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Penguin Slapped - A Case Study - SEMpdx



Presented at SEMpdx's October 2012 event "Penguins & Panda's". Features a diagnosis of a site that was nailed by Penguin (and Panda) and covers potential methods for recovery.

Presented at SEMpdx's October 2012 event "Penguins & Panda's". Features a diagnosis of a site that was nailed by Penguin (and Panda) and covers potential methods for recovery.



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Penguin Slapped - A Case Study - SEMpdx Penguin Slapped - A Case Study - SEMpdx Presentation Transcript

  • SEMPDXPenguin Case Study Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Amplify Interactive Overview Boutique Agency – All We Do is Search • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Pay Per Click (PPC) • Link Development & Site Marketing • Social Media Optimization • Web Analytics 2010 AMA MAX AWARD – BEST SINGLE MEDIUM ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Clients benefit from industry experience and strategic perspective • Established agency – Started 2003 • Established experts – Ben Lloyd started in 1998 • Experts: Speaker at Search Engine Strategies, SEMpdx & more • Results: Work wins awards • Approach: Established, proven strategies, tactics and processesTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • HANK: CHIEF MORALE OFFICER, COLUMNIST, CELEBRITY Hank’s Primary Areas of Responsibility: • Welcome visitors • Provide tension relief • Break time compliance specialist Experience, Credits & Qualifications: • Monthly Columnist, Hollywood Star News under pen name “Hollywood Hank” • Certified napping expert • Typical Work Day Schedule: • 8:00 - Greetings, Tail Wagging • 9:00 – Nap, attend meetings as needed • 10:00 – Break Time / Tug of War • 12:00 – Lunch inspection • 1:00 - Nap, attend meetings as needed • 3:00 – Snack, Tug of War • 5:00 - Head home for dinner and a napTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • PENGUIN SLAPPED A Case StudyTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Disclaimer • Outdoor furniture site • I THINK I hid the ID of the offending site • Not a “client” – we didn‟t do this to their site  • Fess up – who‟s got Penguin problems? Or a client w/ problems?Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Penguin ToolKit • Dates: Penguin 1.0 = 4/24/12 – change – MozCast • Analytics • OpenSiteExplorer • Google Webmaster Tools – You will not get a notificationTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Site Affected by Panda + Penguin • 3/23: Panda 3.4 – Over-Optimization • 4/24: Penguin 1.0 – Spammy Links • 5/30: Memorial Day - Seasonal DeclineTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Analysis: Pre/Post Penguin • 2 weeks before & 2 weeks after • Doesn‟t look like much – 39% difference • 1 specific referring keyword sticks outTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Any Guesses? Anchor Text Profile Branded Anchor Text adirondack chairs adirondack chair wooden adirondack chairs cedar adirondack chairs wood adirondack chairTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • HOME PAGE COMES IN 2ND Inbound Links by Page hair1.html tingbenches.html woodracks.html dog.html m/porchswings2.html m/windowboxes.html m/homegarden.htmlTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • OUCH Guess which product page DOESN‟T have exact match anchor text pointing at it?Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • The Types of Links That are Spammy Links by Domain rebeldjs.comTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Who‟s Linking? And Why? Links by Page Authority 600 500 400 300 Number of Links 200 100 0 63 55 49 44 39 34 29 24 19 14 9 Page Authority of Linking PageTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • I Found Sites Like ThisTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • I Found Articles Like This Most of the chairs you can find for outdoor use are mere replications of the designs that you can see for indoor use. If there are deep-seating sofas in the living room, arm chairs in the dining room or recliners in the den, you can always find that they have their corresponding counterparts in the patio furniture. If you wish, however, for an exquisite and unique design that is built specifically for the outside setting then you should go for Adirondack chairs.Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • I Found Comments Like ThisTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Soap Box Time • How do tactics like this add value? • Easy to get = low value • How does this showcase your uniqueness? • Why should I give a sh!t? • Rankings are not a business metricTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Penguin Recovery Options Delete Destroy Dilute  Beg for mercyTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Penguin Recovery: Delete • Delete bad links • It will work… if you can do it.Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Penguin Recovery: Destroy Inbound Links by Page http://www.domain .html  404 offending http://www.domain pages?  Move to a new http://www.domain enches.html domain? http://www.domain racks.htmlTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Penguin Recovery: Dilute Dilute your bad links by getting good links • Content Marketing Strategy 1. Create great content 2. Market your content 3. Get links Sounds easy enough…Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • The Problem With This Approach? SEO‟s • Most SEO‟s then look for the „smartest‟ way to do things: – Buy lots of articles for $20 a pop – “Only 2% exact match anchor text” – Buy likes: Link/like/share networks – Find “dofollow” blogs to comment on – Buy software to remove links – Buy stumblesTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Survival of the Fittest… True to form – the site owner says: “So we should just build more branded links to those pages, right?”Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Survival of the Fittest… This is me… because I know what they mean by this…Twitter: @AmplifySEM
  • Penguin Recovery: Dilute Who Knows What This Means? #RCSTwitter: @AmplifySEM
  • YOU BE THE SEO What Would You Do?Twitter: @AmplifySEM