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this private company just went public under the symbol olie visit www.encansol.com to learn more

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Het overview july 2012 re en cansol (1)

  1. 1. Hybrid Energy Technologies Inc. July - 2012
  2. 2. THE COMPANY• HET owns world-wide rights to the Rechargeable Alkaline battery technology.• HET’s Rechargeable Alkaline in small format sizes (RAMcells) have been sold at retail and with several OEM products since 1994.• HET is now completing the development of a large format, flat plate Rechargeable Alkaline (RAM) battery that will be one of the most cost effective and environmentally responsible batteries in the world.• This battery will target the $45 billion lead acid battery market.• The Rechargeable Alkaline technology was initially developed by the same scientist that invented the single-use alkaline battery technology.• 35 patents issued with over $40 million spent on R&D.• Several strategic partnerships are in place for development, manufacturing and sales.
  3. 3. RECENT MARKET DEVELOPMENTS• In 2011 China closed over 1,000 lead-acid battery plants due to health issues related to toxic lead.• Lithium battery fires/explosions.• Raw material price fluctuations.• NiCd batteries banned in Europe due to health issues related to toxic cadmium.• Japan closes nuclear power plants
  4. 4. GLOBAL BATTERY MARKET US$89 BILLION/YEAR - 2012 Global Shipments 24% Rechargeable Batteries 72% Alternative Energy4% Storage Primary BatteriesData from Freedonia Group, Inc.
  5. 5. RECHARGEABLE BATTERY MARKET US$63 BILLION/YEAR - 2012 Global Shipments 20% 8% Lead Acid 72% Nickel Lithium Data from Freedonia Group, Inc.
  6. 6. SMALL FORMAT RAMCELLS• Ready to use out of the package with industry leading 7-year shelf life.• Hassle free - can be recharge at any time with no memory effect.• 100-1000 recharges depending on use and frequency of recharging.• 1.5 volts compared to 1.2 for nickel based rechargeable batteries.• Available in AAA, AA, C and D sizes and 12, 9 and 6 volt battery packs.• Low cost, and readily available active materials.• The only consumer battery to be awarded the prestigious EcoLogo.
  7. 7. RETAIL SALES• RAMcell is the lowest cost rechargeable battery and the only one that can replace disposable alkaline batteries in every application.• RAMcells have been sold under several brands and retailer private labels since 1994.• Available in Canada, US, Mexico, Europe, South Africa, Australia, India and several Asian countries.• Sales in China are expected to start in early 2013.
  8. 8. OEM SALES• RAMcells are now being used in a growing number of OEM products.• RAMcells are being used to replace NiCd, NiMH, lithium, lead acid and single-use batteries.• A recent focus on LED lighting products that have historically used lead acid batteries has resulted in significant new business with products now available at Wal-Mart US, Home Depot US, West Marine, Pep Boys and others.
  9. 9. RAMCELL MANUFACTURING• ISO 9001 certified plant located in Nova Scotia, Canada.• 40,000-sq. ft. facility on 10.5 acres of industrial land with room for expansion.• Two automated lines with a total annual capacity of over 100 million AA and AAA batteries with: • Assembly • Processing • Packaging • QC operations
  11. 11. THE PROBLEM The Lead Acid Battery• Big• Heavy• Poisonous acid
  12. 12. THE SOLUTION HET’S Flat Plate RAM Battery• Small• Light• Green
  13. 13. RAM FLAT PLATE ADVANTAGES • Superior 7 year shelf life • 1/3 size and 1/3 weight of a lead-acid battery with comparable performance • High energy density • Low cost • Maintenance free • No heavy metals used
  14. 14. SHELF LIFE ADVANTAGE Charge Retention at 20°C NiMH NiCd Lead Acid RAMcell MnZn0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Years
  15. 15. ENERGY DENSITY ADVANTAGE Projected RAMTM Lithium FLAT PLATE NIMH Lead AcidWh/Kg 30 67 90 150 150
  16. 16. COST ADVANTAGE Lithium $ / KW Hour RAMTM NIMH FLAT PLATE Lead Acid Projected$ / KW Hour* $170$120 $150 $550 ~$1000 * : $ per KWh value are taken from public information and internal cost estimates .
  17. 17. SIZE & WEIGHT ADVANTAGEHET 100 Amp Hour Battery HET 100 Amp Hour Battery vs VS Lead Acid 100 Amp Hour Lead Acid 34 Amp Hour Battery Battery
  18. 18. THE ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGE• In the US alone, it is estimated that 3 billion batteries end up in landfills each year.• This equates to over 100,000 tons of new battery waste entering landfills each year.• The major toxic materials used in batteries include lead, cadmium, mercury, and nickel – all are considered carcinogenic to humans.• RAMcells contain no toxic materials• Using RAMcells will significantly reduce the amount of heavy metals and waste entering landfill sites.
  19. 19. MARKET FOCUSBackup Power• Cell tower• Traffic control systems• Cable network systems• UPS etc…Automotive• Starter Lights & Ignition• Hybrid applicationsPower Storage• Off- grid storage• Wind• Solar etc…
  21. 21. EXPERIENCED TEAMGregg Vernon, P.Eng Developer Petro Andina, Prospero HydrocarbonsExecutive Chairman Directorships: HME.V; PDQ.VWayne Hartford Brought RAMTM Batteries to consumer market; Former CEO of Pure EnergyPresidentJosef Daniel-Ivad, PhD Electrochemist with 20 years in ZnMnO2 field;Chief Technology Officer Responsible for many RAMcell patentsStephen Meldrum 20 years experience in the battery industry; Former President of Pure EnergyChief Operating OfficerRob Fashler, JD Lexpert “Best Lawyers in Canada:Chief IP Officer IT, IP & Tech Law”Frank Borowicz, QC,CA(Hon) Corporate governance counselIndependent Director Directorships: HME.V; WCQ.VDorlyn Evancic, CGA 20 Years finance experienceChief Financial Officer with public and private companies
  22. 22. SUMMARYTechnology & Products • Proven technology in small format sizes since 1994 • Retail and OEM small format sales are growing • Lowest cost/performance ratio • High energy density • Lowest self discharge • Widely available active materialsExclusive IP • Portfolio of over 35 patents in place • Ongoing patent improvements is a priorityCapability • Highly experienced management team • ISO 9001 small format battery production facility • Global perspective • Strong in-house R&D leadership • Strong strategic alliances
  23. 23. Hybrid Energy Technologies Inc. A Better BatteryWayne HartfordChief Executive Officer30 Pollard StreetRichmond Hill, OntarioCanada L4B 1C3Tel: 705 657 8303