How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar


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Want To Learn To Play Guitar Check This Out...

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn To Play The Guitar Fast! ====Students generally ask this question from their teachers: How long does it take to learn guitar?Well, there is no one answer to this question. Learning is a process, it has no finish line. Weremain learners all our lives. Even a teacher is a learner. What is your definition of guitar playing?How proficient do you want to become? All these questions elicit different responses from learnersas well as teachers alike.Why Guitar?Rock music is a very popular genre of music; hence a lot of people like to learn guitar playing. Ithas become fashionable to play guitar. Your popularity skyrockets if you can play a guitar well.The guitar seems to be everywhere. It is a versatile instrument. Due to its tremendous popularity ithas become a symbol of social revolution.There are a few youngsters who are really serious about a career as rock stars, but generallypeople just want to learn guitar for the sake of learning. Most of these people lose hope very soonand give up their quest, because they do not find the best way to learn playing a guitar.Your View Of GuitarHow do you view a guitar? What is it that you want to be? A guitar owner, a guitar player, or amusician who expresses music through a guitar!If you want to be just a guitar owner, all you need is enough money to buy a guitar. Then guitar isjust another toy, like a portable play station, a computer game, or a fashion accessory. If youbelong to this segment, how long will it take you to play a guitar? 30 minutes? You just want othersto see you playing the guitar.If you want to be a guitar player, you need to be very serious about it. You will need to spendmany hours learning the basics of guitar playing. Are you learning on your own or from yourfriends? How long will it take you to learn guitar? You better understand that it is a life longprocess.If you are a musician who uses guitar to express his music, you too are focused on your playing.At this level you already understand the entire scope of music. If you are a good musician, you notonly play your guitar well but can also intelligently discuss music. People in this segment listen to,read, and study all genres of music. How long does it take them to learn guitar? They know that itis a practice for their entire lifetime.What is the main difference between people who want to be guitar players, and musicians who
  2. 2. express their music through guitar? Well, the guitar players are just guitar players, while somemusicians become legends.Internal Motivation Or External InfluencePeople who are motivated by external influences generally do not have the discipline required of aguitar player. Once they realize that they need to put in a lot of effort, they give up and move on tothe next smart thing to do. Hard work and delayed gratification are not what they bargain for. Onthe other hand, if you have an internal motivation to learn guitar, you will learn it, no matter what ittakes.Learning guitar is a lot of perspiration and inspiration, but it is equally important to enjoy theprocess. Mastering the guitar does take a long time. How long, depends entirely upon you.I hope you enjoyed this article. To discover how to unleash your inner guitar god by going to aprofessional Melbourne guitar tutor, then be sure to check out: Guitar Mastery CoachingArticle Source: ====Learn To Play The Guitar Fast! ====