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Research on magazines. …

Research on magazines.
By Benjamin Chandra

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  • 1. Benjamin Chandra Magazine Research
  • 2. Following will be school Magazine research
  • 3. Masthead- is bold and clear, stated in a simple font but with some colour to make more appealing. Main Image- takes up centre of page and is the main focus. Image of a normal student ready to work Keylight/box-out- highlighting main article to catch readers eye and to show it is more important School magazine front cover Various side articles to attract the reader, also different colours to make it more appealing Background is plain white so other colours stand out more. No particular Genre , just important articles relevant to each school like for example, in this magazine’s case high tech gadgets. Font - is simple yet effective because by adding colour or making font bold it becomes eye-catching. Also it is easy to read
  • 4. Central main image of the school in a cartoon. It is a cartoon probably because they never had cameras in 1934 and also it makes the magazine jolly. Pug with date, price and issue at bottom of magazine, unlike a music magazine which is usually at the top left. Provides clarity for reader so they are unsure e.g they know what price the magazine is and which issue it is- not an old one. School logo to distinguish magazine and so readers know they are reading the school magazine. Font is plain but bold so it is clear for readers- especially parents as they will be one of the main readers. Background is very plain and magazine has no colour probably because the magazine producers never had colour printers and also it makes it e easy to read for readers without any overpowering colours. Masthead is big and bold so readers know they are reading the school magazine.
  • 5. Title-Clearly stating it is a contents page. Written large- black with white outline and a weird font to be eye-catching School Logo to make the magazine exclusive and to show it is a certain schools magazine so readers know what magazine they are reading Background is light blue with different design to add a tranquil effect to the magazine. Font is similar to Title so links in with the theme. Font is quite fancy and this suggest it is aimed at a younger target audience also due to the bright colours Images- no central image so is not similar to the music magazine genre. Different snapshots of pictures linked with the articles. Menu of what content is in the article with page numbers to make it easier for readers to go to each page.
  • 6. Menu of different articles within the magazine with page number to make it easier for readers to go from page to page Page number makes magazine more organised and makes it easier more readers to flick through the magazine Date of when magazine got published to provide clarity for readers and so they know they are reading an up to date issue Two small images- not one central image like it is usually in music magazines. Images of smiling children to show children enjoy the school and in one image there is an apple laptop to show the school is advanced in technology Font is all white so it shows clearly on the coloured background, the font is plain, clear and easy to read Headline at top of the page directly stating that this page is about what is in this issue, to provide clarity for reader. The sub headline adds to this as it says contents
  • 7. Following will be music magazine research
  • 8. Masthead- is bold and unique so readers know which magazine they are reading. Also does not link in with colour theme of yellow and white so it is more eye-catching Headline- Largest piece of text and is short, snappy and interesting as to intrigue the reader. Also it is a bright colour to catch readers eye Main image is central- typical of a music magazine and links with Headline. Also the body language and facial expressions link in with the Indie Rock genre. Image links with Headline. Genre of the NME magazine is usually Indie Rock because The Automatic is an Indie rocker band and also the clothes they are wearing, but they can sometimes have different genres depending on what the latest news is. Various sub-articles, including the secondary lead, interests the readers further by stating more of the latest news Barcode is here and the pug- date, price etc. Background is plain grey because there is no need to be coloured as the main image takes up most of the page and there is a lot of colour so it they add more it might be overpowering to the audience. Box-out containing the sub articles to show the articles are different to the headline- extra clarity. Also it is in a unique shape to make the magazine more appealing to the audience Piece of text saying New Musical Express explaining what NME stands for and so the readers know they are reading a music magazine Feature and lure saying New Music- lures the reader into wanting to know about the latest music. Font size and type is different depending on important but the text has a theme of yellow and white to make magazine more organised and not all over the place. Font is not too fancy and easy to read.
  • 9. Masthead is bold, clear, simple and is the largest piece of text so the reader can easily see which magazine they are about to read/buy Vibe is a Hip-hop magazine because as can be seen in image the artists are famously known for their Rapping and Hip-Hop and has articles focused on Hip-Hop artists. Main image in the centre of the two artists featured in the main article. Can clearly see they are Hip-Hop artists due to the; facial expressions, body language, brand of clothes- NY (New York Yankees) and Nike. Also the large about of jewellery or ‘Bling’ shows they are involved in the Hip-Hop culture.. Splash and box-out that contains main article about the artists in the main image. different colour and font so it catches the readers eye Box-out containing Competitions and freebie’s to make readers want to purchase the magazine. Stands out to catch readers eye and shows that producers rely on it to sell the magazine Barcode to make magazine legal to purchase Side articles to further interest reader. Linked with Hip-Hop Genre Background is white so other colours stand out more. Website so readers can get more information and the latest news Top-strip contains more news to draw the reader in the extra bit more. Other than in the splash and the box-out, the colour theme for the text is black and red. Font is not too fancy or to plain so it is easy to read but pleasing to the eye. Font is not too small so easy to read but fits in proportion with the magazine.
  • 10. Top-strip to further interest reader Masthead is Bold, clear and is the largest piece of text so it stands out and catches the readers eye. Also it is an unique font and is the same on all Kerrang magazines. Main central image of someone in Green Day which is a rock band. The person in the image has long, messy hair and is holding an electric guitar; he is also wearing a shirt and waistcoat- this shows it is a rock magazine. Genre for Kerrang is rock as can be seen in the image and the headline is about a rock band. Also the various side articles are to do with the rock Genre. Side articles with the secondary lead. Linking with the rock theme and contains some features. Bar code and pug containing date, price and issue number. Lure- luring readers by showing extra information, using the work plus and in a box-out to catch readers eye. Box-out containing a competition to lure the reader in to purchasing the magazine Headline in a bold and clear font and white so it stands out. Linking with person in the main image. Headline tag to provide interest for reader in a keylight. Text in a colour theme of white, green and yellow keeps magazine neater and not overpowering with lots of different colours. Font is simple and easy to read, also is quite small to fit on page but readable.
  • 11. Front page linked with this contents page. Photographs are similar style to each other so it is clear they are part of the same magazine. Menu of content in magazine to show what is within the magazine, with page numbers so readers can easily go from page to page. Title in a unique layout to interest reader and to clearly show it is the contents page. Also it is bold and clear so it is easy to read for the reader. Font is same colour as the background and is quite simple so the reader is not confused and so it is clear to read. Also it the font is quite small but still readable. No set colour theme for text just black and white to add an old, authentic look to the magazine. Back ground is a photograph linking with an article in the magazine. Interesting photograph with people in it wearing clothes and jewellery linking with the Hip-hop genre Genre is Hip-Hop as can be seen in the main image and in the front cover.
  • 12. Headline in a unique layout to interest reader and to clearly show it is the contents page. Also it is bold and clear so it is easier for the reader to read. Menu of articles showing what is inside the magazine. With page numbers to provide easier access for readers Font is similar colour to the background. It is also plain so can clearly be read. Font is small but just big enough to read. No set colour scheme- black and white Background is black and white. Starts white and then fades into black to create effect. Mainly white so main image stands out more. Main image is a picture of Ciara in a revealing abstract pose. This shows Ciara is probably part of the main article. The picture mainly targets the male audience because they are attracted to her but also female audience are targeted because they aspire to be like Ciara- successful, singer and good looking. Genre is Hip-Hop because Ciara is a Hip-Hop artist and many females in the Hip-hop Genre dress in a revealing way similar to Ciara in the main image.
  • 13. Masthead to show what magazine this page is part of Main image of a band featured in magazine-probably the main article. Their; hairstyles, poses, props and clothes shows that they are a rock band. Genre is rock as can be seen in the main image. Menu showing what is inside the magazine with page numbers to makes it easier for readers to find the pages Title, directly showing it is the contents page Background is plain white so other colours stand out more. Font is plain and simple to provide clarity for reader. Font is small so it can fit on the page and is just readable. Colour theme for text is black, white and red
  • 14. Title stating what article is about. Large bold text in a Keylight to catch the readers eye and so they know it is the title. Main image to do with the article. Genre is rock because of the clothes the people in the picture wear and their eccentric hairstyles. Masthead- to show what magazine it is. Links in with the colour scheme Lead Story in a small but readable font. Also it is a simple font Box-out of articles on the other pages in the magazine. Contains secondary lead. In a black box-out to show it is not part of the main article. Double page spread so more information can fit on. Also works well with magazines as they can have a double page spread maximum not a triple or quadruple spread. Genre is rock as can be seen in the main image
  • 15. Main image to do with article. Looks like it is linked with the Hip-Hop genre because of his pose, his clothes and the way he is wearing his hat. Genre is rock as can be seen in the main image Main article in a small readable font. All font is white and is clear to read Title of article in a bold and clear font. Also it is the largest piece of text so the audience know it is the title Background is the main image Article is in a box-out so it is not confused with the background and adds a highlighted effect to the text. Page number so readers can easily flick from page to page
  • 16. Title of article is the largest piece of text and is pink so it stands out- showing readers it is the title Lure telling readers it will reveal something if they continue to read. Pink so it catches the readers eye Article in plain black font- small but readable. Double page spread with article and main image Main image to do with article with caption underneath the image. Page number so readers can easily go from page to page Background is bright yellow and gives a jolly look to the magazine. Also it is effective because it highlights the black text.