Coursework on Massage Therapy (CMT) Curriculum


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This program is duly accredited by the Department of Health and is a prerequisite course and requirement to the DOH Massage Licensure Examinations

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Coursework on Massage Therapy (CMT) Curriculum

  1. 1. COURSEWORK ON MASSAGE THERAPY CURRICULUM (DOH STANDARD MASSAGE LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS) COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE ANA & PHYSIO Anatomy & Physiology General & Organ System Anatomy & Physiology MICRO & PATHOLOGY Microbiology & Pathology General Pathology and Microbiology MT I Massage Therapy I Fundamental Concepts of Massage Therapy MT II Massage Therapy II Massage Therapy Application MT III Massage Therapy III Practice of Massage TherapyANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGYGeneral and Organ System Anatomy & PhysiologyObjectives: 1. Know the basic terminologies essential in the understanding of human anatomy & Physiology 2. Describe the anatomical position 3. Name the different levels of structural & functional organization of the human body 4. Identify the principal system of human body, its organ component and function 5. Understand the Physiology of painRequired No. of Hours: 35MICROBIOLOGY AND PARASITOLOGYGeneral Microbiology &PathologyObjectives: 1. Know the basic terminologies essential in the understanding of Microbiology & Pathology 2. Describe the general mechanism of infections 3. Describe the 5 stages of inflammation 4. Describe the various infectious organism relevant to the practice of massage therapy 5. Discuss the systemic Pathology relevant to the practice of massage therapyRequired No. of Hours: 17MT I. MASSAGE THERAPY IFundamental concepts of massage therapy
  2. 2. Objectives: 1. Know the basic terminologies essential in the understanding of massage therapy. 2. Give a brief history of massage 3. Differentiate massage therapy from other field of practice such as: a. Relaxation massage b. Sports massage c. Medical Massage d. Chiropractic adjunct e. Psychotherapeutic massage f. Pediatric massage g. Geriatric massage h. Filipino Traditional Hilot 4. Explain the general effects of massage 5. Explain rationale for indications and contraindications to massage 6. State general principles for massage application (including the stages of clients care) Required No. of Hours: 4MT II: MASSAGE THERAPY IIMassage Therapy ApplicationObjectives: 1. Know the basic terminologies essential in the understanding of massage therapy application 2. Demonstrate different strokes and their variations: 3. Perform the procedure in documentation during stages of client care 4. Perform the procedure in physical assessment & evaluation during the different stages 5. Perform the massage interventionRequired No. of Hours: 13MT III. MASSAGE THERAPY IIIPractice of Massage TherapyObjectives: 1. Know the basic terminologies essential in the understanding in the practice of massage therapy.
  3. 3. 2. Understand the legal & ethical principles and concepts in the professional practice of Massage Therapy Code of ethics and its importance Professionalism and ethical decision Responsibilities of licensed massage therapist (LMT) Liabilities of the massage therapists 3. Explain the revised chapter 13 of the code of sanitation of the Philippines Required No. of Hours: 7Total No. of Hours Required:  Cognitive – 76 hrs  Practicum - 60 hrs o Total 136