7 Tips To Maximize Your Google AdWords PPC Budget

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Don't waste your money on Google Ads! Do it right! …

Don't waste your money on Google Ads! Do it right!
This guide focuses on various PPC campaign strategies that can be implemented to maximize your budget. The guide offers 7 tips for utilizing your allocated budget in the most effective way possible.

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  • 1. PPC 101 | Basics & Best Practices Bid & Budget Edition7 Tips To Maximize Your AdWords (& Bing!) Budget www.amplify-interactive.com
  • 2. TIP #1: BE REALISTIC – DO SOME MATH The first thing you should do before creating a PPC campaign is a little math. It isn’t fun. It isn’t sexy. But it will set the boundaries you need to know in order to setup and manage your PPC campaign. ü  Determine your budget, and allocate it across your campaigns. Initially, you can distribute funds to the campaigns that are your highest priority. Determining Your Budget ü  What are your business goals for your PPC campaign? ü  What is your expected conversion rate? (ie – how many actions or sales/leads you’ll get per visitor) ü  What is the average value of each sale/lead? ü  How many clicks you’ll need to get in order to your to goal number of sales/leads ü  What is the expected cost per click (how much each of those clicks will cost) Armed with this information, you’ll be able to determine your target cost per action ü  Commit to optimizing your campaign to this cost per action More info on how to determine your PPC budget •  http://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2375420?hl=en •  http://www.google.com/ads/learn/marketing-business/ videos/adwords-budget.html •  http://www.gstatic.com/ads/learn/en/adwordsbudget.pdfwww.amplify-interactive.com
  • 3. TIP #2: PRIORITZE PERFORMANCEOnce you have gathered a significant amount of data, you can re-allocate thebudget based on performance, distributing more money to campaigns that aredelivering the best performance. Organic Cat Nip Cat Nip Toys Allocate more funds to the Cat Nip Toys campaign – more conversions at a Budget: $20 / day Budget: $20 / day lower cost. CPA: $5 / conversion $2 / conversion 4 conversions / day 10 conversions / day Tip: If a campaign is performing really well, you may want to add more money to the daily budget by taking it from another campaign. The inverse is also true – if a campaign is performing poorly, you may want to decrease spend and add that extra money to a campaign that is performing well.www.amplify-interactive.com
  • 4. TIP #3: GEOTARGETING FTW! ü  Only target relevant locations for your products ü  Review back-end data to determine the most profitable regions ü  Implement an aggressive bidding strategy using bid modifiers in areas where you are seeing success X Don’t waste $$$ on ads in Dogville – dogs don’t eat cat nip! Focus your advertising efforts and budget towards your target customers in Catland.www.amplify-interactive.com
  • 5. TIP #4: MAXIMIZE YOUR REAL ESTATE Character limits and restrictions can make it difficult for your ad to stand out ü  Utilize ad extensions: make the most of the space that is available to you. The “Sitelinks” ad extension draws attention, highlights more keywords, and gives valuable real estate to your ad A Few Examples of Ad Extension Types: More Information about Ad Extensions ü  Click to Call ü  https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2375499? ü  Sitelinks hl=en&ref_topic=1713912 ü  Product extensions ü  http://www.amplify-interactive.com/blog/ppc/google- adwords-ad-extensions-1/ ü  Reviews ü  Locations ü  Social extensionswww.amplify-interactive.com
  • 6. TIP #5: AD SCHEDULING Don’t spend money when your traffic isn’t generating conversions. Save money and allocate it to a time when you are more likely to succeed. OPEN STORE HOURS Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm Saturday: 9am – 5pm Sunday CLOSED ü  Is your business open on the weekends? Will someone be there to answer the phone? ü  You can daypart your campaigns so they aren’t running on the weekends ü  You can also schedule your ads to only run at certain times of the day ü  Evaluate seasonality & trends ü  Use historical data and purchase patterns to determine when your budget is most effective ü  More Information about dayparting & ad scheduling ü  http://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2404244?hl=en ü  http://www.amplify-interactive.com/blog/ppc/effective-day-parting-of-pay-per-click-campaigns-with-google-part-2/www.amplify-interactive.com
  • 7. TIP #6: AD POSITIONINGAds on the top of the search result page typically generate more clicks.That being said, you may not have the sufficient budget to have all thekeywords you want in the top of the search results.ü  Find a balance between how much you can bid to maximize your budget, while maintaining a competitive ad position. Many advertisers use automated bid rules ü  One way to make automation is via “Advanced Bid Changes” in AdWords Editor (http://www.google.com/intl/en/adwordseditor/)www.amplify-interactive.com
  • 8. TIP #7: NEGATIVE KEYWORDS Avoid showing your ads to the wrong people with negative keywords. ü  Perform keyword research to determine probablenegative keywords ü  Closely monitor your “search query reports” to find new negatives to add Be careful – don’t exclude any keywords you actually Nope - we don’t sell it want to show up for! Nope - we don’t sell it YES! We sell these!www.amplify-interactive.com
  • 9. There You Have It – 7 Tips To Maximize Your PPC Budget Follow us on slideshare! Please feel free to reach out to us! Email: info[at]amplify-interactive.com www.amplify-interactive.com