Understand the SharePoint Basics


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An updated version of Understanding the SharePoint basics given at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities. This covers an introduction to SharePoint Objects and some do's and don'ts when beginning your SharePoint Site.

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Understand the SharePoint Basics

  1. 1. by Benjamin Niaulin, 
 a SharePoint GEEK SharePoint Understand the BASICS
  2. 2.     twitter.com/bniaulin ca.linkedin.com/in/bniaulin benjamin.niaulin@share-gate.com en.share-gate.com/blog Benjamin Niaulin
  3. 3. So what EXACTLY led you here? #SPSTC @bniaulin
  4. 4. What if we made Power Users do all the work?
  5. 5. What’s a SharePoint SITE?
  6. 6. SITE Lists Libraries
  7. 7. SITE TEMPLATES Does it matter? Any impact?
  8. 8. Why create a new site? Permissions Isolate Lists and Libraries Unique Template Features Site Features SITE ≠ PAGE
  9. 9. What’s a SharePoint SITE COLLECTION?
  10. 10. Site% Site% Site% Site% Site% Site% Site% SharePoint+Groups+|+Database+|+Style+Library+ SITE COLLECTION
  11. 11. Site  Collection Site  Collection Site  Collection Site  Collection Site  Collection LIMITATIONS XX
  12. 12. Know when to create a SC Permission Levels Site Collection Features Shared Style Library New Database SharePoint Groups* URL (/Sites/ or Explicit) Recycle Bin Quotas Document IDs
  13. 13. What’s a SharePoint List and Library?
  14. 14. Familiar with Excel? Access? Word? Lists Advantage: Column Management & Features
  15. 15. Libraries Same as Lists but for documents
  16. 16. Lists & Library Templates It DOES matter which one you pick. ! Each Template comes with it’s little functionality
  17. 17. Need to know Try to apply permissions at the List/Library level and not on every folder or files ! Stay away from folders as much as possible, tag! ! Watch out with free for all versioning ! Metadata Navigation ! Save your list/library as template with or without the content
  18. 18. What’s a SharePoint COLUMN
  19. 19. Column Types When you create a column it is stored in the list/library where you create it ! Every type of column has it’s use Know when to use the right one ! Views will be created based on the columns Workflows can be created, triggered by the right column information ! SharePoint allows for Column Validation
  20. 20. Centralize & Reuse! If you create columns from your lists/libraries they are stored in them. And thus, are not reusable. ! I recommend using “Site Columns” whenever possible to be able to reuse them. ! Site Columns are available to subsites – best to create at the root
  21. 21. What’s a SharePoint PAGE
  22. 22. PAGE Difference between SITE and Page? ! Difference between .aspx and .docx? Used to show information to the visitor Where do documents go in SharePoint?
  23. 23. Wiki Page “Wiki”= Quick Used to quickly create and link content Use [[ ! Publishing Page Uses predefined Page Layouts for design Allows Metadata (Columns) in the layout ! Web Part Page Only allows for Web Parts on the page Removes the Quicklaunch for a full width page
  24. 24. Think about it! Pages & Views to show different perspectives
  25. 25. Other SharePoint THINGS TO KNOW
  26. 26. Web Parts My 2010 Favs My 2013 Favs Content Query!!!!! Content Editor Data View (Designer) Filter Web Parts Content Search*!! Search Results Search Results
  27. 27. Content Types Reusable set of columns used together that defines a type of content in your organization. It’s also much more… http://en.share-gate.com/blog/recording-sharepoint-webinar-understand-content-types http://en.share-gate.com/blog/sharepoint-columns-site-columns-or-content-types
  28. 28.   @bniaulin en.share-gate.com/blog THANK YOU Benjamin Niaulin