Music Magazine Analysis


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Music Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. What are Music Videos?A Music Video is a song combined with images made for artistic andpromotional purposes. They are also often used as a marketing tool thesedays. The different types of music videos include: performance, narrative,mixture, concept, cameo and animation. Performance is where the artists/bandperform through most of the music video. Narrative is where the music videotells a story. It can be linked to the lyrical content and it is popular in songswhich are featured in movies as they often feature clips form the movie. It alsousually involves actors. In addition, some music videos often have a mixture ofdifferent types but usually performance and narrative. Concept based musicvideos are where music videos are based around a single idea or concept.There are usually unusual and they utilize of a particular film or editingtechnique. Cameo music videos are where the musician features in thenarrative but are not part of the story and do not perform in it. Animation basedmusic videos is where there is animation edited in. This can createentertainment and creativity. Codes and conventions of a music video can beseparated into technical and symbolic. Technical includes how technology andequipment are used to construct meaning within things like camera, editing andsound. Symbolic is where meaning is created beyond what is obvious to see;things like face expression and mise-en-scene
  2. 2. What I will be looking for in this Music VideoFor One Republic – Apologize I will be analysing the micro-elements of:camera, sound, mise-en-scene and editing. Camera includes: shots,movement, shot composition and lighting. A variety these help make the musicvideo look attractive and interesting. Editing includes: CGI effects, transitions,cuts, diegetic sound, jump cutting, lip synching and level of sounds. Editinghelps create mood and atmosphere and it makes the music video moreeffective. Sound includes: mainly the soundtrack, lyrics sound effects andsimilar to editing; diegetic sound and effects. Sound is crucial as it is for amusic video. Mise-en-scene includes: lighting, costume, acting, props, setdesign and colour . Mise-en-scene means everything in the scene. It iseffective because it adds to the message or the image that the music video istrying to portray. These are all used in conjunction with each other to make amusic video more attractive to the audience so it is viewed more and thereforemore records are sold and profit is made.
  3. 3. One Republic-Background• A rock band from Colorado.• Started in 2002 and highly successful on MySpace.• Apologize by One Republic was a light rock song released in 2006.• With help from Timbaland, a record producer it reached number one in sixteen countries and it still has the record for the most digital downloads today.• had 10,331 plays on radio just in the first week of release.
  4. 4. “Apologize”-Plot overview• A narrative and performance piece confronting the viewer with the complex difficulties surrounding relationships and love between a boy and a girl. The ‘rope’ symbolizes his holding on to her and his heartache, that the video, in its entirety explores. However, she gives him the wrong messages and he risks everything for her, due to his burning love but she breaks his heart.• It concludes with her being too late to have such a precious man back. The lyric, “I’m holding on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground” is said by the main performer at the very beginning and the end to indicate how he reminisces about their love.
  5. 5. Key screenshots 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  6. 6. 10 11 121 13 14 15 16 17 18 Video:
  7. 7. AnalysisThe first 3 screenshots are close-ups of the main character, thecloseness allowing the viewer to see the raw emotions that are vividand apparent in his facial features that denote his pain and anguish athaving his heart being broken. You will also note that there is adeliberate focus pull also apparent as only the piano is clearly seen.This is because the piano is the main instrument at the beginning ofthe song. However, as the song progresses the other instrumentscome into focus as they are added into the non-diegetic soundtrack.Thus a mise-en-scene of a band practice is created through thevarious instruments, and recording studio being seen throughout. Theediting throughout consists of mainly cuts but also many fades beingused too- indicating the intense pain that is ever so slowly fadingaway. The lack of effects and jump cutting allow the viewer to reallyengage with the slow and real pain that has been felt by the maincharacter. They are immediately sympathetic. The intense look on theartists face also implies his passion in playing music and this wouldinterest the audience.
  8. 8. Camera 13, enable the audience toThe various close-ups ,such as in screenshot 12 andsee the intense emotion on the singers face. There are also various shots thatintroduce Timbaland (screenshots 4,5 &15). These show that he is the producer ofthis song especially as he is behind a sound desk, he almost seems like he co-ordinator and composer with his hands outstretched directing them (4) . This showsthat it is a performance as you can see the band playing the piano, drums, violin andsinging. The constant shots showing the band members of One Republic playingtheir respective instruments (14,6 &16) also show the skill shown in playing theseinstruments and the emotion seen would captivate the audience and interest them. Itis also a narrative music video as you see a narrative throughout where a manseems to get betrayed a by a girl. There is also a countdown which may signify thatit is too late to apologize and the time has gone for her to make amends. The man inthe narrative sees the girl he likes betray him but it is ‘too late to apologize’.
  9. 9. SoundThe sound includes the actual soundtrack which is important as it contains the lyricsand the whole message of the song. The constant ‘eh, eh, eh’ of Timbaland reiteratesthe fact that he is the producer and adds a certain atmosphere that connotesreminiscing the past and sadness. No diegetic sound is used because it does not fitwith the track as it is just the instruments that provides the sound because it is mainlya performance music video. The acoustic sounds of the instruments provide more ofa reflection compared to constructed sounds and enables to the audience to betterconnect with the soundtrack. The sound desk (5 & below) also suggestsprofessionalism and that fact that the song was recorded live . This music video isunique however in the face that the band who perform the song seem sad themselvesand seem to almost be part of the narrative or know of the pain caused by love andthis would encapsulate the audience enticing them further to relate to the narrative.
  10. 10. The lyrics themselves would apply to a large audience as love is a common subject andit is about a relationship between a man and his lover that did not work out. Although thismay be a common narrative it seems to be more meaningful alongside the acoustic,slow-flowing soundtrack that connotes intense emotion such as sadness and bitterness.The various gaps in the music mainly before the chorus are also effective because theymake the chorus a build up which is effective as it attracts the listener to the choruswhich contains the main message of the song. Verse 1: “I’m holding on your rope, got meten feet off the ground I’m hearing what you say but I just can’t make a sound. You tellme that you need me then you go and cut me down, but wait you tell me that you’re sorrydidn’t think I’d turn around, and say”. Chorus: “It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late I saidit’s too late to apologize, it’s too late”. Verse 2: “I’d take another chance, take a fall take ashot for you and I need you like a hear needs a beat but it’s nothing new”. Verse 3 “Iloved you with a fire red-now it’s turning blue, and you say…“Sorry” like the angelheaven let me think was you but I’m afraid” The song then has the chorus repeated 3times and then ends with “I’m holding on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground”. Inverse one the rope may suggest his eagerness to make his lover happy and to be closeto her, it also suggests that she has him on a rope and has control over him. Her riskseverything but she gives him a false hope and mixed messages and cuts him down, Yetshe regrets it and apologizes but for him, it leads into the chorus that, it is too late toapologize and he will not forgive her. In verse 2 he is willing to get hurt and he feels thathe needs her but it is not the first time she has broken his heart. In verse 3 it seems thathe loved her with a passion but this fire is slowly being extinguished. She seems like anangel, that he thought heaven had sent him but he does not know if he can trust heragain. The last chorus and the line at the end may signify that it is too late for her toapologize to the special person she lost but he still reminisces about their love.
  11. 11. Editing and Mise-en-sceneFor editing various fades are used (like below) . These fades are mainly slow to keep withthe general pace of the song and to reiterate the theme of love, sadness and reminiscingabout a lost love. The lip-synching is also exact with the singer and this is probablybecause the song could have been recorded live both for the music track and music video.There are also slow zooms into close-ups (12&13) that enable the audience to clearly seethe intense emotion on their faces to bring the audience in to be part of the narrative.There are no clear CGI’s used as it is a narrative about a person so it is not really needed.The slow zooms, fades and cuts are simple effects yet highly effective for the this kind ofnarrative. Within mise-en-scene there is a theme of time as a countdown and calendars arein shots generally in a subtle way. These link well with the lyrics about the fact that it is toolate to apologize and the fact that there is time left on the countdown and many days left onthe calendar for the majority of the music video may suggest that the man wants his loverto apologize but eventually it is just too late. The instruments and equipment featured(1,5,7&16) look new and expensive and this could signify to the audience that the band areprofessional. The clothes also suggest a wedding theme and this links well with thenarrative that it is an important occasion.
  12. 12. THE ENDBy Benjamin Chandra