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1st General Meeting Minutes Of Mustak 1
1st General Meeting Minutes Of Mustak 1
1st General Meeting Minutes Of Mustak 1
1st General Meeting Minutes Of Mustak 1
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1st General Meeting Minutes Of Mustak 1


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  • 1. Minutes of First General Meeting MUSTAK – MUST Association in Korea Meeting: General meeting Date and Time: Saturday 20th February at 14:30 Venue: Yousung Hotel, Deajon city, South Korea Attendees: Professor Young-Il Kim (ETRI), Young Kyo Jeong (CEO of Aditec), Sung Eun Jin (CEO of Essetel), Khishigjargal.G, Khurelbaatar.Ts (member of MUSTAK), Luubaatar.B, Tumurpurev.D, Bayanmunkh.E, Ariunzaya.B, Tsend-Ayush.Ch, Munkhbayar.B, Batchimeg.B, Zagarzusem.Kh, Batdorj.D, Bayarsaikhan. Tserendolgor.D, Nyambayar.Ch, Tsolmon.B, Tuya.S Opening: The general meeting of the MUST Association in Korea (MUSTAK) was called to order at 14:30 on 20th February in Yousung Hotel by Chair. Presenter: Miss G.Khishigjargal (Secretary of this meeting) She introduced the regular members and program of this association. Presenter: Professor Young-Il Kim (Chair)
  • 2. He was presented main goal of this association and explained the why need the green IT technology in Mongolia. In future, why need the high quality in this association and how to increase that. Comment: - To make relationship with various organizations in Korea - To support study who want to study in Korea - Show the high potential from member of association - Help each other Presenter: Mr B.Luubaatar (regular member of major group 2) He presented about the history of Mongolian electronics and tried to determine the working area. Comment: - On major are… • Try to work on some projects as one team • Translate the some materials and send to Mongolia • Work on some lecture note and books for Mongolian students - On educational area … • The compare education and science area of Mongolian and Korea. • Try to determine the how to improve the Mongolian education and science. Presenter: Miss B.Ariunzaya (regular member of major group 3) She presented about the main purpose of this association and to show the group members idea. Comment: - Broaden the cooperation between Mongolia and Korea - Exchange the information and knowledge by organizing a conference and meeting - Open digital library which is based on papers of members and member’s graduation thesis and dissertations - Manage the web site - Members should present (introduce) one of his/her research papers that have been published in last one year or a half of year Presenter: Mr D.Batdorj (regular member of major group 4) He presented about the member’s information and the future of MUSTAK. The opinions are similar to previous presenters. ACTION 1. Rule of association Voting related to the organization effect: unanimity (100%) - Creation of association and Closing association New member acceptance: 75% General voting: 51% Comment: All members are agreed those rules. 2. Rule of membership Honorary Members - One dedicated to the development of association.
  • 3. - Association general meeting will permit the qualification. Membership - Regular member - Graduated from the graduate school of MUST - Associate member - Graduated from the undergraduate school of MUST - One who was graduated from other universities and received a permission from ‘General meeting’ - The “Associate member” can become the “Regular member” by permission of General meeting Committee member - One who devoted to the development of association and received a permission from general committee Comment: All members were discussed about rule of members and agreed with those rules for members. 3. Name of association Table 1 shows the proposed name for association. Proposed name Abbreviation Agree Disagree Voting percent Mongolian Association of Student MASK None 17 in Korea MUST Association of Graduate MAGSK None 17 Student in Korea Mongolian Association of MAGSK None 17 Graduate Student in Korea Mongolian Graduate Student MGSAK 1 16 5.8% Association in Korea MUST Association in Korea MUSTAK 16 1 94.2% 4. Organization of MUSTAK Honorary chair: Professor B.Damdinsuren (president of MUST) Chair form Mongolia side: Professor L.Batkhishig (director of SICT) Chair from Korean side: Professor Young-Il Kim (ETRI, honorary professor of MUST) Committee members: Professor B.Otgonbayar (prof. of SICT) Young Kyo Jeong (CEO of Aditec) Sung Eun Jin (CEO of Essetel) Student chair: G.Khishigjargal (Student of UST) Major group chair Chair of Major group 1: Ts.Munkhdelger (Student of CNBU) Chair of Major group 2: Ts.Khurelbaatar (Student of CNBU) Chair of Major group 3: E.Bayanmunkh (Student of CBNU) Chair of Major group 4: D.Batdorj (Student of CNBU) Comment: All members are agreed this organization and chairs. 5. Members’ obligations
  • 4. Administrator of web and blog of MUSTAK: B.Munkhbayar Logo: B.Tsolmon Comment: B.Tsolmon will design the new logo of MUSTAK for 2 weeks. All members should be responsible and active for any work of MUSTAK. 6. Foundation Fundraising - Donation - Responsible people o Chair of Korean side o Chair of Mongolian side Membership fee - Free (regular fee) - Some amount (temporary, in case of …) 7. Schedule Regular meeting (2 times a year) - Last week of August - Last week of February International conference (1 time a year) - Decided on the meeting Comment: In the regular meeting, all members try to present which is based on journal paper or research work. Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 17:30 by G.Khishigjargal. The next general meeting will be in last week of August in Deajeon city. Minutes submitted by: [E.Bayanmunkh] Approved by: [G.Khishigjargal]