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Novel Analysis of the Little Prince

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Novel analysis

  1. 1. Author: Antoine de Saint-ExupéryTime and Place Written: The summer andfall of 1942, while Saint-Exupéry was living inLong Island, New YorkPublication: First published in Englishtranslation in 1943. The first French edition didnot appear until 1946.Type of Work: Children’s story, novellaGenre: Fable, allegory
  2. 2. The author used simple words and dictionThe language and style used were simpleThe imagery of water is used in "The Little Prince"
  3. 3. The Little PrinceHe is the protagonist of the novel.He leaves his planet in search of knowledge and wisdom and also gets away from his planet.
  4. 4. Narrator (Pilot) He loves to draw, but he abandoned drawing at the age of 6 because nobody understood his drawing. He became friends of the little prince and he learns from a prince secret of life.
  5. 5. Flower Lives in the planet of the little Prince She is arrogant and conceited flower She became the reason why the little Prince leaves his planet.
  6. 6. King He lives on a tiny planet He is very arrogant king and believes that he rules over the universe (stars and planet)
  7. 7. Conceited man Craves admiration from all who passes by to his planet.
  8. 8. Tippler Is a sad and lonesome soul that lives on a tiny planet. He drinks to forget that he’s ashamed of drinking.
  9. 9. Business man He is a very busy person who only do is counting and own a stars, he also hates distraction (third distraction)
  10. 10. Geographer He knows everything but he refuses to learn about planets. He tells to the little prince that his flower is ephemeral.
  11. 11. Fox He is the only creature that made the little prince the mysteries of life
  12. 12. Snake The first character that the little Prince meets on Earth. He is trying to deceive the little prince by offer him to get bitten.
  13. 13. EARTH A-325 A-B612 A-328 A-330 A-327A-329 A-326
  15. 15. Rising ActionThe Little Prince felt unhappywith his Rose in his planet so hedecides to seek answers for hisqueries. Thus he travels toplanets then comes upon theEarth.
  16. 16. ClimaxThe Little Prince finds his answerswith the fox as he realized thathe loves the flower he intendedand gave effort to. He decides toreturn to his own planet.
  17. 17. Falling ActionAfter the sharing the story ofthe Little Prince with theNarrator he agrees with beingbitten by the snake for a fasterway to get to his planet.
  18. 18. Denouement While they were havinga conversation the LittlePrince fell on the sand(died).
  19. 19. STARS - a reminder of large densely populated universebeyond earth that the prince recounted visitingDESERT - the desert is also hostile space that contains nowater and deadly serpent KING - the king is depicted as a self – centered person who thinks highly of himself.
  20. 20. ATMOSPHERE The tone of The Little Prince is oftenlonely, subdued and fragile-sounding;much like the little prince himself, whenhe ventures into the world of adults in anattempt to understand them even thenarrator was also very lonely as a child.