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PicoStorm Pitch Deck

  1. 1. We are creating a social sharing and discovery platform That brings the world you like, from the world around you, to the world you know.
  2. 2. Visionary Team Jonathan ‘code177’ Blake – CTO, Platform Started coding and designing at age 11. Now 28, he brings over 10 years of professional experience in all facets of the industry. Developed: 2001 - Social Network “Wall” 2001 - Posting to a Social Network via Mobile Device 2005 - Social News Feed / Activity Stream Clayton Strauts – Senior VP, Research Initial education in International Business Program (SFU), entered honors program in Psychology with a focus on Cognitive Neuroscience. Clayton possesses an extraordinarily diverse academic background in the fields of business, perception, cognition, and social and cultural psychology. Gunars Strauts – President, Operations 35 years of experience in the financial sector, including a tenure with the Business Development Bank of Canada providing credit, business skills, and counseling to over 29,000 start-ups a year. He provides the business and financial knowledge to pave the road to success.
  3. 3. ProblemOnline Identity + Major social platforms blur “real life” social boundaries + Sharing-anxiety on platforms that enforce single-identity + Unintended audiences accessing private informationSolution!Personas Identity Model + Enables social identity divisions to reflect “real-life” + Eliminates sharing-anxiety and conformity pressure + Increases user freedom in content sharing + Addresses EU & EFF Identity Management Concerns
  4. 4. ProblemInformation Overload + Too many networks! + Too much content! + Not enough time!Solution!Plexus Relevancy Engine™ + Content aggregation + External personas integration (twitter, linkedin, facebook… + Dynamically generated individual relevance graphs + Micro-targeted interests and content discovery + Configurable time-scaled content displays
  5. 5. ProblemGhost-App Syndrome + Social apps not useful without large consistent userbase + User Acquisition expensive and difficultCost of App development extremely high vs ROISolution!Social Fabric Layer™ PaaS + Provides access to established user & intra-app ecosyste + Full-featured layer API with Social, Geo & Content + Reduces codebase, allows focus on UX & Strategy + Significantly reduced infrastructure requirements + Total cost of development & time-to-launch minimized
  6. 6. Revenue StrategiesSlipstream™ + Micro-targeted interests & relevancy based advertisingPaywall + Per-content micropayments on premium contentSocial Fabric Layer™ PaaS + API subscription fees & app revenue share optionsBrick-n-Mortar Business Platform + Individually relevant geolocated proximity-based offers + Branded Vibes™ loyalty & rewards ecosystem + Retailer transaction & subscription fees + Geolocated requests & market (ebay, craigslist, zaarly…)
  7. 7. Intellectual PropertyPatents Pending + Personas™ Interaction Model & Dashboard User InterfacInnovation History Innovations dating back to 2001 in the areas of socialactivity feeds, posting to social networks using mobiledevices, social networking and media platforms, socialvirtual currency, group buying, user interface, andonline identity.Trademarks G-Lo™, Social Mosaic™ and Flozaic™ in various regions including Canada, U.S., and U.K. Other trademarks pending.
  8. 8. Market AnalysisTarget Opportunity + Power users of major social platforms (80-100m users) + Infovores (google reader, flipboard, pulse, zite users) + SMB owners + Equal gender demographic (increased female adoption)Market Integration Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, G+, Diaspora, airBnB, Evernote, Dropbox, Yammer, GroupOn, LivingSocial, Etsy, 360.cn, SINA, AliBabaMarket Competition Google+, Craigslist, Flipboard, Summify, Pulse, my6sense, Zaarly, Rockmelt, RenRen
  9. 9. ExitsMicrosoft + Integrates with Windows 8 + live ecosystem + Technology protects & allows entry into social market + Leverages & salvages Bing Search via integration + Business platform could tie into enterprise & Azure offeringsFacebook + Protects Technology pre-IPO + Acquires Technology addressing FTC, EU, EFF privacy concerns + Prevent competition from gaining market advantage + Increase user satisfaction & ad revenue via TechnologyGoogle + Leverage Social Search & Content Discovery + Resolves “NyM” issue + Leverages ancillary Google services (G+, Maps, Reader, etc) + Enhances access to SMB Market + Increase user satisfaction & ad revenue via Technology
  10. 10. ExitsApple + Integrates with App Ecosystem and iTunes (publishers, etc) + Technology protects & allows entry into social market + Gains foothold in small business and enterprise markets + Value add for location data, via G-lo, socialGroupon + Ties into small business platform + Refines business transactions into a sustainable model equitable for bothparties + Prevent competition from gaining market advantage or arising (Groupon local) + Adding the much needed social layer Groupon requiresKorea Telecom (kt.com) + Platform for Media Delivery Network (Olleh, Smart Home Pad) + Allows expansion outside of Korea (Europe, North America etc) + Cutting edge UI positions KT as a market leader
  11. 11. Where we’re atCompany + 3 Founders + Founded as BC Corporation December 2010 + Raised $440k Seed Capital + Secured Intellectual Property RightsTechnology + Alpha Stage Platform + Demonstrated at TCDisrupt Beijing + Core platform features developed + UI, relevancy engine, personas, profiles, 3rd party integration, faceted search, currents, IM, group chat, G-lo™, theming, etc.
  12. 12. Where we’re goingCompany + Immediate hire of 12 developers, 6 support staff + Scale needed to 24 developers, 12 support staff + New office location + 2 more patents in geo & environmental feedbackTechnology + Business Platform Development & Rollout + Mobile apps on all major platforms + Desktop application + Social Fabric Layer™ PaaS Development & Rollout + Beta Launch
  13. 13. What we need$ Capital for: + 36 employees @ 18 Months of Operation + Acquisition of critical infrastructure and technology + Securing Protective IP + Talent Acquisition + New Office Premises + User Acquisition & Marketing + SMB Account Acquisition + Social Fabric Layer™ App EcosystemIncentivization + Experienced Directors & Advisory Board
  14. 14. thank you