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  1. 1. Scotland
  2. 2. Where is Scotland? Scotland is in the north of United Kingdom It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea Scotland shares a border with England to the south
  3. 3. About Scotland The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh The money used is called the pound sterling The population of Scotland is 4,996,000 Its symbol is a thistle(čičak),the patron is St.Andrew and the emblem is The Royal Standard of Scotland
  4. 4. Edinburgh
  5. 5. Languages The primary languages spoken in Scotland are English, Scots, and Scottish Gaelic. The dialect of English spoken by Scotland is referred to as Scottish English Scots alphabet
  6. 6. The sights of Scotland Holyrood House is a royal place where Queen stays when she is in Edinburgh University of St.Andrew’s is the oldest and best university in Scotland
  7. 7. Castles Edinburgh Castle Eilean Donan Stirling Castle
  8. 8. Loch Ness Monster Loch Ness Monster is known as ‘Nessie’ is known as a plesiosaur a creature like dinosaur St. Columba was the first person who saw Nessie, in 565.
  9. 9. Scotland’s Important People Alexander Graham Bell - inventor of the telephone Sean Connery - an actor who starred the in the first James Bond movies. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - the author of Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Robert Louis Stevenson - author of Treasure Island
  10. 10. Sports The most popular sports in Scotland are football,rugby,curling and golf.
  11. 11. Most famous Scottish Meals and Drinks Haggis-a food made from the organs of sheep and oatmeal Scotch pie-It is a small pie filled with meat Scottish beer-made out of bittering herbs Scotch-can be malt whisky or grain whisky.Scotch whisky must be made by law
  12. 12. Kilts and Bagpipes Kilts-traditional Scottish woolen a kneelength skirt with a tartan or plaid pattern.This is a skirt that men wear Bagpipe- It is a Scottish instrument.Bagpiper blows into tube for air to come into the bag and then the sound comes out of the pipe. Bagpipers-people who play the bagpipes.
  13. 13. Questions 1.Where is Scotland located? 2.What is the capital of Scotland? 3.How many people live in Scotland? 4.What are the Scottish symbols? 5.What are the primary languages? 6.Can you explain what kilt is? 7.What are haggis made of? 8.Where does the Queen when she is enjoying Edinbourgh? 9.Can you name the most famous sports? 10.Who invented the telephone? 11.What is your personal thought on Scotland and would you like to live there?
  14. 14. ‘Who has not seen Scotland does not really know Great Britain’ Made by:Dina Uglesic and Matea Rados,1.F Gimnazija Vladimir Nazor,Zadar 8.3.2014