Talkwise Circle of Trust
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  • 1. Circle of Trust
  • 2. Four elements that are essential to any successful business: Expertise High- quality standards International Customers enterprise Capital Circle of Trust
  • 3. A strong Circle of Trust is built on two foundations: 1. Products and services 2. Effective communication ro du P cts and servi ces Travel International trade Nonprofit Circle of Trust
  • 4. A strong Circle of Trust is built on two foundations: 1. Products and services 2. Effective communication Pr n od Marketing materials uct atio s and unic Safety information servic comm Financial disclosures es Effective Feedback Circle of Trust
  • 5. Effective communication makes positive impressions and inspires confidence. High- quality Reliable! standards! Positi ve im pre ssi on s Pr od n uct s catio and servic muni es e com Effectiv Circle of Trust
  • 6. Satisfied customers will return. s usines eat b Rep Circle of Trust
  • 7. And satisfied customers will refer family and friends. s usines ls at b rra epe Refe R Circle of Trust
  • 8. The Circle of Trust enables your company to improve, to expand, and to reward shareholders. s usines s at b rral epe Refe R Circle of Trust
  • 9. Costs of poor communication Cost of poor Communication
  • 10. People are highly critical of writing errors. ellcome! W Goodby e e, having n ice day. a n in stionaire Fill que Cost of poor communication
  • 11. Cost of poor communication
  • 12. People interpret writing errors as a sign of a company’s incompetence, insufficient resources, or indifference. Writing errors Cost of poor communication
  • 13. Negative impressions raise people’s fears about quality control throughout a company—such as personnel, logistics, and safety. Negative Writing errors impressions Cost of poor communication
  • 14. People avoid doing business with companies they don’t trust. Negative Fears about Writing errors impressions reliability Cost of poor communication
  • 15. Broken Circle of Trust
  • 16. Subpar marketing materials, with grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation mistakes, and awkward usage, weaken the Circle of Trust. Pr od n uct tio s and servic unica es Poor comm Broken Circle of Trust
  • 17. Writing errors activate people’s suspicions of poor quality control throughout the business. What’s wrong with Is the company their marketing reliable? department? Negat ive i mp res sio ns Broken Circle of Trust
  • 18. Dissatisfied customers are less likely to return. s Negat usines ive i mpr atb ess ion pe re s s Les Broken Circle of Trust
  • 19. A broken Circle of Trust means your company loses and your competitors gain. Competition ss usine atb repe s Les Broken Circle of Trust