Making the Library Mobile on a Shoestring Budget


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Presentation for 2012 Handheld Librarian Conference

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  • Ref desk stats  1178 were computer, software equipment questions
  • Meebo App, LibGuides App
  • Making the Library Mobile on a Shoestring Budget

    1. 1. Presented by:Kyle Potter, MicheleRuth, Helen Bischoff & BenRawlinsGeorgetown College
    2. 2. Overview• Why mobile matters• How we made a lot with a little• The evolution of reference services• Tools and projects using free and open source software © Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half []
    3. 3. Why Mobile Matters• Devices strikingly common: – 35% of Americans own a smartphone – 23% of all Americans use one to go online “on a typical day” “35% of American Adults Own a Smartphone,” Pew Internet and American Life Project, July 2011 []• Dramatic increase in eReader and tablet ownership – 19% own tablet computers – 19% own e-readers “Tablet and E-book reader Ownership Nearly Double Over the Holiday Gift-Giving Period, ” Pew Internet and American Life Project, January 20121 []
    4. 4. Georgetown College Goes Mobile• Georgetown College has 2100 campus members.• Our network has 870 mobile devices registered, and many patrons use their provider’s data plan exclusivelyOperating System Number of Registered Clients on WiFiApple iPhone 486Apple iPod 198Apple iPad 124Android 622
    5. 5. Shoestring Budget Yes, you can!3
    6. 6. You Can Too……..assuming you already have someone on staff toinitiate and implement mobile products.Otherwise, you are looking at quite an expense ofhiring someone to fulfill that role or of trainingsomeone to do it.4
    7. 7. CostThe good news is that with a librarian in place toinitiate the process, the costs are low. Adobe Content Reader $250 (Purchased from EBSCO) server.html
    8. 8. CostApple 8-GB iPods – Purchased 2 from for $189.00 each – The purpose of these is to provide a fun, easy and reliable way for our student assistants to do shelf reading – Free software called ShelfLister was obtained check/6
    9. 9. Budget Kindle Kindle Keyboard 3G Nook $79 $139 $99 Case $29.99 Case $29.99 Case $17.467
    10. 10. Reference & Instruction8
    11. 11. By the numbers• 2010-11 FTE: 1708• 2010-11 Instruction Sessions: 55 (1040 attendees)• 2010-11 Reference Desk Transactions: 1699 – 1178 related to computer, software, technology9
    12. 12. By the numbers• 2010-11 Graduate Enrollment: 56710 What does this mean and why does it matter?
    13. 13. Evolving Research “Desk” • Meebo Chat – From the ref desk to the chat room • LibGuides – A true “handheld librarian” • iPhone, Android, Tablet explosion – Changing dialogue at the11 desk
    14. 14. Research Goes Sexy-Mobile• Mobile research databases: – American Chemical Society (free app) – Bio One (mobile) – Ebsco (free app) – Lexis-Nexis (Beta mobile) – Online Catalog12
    15. 15. Old Dog, New Tricks…FREE!• Painless “face-lift”• Revitalize existing resources• Promote scholarly research in a new way• Market to the tech-savvy (smart phone-driven) student and faculty population13
    16. 16. Projects and Tools14
    17. 17. Mobile Catalog• First Mobile Project• Released November 14, 2011 bv/searchBasic?sk=mobile• Scaled downed Voyager Catalog• Based on UT Arlington’s Mobile Catalog• Different Mobile Catalog Codes available on EL Commons• 111 visits, 427 page views and 31 scans of the QR code since release15
    18. 18. Shelflister• Developed by Michael Doran at UT Arlington• Inventory Program for Voyager• Code Available for download
    19. 19. QR Codes in the Catalog• Redesigned Catalog Interface• Added two QR code features• Link ‘What’s this?’ webpage explaining QR codes17
    20. 20. iPhone App• Most registered mobile devices on campus are iOS devices• Phonegap• HTML, CSS, Javascript• Used Adobe Dreamweaver and Xcode• Just Released (LRC)18
    21. 21. Another Mobile Catalog• jQuery Mobile• Catalog search in iPhone app links out to this mobile catalog• Track mobile catalog access from iPhone app19
    22. 22. ToolsMobile Development Tools Available Coding• HTML, CSS, etc. • EL Commons (Ex Libris Users)• Phonegap • Jason Clark, Montana State University• Adobe Dreamweaver (or other HTML editor) • Skidmore College Mobile Website Code• jQuery Mobile &chrome=true&srcid=0B2FE4kld_9DyNjY5ZWM4M• jQ Touch GMtNmI4NC00YWQ2LTk4NjQtNjUyMmY5MGYzN2 M3&hl=en_US&pli=1• Sencha Touch • iLibrarian blog create-a-mobile-library-website-without-technical- knowledge/ • Ask us, we will share our code20
    23. 23. Resources• Adobe Content Reader• Georgetown College Mobile Catalog• Phonegap• UT Arlington Mobile Catalog• Shelflister Software Code (Michael Doran)
    24. 24. Thank You • Kyle Potter • Michele Ruth • Helen Bischoff • Ben Rawlins22