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  • 1. Transforming Objects
    LESSON 8
  • 2. Reshaping Using the Arrow Tool
    To reshape a line or shape outline, you can drag on any point on a line using the Arrow tool. The pointer changes to indicate what type of reshaping it can perform on the line or fill.
  • 3. Grouping Objects
    • Is used to combine selected objects into one.
  • Grouping Objects
    Select all the objects that you want to group.
    Click Modify menu
    Choose Group. You may also use the keyboard combination Ctrl + G.
  • 4. Ungrouping Objects
    • If you want to edit a part of an object, you can easily ungroup them so that the other parts will not be affected by the changes that you are going to do.
  • Ungrouping Objects
    Select the object that you want to ungroup.
    Click Modify menu
    Choose Ungroup. You may also use the keyboard combination Ctrl + Shift + G.
  • 5. Subselection Tool
    • The Subselection tool is the counter part of the arrow tool. It is also known as the white arrow. It is used to select actual vector points of an item.
  • Lasso Tool
    • The lasso tool is a selection tool mostly used with bitmaps. It used to make a clean and precise selection.
  • Lasso Tool Options/ Modifiers
    • Magic Wand – It selects an area or value of pixels based on its tolerance.
  • Magic Wand Properties
    • Smoothing –is for determining how smooth the selected edges should become.
  • Smoothing
    • Smooth – rounds the selection edges.
    • 6. Pixels – the selection is wrapped around the rectangular edge of similar color pixels.
    • 7. Rough – the selection becomes even more angular than with Pixels.
    • 8. Normal – creates a selection that is a bit softer than pixels but not as soft as Smooth.
  • Polygon Lasso Tool
    • Used for angular or geometric type shapes.