How to Set Up Campaigns on Google Adwords Display Network


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This presentation covers a quick, easy, and effective way to set up campaigns on Google Adwords Display Network.

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  • One of the best things about PPC as a marketing channelAbility to measure and optimize search campaigns in near real time
  • History Lesson on Display AdvertisingPre 2007 display advertisingCPM was a major metric and left advertisers with a black box to manage campaigns and performanceHow Google has improved display advertisingGoogle released the Placement report in June 2007 to give advertisers full transparency into performance of ads on websitesView through conversions made available as a metric by Google in 2008Google’s ad builder released in 2008 which made it easier for advertisers to create image ads
  • Results of implementing campaigns on display network for client resulted in 40% increase in conversions comparing May to June
  • Display network preferred settings:Automatic placements are websites Google selects based on keyword themesManaged Placements are websites you select1st step is to set up a automatic placement campaign. An automatic placement campaign can help guide decisions on what sites to use in a managed placement campaign
  • Google needs 5-20 keywords that describe your products or services to determine a theme and place your ads on relevant websitesCampaignSet Up Select your highest performing search campaign that has accounted to at least 20% of your conversions monthlyIdentify 5-20 keywords that describe your product or service from head campaignCopy and paste in Adwords EditorAdjust network settingsStart with existing text ads only
  • Bid adjustments are made at the ad group level and cannot be made at keyword level with campaigns on Google’s Display network. You goal at first is to ensure your ads are getting exposure to collect data to make informed decisions.Bid adjustments according to average cost per clickLower bids where your bid is too high relative to your Max CPC and the average CPCIncrease bids where your bid is too low relative to average CPC and average position. Target position 1-3.
  • Automatic placements reportLocated under the new “Display Network” tab in AdwordsSelect PlacementsSort by cost and ensure you have at least 50 clicks or >$100Exclude websites from your campaign that have high costs and no return value or conversionsPromote websites that have high value(conversions) and are at or below your target cost per acquisition
  • Add the high performing sites to a new managed placement campaignExclude the high performing sites from your automatic placement campaignNext stepsAdjust campaign budgetsAdjust ad group bidsWrite different adsTest image ads
  • Bitly link includes link to poll, PPC whitepaper, and related blog post
  • How to Set Up Campaigns on Google Adwords Display Network

    1. 1. Quick and Easy Way to Set Up ACampaign on Google’s Display Network Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    2. 2. Amplify Interactive Overview Boutique Agency – All We Do is Search • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Pay Per Click (PPC) • Link Development & Site Marketing • Social Media Strategies • Web Analytics 2010 AMA MAX AWARD – BEST SINGLE MEDIUM ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Clients benefit from industry experience and strategic perspective • Established agency – Started 2003 • Only senior level staff & expertise • Experts: Speaker at Search Engine Strategies, SEMpdx & more • Results: Work wins awards, featured in • Approach: Established, proven processesTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    3. 3. Agenda • Why run campaigns on Google’s display network • How to set up campaigns on Google’s display networkTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    4. 4. Measure, Analyze, and ConquerTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    5. 5. Past Display Campaigns 95% of page views online occur on non search pagesTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    6. 6. Case study 40%Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    7. 7. Setting Up Your First Campaign 40% increase?! How?!Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    8. 8. Poll From PPC HeroTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    9. 9. Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    10. 10. Adjusting BidsTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    11. 11. Reviewing Website Placement ReportTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    12. 12. Campaign Structure Account Auto Placement or Managed Placement Search Campaign Discovery Campaign Campaign Covertimeline.comTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    13. 13. Thank You! • Links: • Twitter: @_ryancampbell • Email: ryan@amplify-interactive.comTwitter: @AmplifySEM
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