor their own workload on a day to daybasis.”
    15. 15. Contributor comments“I was managing a team of nurses. Thereare policies in place which prohibit not onlysocial media activity, but using phones forpersonal use in the course of employment.So it is a quite rigid, disciplinedenvironment which is open to abuse ifboundaries are not set from the out set.”
    16. 16. Contributor comments“In todays connected world, I do not see itas an interruption. However it is importantto have the right culture around it and tohave rules that are not restrictive, ratherempowering and clear.”
    17. 17. Contributor comments“social media for pleasure during work is alittle like mobile phones, they leak workingtime away... To me it is no different tosomeone blatantly having a gossipmagazine open on their desk”
    18. 18. Pro / ConsPros•Real time info•Access to leaders•Improve collaborationCons•Wastes time
    19. 19. What doyou think?you think?
    20. 20. Conclusions• Use social media employee policy• Lead from the top• Made new connections
    21. 21.
    22. 22.
    23. 23. Useful Links••••••• examples-in-the-workplace/