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Why I think it’s important and some examples of people who do it well.
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Presented to a group of Swedish Schools and marketing professionals in September 2012

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  • Why I think it’s important Some examples of people who do it well
  • My professional profile
  • Work with Paul Advise on online strategy: Website, Social, Mobile For me brand is... who we are, how we are perceived How we communicate that brand is marketing
  • Two sides in schools, each impacts on the other Both should work together Internal - Teachers, PupilsExternal - Parents, Alumnae,
  • Creating interesting sharable stuff Draw people in Cause them to engage Adverts disturb
  • ASK? We’re human - We like to talk about ourselves Or hear about things we are interested in And for the following reasons
  • For milestone events (Max Kinnaird 2 and a bit)
  • Compelling reads
  • Having an awesome time
  • Creative efforts (Sam Kinnaird 3yrs)
  • Great places to eat
  • To remember having fun (St Paul's carnival, Bristol)
  • To thank for a job well done
  • The ridiculous, just for fun Nyan cat 84.5M views on YouTube Spare you the ordeal
  • or proof that you did it!
  • Important to remember why people share It’s NOT to buy
  • Typical social sharing networks Who uses these? Ask how used?
  • Facebook: 50% are active daily, 50% on mobile (7 Billion people in existence) Twitter: 340M Tweets a day (double from last year) LinkedIn: 9M+ from UK
  • St George’s, Ascot Great example of sharing
  • Home page design based on their strong news great photos. This is what parent’s and prospectives want to see Pippa’s video provides accessible overview
  • News is highly visual Focus is on the client and pupil, not the school
  • Photos are honest
  • Twitter to share school activity Casual but with consistent tone
  • Fraser Speirs - Head of Computing and IT at Cedars School, Scotland (5-17) Heard his remarkable project on a podcast ASK?
  • Implemented iPad use on a 1:1 basis First School in the world
  • Why? Express creativity
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Reading
  • Blog is open and honest Regular updates from inside the school
  • Even when things get bloody If children cannot be shown then perhaps their work can Try to include and share not exclude or hideaway Haven’t translated excellence on blog to Twitter Find out more
  • Interested in encouraging kids to collaborate on projects share with their friends Just 2 Easy allows children (from infants) to share to WordPress blog
  • Towcester Vets, Northampton
  • Mixed practice with highly engaged clients, esp. equine Their clients interested in the detail However gruesome it gets
  • Educated clients are more loyal and bigger fans Therefore more likely to refer Help vets create own surgery videos, post to YouTube
  • Facebook cultivates community Encourage sharing between clients and their friends
  • Questions
  • Online branding for schools

    1. 1. Your BrandOnline in Schools
    2. 2. Internal +External
    3. 3. Inbound :) notOutbound :(
    4. 4. Why dowe share?
    5. 5. It’s notto buy
    6. 6. Geeky Stats Facebook 955M active (June 2012) Twitter 140M active (March 2012)LinkedIn 175M registered (August 2012)
    7. 7.
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