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This presentation introduces Sharegate, a SharePoint Migration tool that can prove to be very useful even in your day to day activities.
Though the Database-Attach upgrade is the only supported SharePoint Migration supported scenario, it can sometimes be more effective to use affordable tools like Sharegate to just migrate what you need.
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Sharegate - SharePoint Migration Tool

  1. 1. Sharegate The SIMPLEST migration tool
  2. 2. Sharegate Friends working together making things simple
  3. 3. Who uses Sharegate? Our customers love it! (company in Omaha wearing the Sharegate sunglasses) Trusted by more than 5,000 organizations around the world
  4. 4. Why? Interface developed by UX Specialist - Easy to use! Designed for everyone - Even Power Users Work from your Desktop - No Server Install Required SharePoint Ready: - SharePoint 2003 - SharePoint 2007 - SharePoint 2010 - SharePoint 2013 - Office 365 - Hosted SharePoint Incredible speeds when migrating to Office 365 No Mortgage required - Affordable Pricing
  5. 5. Sharegate Features Copy Site Objects granularly (Site Collections, Sites, Lists & Libraries, Content Types, Site Columns, Workflows, Term Sets, etc…) Copy & Remap Content between Lists or Libraries (Remap properties and bulk assign new ones, maintain all important metadata like Authors and Timestamps) Import from File Shares to SharePoint (Bulk Assign properties while importing, Map folder names to Metadata) Export from SharePoint easily (Export and navigate the content without using Sharegate to view Exported data; Great for Sites or libraries you don’t want to migrate but don’t want to restore from backup if needed) Use Excel to enrich Metadata (Sharegate can use Excel to Export and then Import your Migration plan)
  6. 6. Pricing & Support Transparent Pricing with Unlimited GB Sharegate Lite $995 vs Sharegate $1995 12 Months subscription Includes unlimited technical support and regular software updates  WE got your back - Extensive Documentation -Training Video Academy - Ask a Question Support is handled by the GEEKS that write the code in Sharegate
  7. 7. 10 other things you can do #1 Copying from Testing environments to your Production #2 Copying your Branding between Site Collections #3 Empowering the SharePoint Support Team or Power Users #4 Re-Organize your SharePoint Architecture #5 Copy your SharePoint Workflows to a new location
  8. 8. #6 Promote a Site to a Site Collection #7 Copy Site Columns and Content Types across Site Collections #8 Bulk Upload and Assign Metadata #9 Move documents but keep properties and version history #10 Bulk Edit Metadata Tags and Replace Users
  9. 9. Passionate about SharePoint  eBooks Webinars User Groups Great SharePoint Articles Over 15 SharePoint Saturdays a year 10+ Large Conferences a year Founded SharePoint Breakfast
  10. 10. Free 15 Days Try it