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Focus Aug 2005

  1. 1. focus I M M U N O T E C ’ S A C T I V E L I F E S T Y L E N E W S L E T T E R VOLUME 2 NUMBER 8 AUGUST 2005 Teaming up for Success Intent was Ertz Denis’ first goal as he began to climb the ladder of success Ertz Denis signed up as a distributor in November 2003, hit Gold in three ways of finding new months and Diamond a year later. Want in on his secrets of success? prospects and presenting Read on… Immunotec’s products and A PERSONAL TOUCH – Although his success began with a clear opportunity to them. The intention - something Jim Britt always advises - Ertz knew the importance leaders put forth ideas and of starting small. To launch his Immunotec career, he kept it close to home suggestions; then narrow realizing that his first and best resources would be his friends and family; so down and adopt the best of he introduced them all to Immunotec’s products and business opportunity. the proposed strategies for growing their organization. Ertz has proved his “first circle” strategy works and he still maintains that After these productive same touch. He hosts meetings at the homes of distributors and their meetings, they branch off - prospects; emphasizing to everyone the importance of home meetings as dividing into groups of a way to ensure that prospects are comfortable and in a non-threatening two and hosting additional environment. meetings. BUSINESS STRATEGIES – His sponsor, Rénald Plamondon, took notice Also monthly, the organization holds a large conference-type meeting at of Ertz’s efforts, saw his potential, and immediately decided to coach him. a hotel, where all the distributors invite new prospects. Knowing they will A combination of hard work and productivity, along with strategic planning reap the rewards of a thriving organization, the team splits the costs of is taking both distributors to the top. the hotel and ensures that prospects attend for free. And the “personal Today, Ertz has over ten leaders in his organization, with whom he meets touch” aspect is never lost; they offer snacks and refreshments to all attendees - regularly, “at least monthly,” he says. The team discusses the most effective a simple, but very effective tool says Ertz. Once everyone is comfortable See TEAMING UP / Page 3 Your Key to a Better Business Xtra Sharp A look at some “social” benefits that Immunotec’s training program has to offer Opportunity! By Jim Britt You just received an invitation to a big yearly event that one of your clients is throwing. Yahoo! Immunotec helps you “jump in Not only SHOULD you go, but it’s also a chance to meet people and promote the ring” with Xtra Sharp professional your Immunotec business. Sounds like fun... but before you even begin to feel pick-up man, Flint Hemsted enthusiasm, a little voice inside your head whispers: “Wait a minute! You’ll walk into that fancy ballroom and see nothing but strangers! They’ll all know each When we think of other, but no one will know you! Who will you talk to? What will rodeos, the first you say?” things that probably Sound familiar? Rest assured you are not alone! It’s uncomfortable to come to mind are walk into a room full of strangers – especially when you want to cowboys, horses, make a good impression. But it can also be one of the best opportunities and competition! to promote your business. The benefits of being able to “work a Rightly so… but an room” with ease and professionalism are tremendous! To be able to important aspect to approach business prospects with a genuine enthusiasm and confidence the excitement is does require training. making sure that the riders and horses are safe If you aren’t able to walk up to people, smile, and put out your hand to and sound at the end of each ride. That’s where say “Hi”, those opportunities may be lost forever. This is why Immunotec the pick-up man comes in! offers a training program that will teach you the art of meeting people, Flint Hemsted grew up in a rodeo family, so it asking the right questions, developing not only business, but relationship was in his nature to compete. He rode bulls for skills, and much more. many years and enjoyed the competitions Our programs help you develop the confidence to walk into any room tremendously. When it was time to retire however, and shine - whether the event is a meeting, a fund raiser, a seminar, or a Flint knew that he could not give up the rodeo See BETTER BUSINESS / Page 3 See OPPORTUNITY / Page 2
  2. 2. OPPORTUNITY / From the front cover Xtra Sharp is a product that helps him maintain the vital level of concentration required for competition. The natural tonic keeps him energized, focused, and alert because it “works ATTENTION ALL well to provide an immediate boost and provides long-term effect too,” he says. DISTRIBUTORS! Here’s your chance for a fabulous and exciting Immunotec is proud to be sponsoring Flint, opportunity… “partner” with Flint Hemsted and join in and equally proud, he sports the Xtra Sharp on the rodeo fun! logo on his shirt, truck, and trailer. Flint is very Attend one of these exciting rodeo happy to tell everyone he meets about Xtra Sharp performances and take advantage of and its beneficial effect. And he certainly gets a this opportunity for some Xtra Sharp lot of exposure - by the end of the year, Flint exposure! will have racked up over 100 performances. What a terrific way to showcase Xtra Sharp! FLINT HEMSTED’S life. So he found a new calling that is just as challenging; he became a professional pick-up You can benefit from this promotional campaign! 2005 RODEO SCHEDULE man. Flint is the man who risks injury to get It’s easy to do… consult Flint Hemsted’s Rodeo Schedule for 2005 and find out how you can sell DATE LOCATION PERFORMANCES the cowboy back to safety, and catches the bucking horse to lead it out of the arena once some Xtra Sharp at the rodeo event near you. July 1-4 St. Paul, Or 5 the ride is complete. Sound dangerous? It is! Rent a booth, corral some display space – July 8-10 Chino, CA 3 But as Flint puts it, “it’s my job!” whatever it takes. When spectators see July 13-17 Salimas, CA 5 Immunotec’s own pick-up man in Xtra Sharp July 23-24 Santa Rosa, CA 2 Some professions require more “swiftness” than July 30-31 Hillsboro, Or 2 action, your sales will get an energy boost! others. In this line of work, Flint needs exceptional timing and absolute concentration - one wrong Want to be a vendor at one of the rodeos where Aug. 6-7 Grace, ID 2 move and his life is in jeopardy! His reflexes Flint will be appearing? Most rodeos have a Aug. 13-14 Truckee, CA 2 Web site where you will find vendor information – Aug. 17-21 Canby, OR 5 need to be sharp as each situation is different just do a search and locate the URL. The Web Aug. 24-28 Bremerton, WA 5 and it’s a new challenge every single time he dashes in for a pick-up. Flint counts on being in not your style? Contact the local organizing Sep. 2-4 Walla Walla, WA 3 great physical shape to keep him up to speed committee by phone. Just call “information”, Sep. 8-11 Puyallup, WA 5 and out of harm’s way. ask for the rodeo by name… and you’ll be dialing Sep. 23-25 Poway, CA 3 your way to an Xtra Sharp business opportunity When Immunotec Executive Diamond distributor, Oct. 1-2 San Dimas, CA 2 in no time. Sandi Walper, spotted the pick-up man last Oct. 14-16 Central Point, OR 3 year, she immediately thought of Xtra Sharp as Oct. 22-23 Tucson, AZ 2 the product to give Flint that extra edge that he Oct. 25-30 Pasadena, TX 8 needs. Before he could say “hee haw”, she sponsored him with some products. And he too became an immediate Xtra Sharp fan! Flint had tried other “energy drinks” before, but they gave him the “jitters”… not a desired effect for anyone, let alone a rodeo professional. Summer with an Xtra Edge? Need a supplement to help put that Xtra bounce in your step? Wish granted! When you need to kick the energy level up a notch, you can When formulating Xtra Sharp, Immunotec took into consideration the always count on Xtra Sharp Energy Tonic for not only an many causes of fatigue such as poor diet, stress, illness, environmental immediate boost, but for its long-lasting and long-term effect. sources, etc. These factors are destructive because they not only contribute The formulation of Xtra Sharp is unique – a natural to a lack of energy and vitality, but also impair proper bodily functions. “tonic”, prepared with an ingredient list of well-known Xtra Sharp is designed to go far beyond a short-lived fixer-upper by providing herbs and minerals. Most energy drinks do not offer lasting effects. An exclusive blend of herbs and minerals makes up the the same benefits; the majority of them are unhealthy Xtra Sharp solution to overcome fatigue, provide energy and vitality, and because they are “empty calorie” drinks, loaded with promote good health. Its potency supplies an immediate boost and fosters sugar and caffeine. lasting energy… so you can take on the demands of today’s fast-paced world. The Xtra Sharp “tonic” is an agent that supports proper body functioning An exceptional assortment of six essential minerals - potassium, magnesium, for peak performance and ongoing power - physically and mentally. It provides iron, iodine, phosphorus, and calcium – and 21 herbs that are fast-acting you with a surge of energy while benefiting your body’s systems. Most energy to revitalize your mind and body. Unlike any other, this formulation drinks are just that - a sugary drink. They may energize you, but they do so offers your body what it needs. because they contain high amounts of sugar, caffeine, and sodium. Sure caffeine and sugar can give you a boost… but lacking vital substances to So maximize your total wellbeing in a safe and natural way! Xtra Sharp is sustain you, they will have you crashing as fast as they hauled you up! the answer for strength and vitality, so the “I’m too tired” excuse just Immunotec examined the need for an energy drink - with substance - and doesn’t cut it anymore. Taken daily, Xtra Sharp is a natural, low-calorie addressed it with a healthy alternative; one that gives you a surge of energy, way to find your edge! but also supports and benefits your overall health. Have Xtra fun this summer – make Xtra Sharp a part of your day! 2 f•o•c•u•s
  3. 3. TEAMING UP / From the front cover and enjoying the evening, Ertz and his team in all cities: duplication. He has set up distributors, members introduce the Immunotec story, all simultaneously working towards the same products, and opportunity. goal, and is amazed how “in this business, when SEAL THIS DEAL – The successful distributor word gets around, it’s a positive thing”. As word understands that an important got out about Immunotec, his organization ‘‘ aspect of signing people up is grew significantly over a relatively “closing the deal”. If a person feels in this short period of time. His success is a direct outcome of team are passed on - it’s also the way his they need more time to think about it, he says, it is crucial to give business, his dedication. Ertz makes time distributors treat new sign-ups and prospects. Everyone practices the Ertz Denis brand of them a copy of the agreement form in order for them to clearly when for all his downline organization; he travels to oversee his distributors communication… and productivity. word gets understand what they are signing up for. But when that’s done, follow-up and communication are key elements. It’s important to find out what is holding a prospect back, address their questions or concerns, and offer a solution. around, it’s a positive thing ‘‘ in every region. He also continues to consult with his upline leaders, Rénald Plamondon and Michel Brazeau, from whom he gets “a lot of support”. PRODUCTIVITY – He provides his contact information to everyone BIGGER GOALS – Ertz continues to practice intent. Four of his leaders plan to attain the Diamond level within six months. He supports all of their efforts because their success is what will move him up to Executive Diamond - a title he aspires to hold by the end of 2005. There are no pressure tactics with PARTNERS: and makes it a point to be available. Ertz, but as his focus is on recruiting, he will go He takes calls - from his leaders or any potential • Claire Belfort • Lionel Guerrier out of his way to support a new distributor. prospect - from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a • David Hyacinth • Allourds Dor LESSON IN GEOGRAPHY – Ertz’s organization week, 365 days a year! Now that’s leading by • Sarah Roland • Edith Jacques is extensive; with leaders in Ottawa, Miami, example! • Emilianne Sama New York, and Boston. His strategy is the same The support and commitment he offers to his BETTER BUSINESS / From the front cover ‘‘ one-on-one encounter. The more training you attend, the YOU’LL LEARN TO BECOME A NETWORKER more you learn these crucial skills, and the faster your business will grow. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll receive… networking Becoming a “networker” will become the single most important thing you can learn and put into YOU’LL LEARN TO DEVELOP YOUR ATTITUDE offers diverse practice in order to grow your Immunotec business. Your attitude is the starting benefits from Networking offers diverse benefits from finding point. It is the mechanism that turns on or shuts off the flow of ideas that can bring forth your success. With the right attitude, you’ll become a powerful magnet finding business partners to friends ‘‘ business partners, to meeting people with influence, to making new friends, and more. Entering into a networking relationship with someone can provide many opportunities. Remember it’s not who you making new BOTTOM LINE: Attend or take advantage of every know, but rather who knows you. for attracting prospects and training program available to grow your business. pleasant experiences. We want you to succeed! Your attitude toward your prospects will determine their attitude toward you, the products, and the business. YOU’LL LEARN TO PLAN YOUR INTRODUCTION You should have a planned and practiced self introduction that is clear and well-delivered. Tailor this introduction for the event you are attending. I call it an “elevator speech” because you should be able to deliver it in the amount of time it takes to travel between two or three floors in an elevator. Short and to the point! EXAMPLE: “I have my own business… I show people how to develop Construction Update substantial second incomes.” As construction of our new building continues with Remember, it’s not about YOU, it’s about your audience. Tell them things final touches to the outer structure and the entrance, that will secure THEIR interest. You have one minute to capture someone’s crewmen have “moved in” for some interior design. The work is attention. One minute to sell yourself and get them to listen. Also progressing exactly as planned. In just a few months, you will be able remember to always carry your business cards and make sure they convey to see your new Head Office - inside and out! the professional image you care to be remembered by. …can anyone say RED CARPET? YOU’LL LEARN TO ASK QUESTIONS AND LISTEN Being a good conversationalist doesn’t mean doing all the talking. It includes mostly listening. Ask open-ended questions - those that cannot be answered with a “Yes” or “No” - and the conversation will last much longer, be more comfortable, and you’ll learn more about the people you’re meeting and their needs. EXAMPLE: “What type of work do you do?” “What do you like most about your job?” f•o•c•u•s 3
  4. 4. Who Doesn’t Enjoy Cruising? Market Leaders Life is about setting goals… and your next goal should be to go cruising with Immunotec President, Chuck Roberts! MOST RECENT DIAMOND PROMOTIONS RONALD COMRIE ROB NORRIS We’re talking about the next President’s Award - FREDDY J. WEST a chance to sail away in style, aboard the magnificent Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas! On October 31st, 2005, twenty-six hard-working MOST RECENT FREDDY J. WEST BARRY FULTZ JABNEL GASTON distributors - and their significant others - will GOLD PROMOTIONS have the chance to visit the tropical isles of Paradise Island, Cayo Cay, and CLEMENTINA CARSWELL Key West. What better way to reap the rewards of your efforts than to enjoy BARRY FULTZ JABNEL GASTON the luxury of an all-inclusive cruise get-away and have the opportunity to REBECCA GASTON REBECCA GASTON ALEX GOPKALO DEAN HAGOPIAN learn from Immunotec’s President? Don’t miss out on this spectacular cruise! ALEX GOPKALO For complete details on how to qualify for this year’s President’s Award, DEAN HAGOPIAN DAVID D. HERMAN consult the flyer in your online back office. Working now could mean ANN MATTHIES cruising later! MARIO PETRACCONE DAVID D. HERMAN ANN MATTHIES EVA TAPALES KELLY SOH STOP THE PRESSES! As we go to print, we are excited to EVA TAPALES announce the first two distributors who will join Chuck Roberts aboard CHRYSTOPHER VON ANGERSBACH the President’s Award cruise with their companions. Congratulations to Jean-François Viau (below left) and Jim Spencer (below right)! Bon Voyage! MOST RECENT SILVER PROMOTIONS NANCY AUBIN SYLVIA LOZIN MARI SUE BAGA MIKE LUTES MICHELE CHIKHI ANN MASSEY LUCKENSON E. CINEUS NEIL P. MATTHIES VIVIAN G. CLARK ABRAHAM O. MENDOZA CONSTANCE DESROCHERS LIGAYA MENDOZA PAUL DESGRANGES LAURIE MEYERS MARIE DRESSLER MICAH MORRIS CLARA DUVERGER FRED MOSS SUSAN J. EMBRES NORA NAGATANI FREDERICK B. ENTENMANN JAMES DAVID NILSON New and Improved WILLIE L. FARMER DALLAS FOLEY DENISE O’CONNOR NATHAN OLSON Compensation JOSEPHINE FOO MILARA FORTUNAT JAMES A. GIEG RITA RAINVILLE SUSAN J. REIMER JEAN-PIERRE RICHARD Immunotec is committed to rewarding you for the TRACEY E. GRAHAM ALAIN RIVEST ROY EDWARD GUTIANJO CHANTAL SAVARD hard work and dedication that you devote to your WILLIAM HALL TRACY A. SCHOONOVER Immunotec business because we never fail to ESTHER JEAN-LOUIS PIERRE TAYLOR understand that our success stems from your success. CARLINE JEAN-PIERRE LILIANNE THOMAS PAT LAWRENCE SHIRLEY VIGNEAULT Enhancements were made to the Compensation MONIKA LEWIS SANDRA D. WILLIAMS Plan in June… and are now reflected in a LILYBELL LLAVORE JOHN WOOD “mini-makeover” to the graphic representation that is sure to prove beneficial to all distributors! The new and improved “Comp Plan” graphic is simplified, more aesthetically pleasing, and easier to follow; and it highlights all the various ways you can maximize your earnings. Consult the new Compensation Plan chart to learn the basics about your commission structure, and for insight on how to participate in the numerous Bonus pools. You’ll find the new Compensation Plan chart in the Basic Distributor Kit, in your online back office, and the Fax on Demand system. Immunotec and you… fostering your success! ORDER YOUR EXTRA COPIES OF FOCUS ON-LINE OR BY CONTACTING OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. FOCUS FOCUS welcomes your The statements made throughout IMMUNOTEC BY THE NUMBERS is published by: contributions, including training this issue have not been evaluated Immunotec Research Ltd. Health / Wealth Call ideas, business-building tips, by the FDA or Health and Thursday, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT comments and suggestions. Welfare Canada. The products Editor: Kathryn Stephens 888-957-2222 are not intended to diagnose, Contributing Editor: Where appropriate, cure, prevent or treat any disease. Gutman’s Medline Eevet Khoury kindly include a photo. 1st/3rd Wednesday, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT 888-957-2222 Chuck Roberts, President Please e-mail your ideas to: Prycena Call John Andrique, V.P. Purchasing 2nd/4th Wednesday, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT Travis Bond, Executive V.P. 888-957-2222 Immunocal® and HMS 90® are Sales & Marketing Business Briefing Call registered trademarks of Gustavo Bounous, M.D., Dir. R & D Immunotec Research Ltd. Available 24/7 888-593-3777 Jim Britt, V.P. Sales & Training Immunotec Research and the Printed in Canada Audio/Fax on Demand System Jacques Cohen, V.P. International Immunotec logo are registered 888-830-4040 Wulf Dröge, Ph.D., Snr V.P., R & D trademarks owned by Immunotec Research Ltd. Internet John H. Molson, V.P. R & D Richard Patte, Executive V.P. E-mail Cynthia Pincombe, V.P. Medical