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  1. 1. As part of my A2 media advance production. I had to create a teasertrailer as well as two addition ancillary task, which were a film poster andfilm magazine. When combined the ancillary tasks will be used as apromotional tool to help sell our film.It was important that I created 3 products which were interlinked togetherand were able to capture the attention of my target audince, in order tosell my products. In addition, this would also help my audience torecognise my work. For example if a person from my target audience hadjust finished watching my trailer and shortly saw my film poster ormagazine they should be able to recognise the work as coming from thesame institution.
  2. 2. The title of my film was really important as this would be the firstimpression that my audience have of my media product. I felt choosingan effective title would be the key to selling my products, as my audiencewill try to assume what the film is about my its name. Likewise, did the filmtitle have to be short as this would enable it to me memorable so thatwhen my audience were discussing the film with their friends and familythey wont struggle to remember. This would become a useful marketingtechnique as my products could reach other target audience my originaltarget audience spreading the word retribution
  3. 3. Font was important to my products as it could portray a meaning and alsoestablish genre. I chose the font “electrical” and “colation”, which Idownloaded from dafont.com. I used these through out my media products toshow constancy in my work and also to make my work more recognisable tomy audience.Also I felt my fonts would become a brand identify for media products sowhen my audience saw this font on a media text they could relate it towardsmy work. I also made sure my film title “RETRIBUTION” remained in capitals,this was to help the title stand out and be the first thing to catch my audienceeyes and also to show the jam action horror within the film.
  4. 4. Colour was important to my production work as colour allowed me to portraythe mood of my genre inside my product. As my genre was horror I decided touse dark colours within my production such as grey, red and black. I decidedkept the theme of using dark colour through out my production to allow myproduct.I used red colour on the film name “retribution” on all 3 pieces of myproductions. This was to symbolise the blood through the film and also theviolence within the film. Both my ancillary use the same colour scheme forred, grey and yellow. I did this to help my view see the relation ship betweenproducts so that they can be awear that is being made by the same textproducer.
  5. 5. The genre is made clear on the use of my ancillary products throughphotography. Both the poster and film feature the protagonist of the filmholding a sharp knife with blood inside. This helps to reflect on my mainpiece the trailer by indicating the killings that are to be taken place. Inaddition I have used the same character as the main image to show he isthe protagonist and also using the same person will help my audience torecognise my work through costume.
  6. 6. I believe my audience will be able to link all my pieces together, firstly Ihad used feature the same actors through out my work this was to helpmy audience follow the story through all my work. Likewise, I have usedthe protagonist as my main image on both my film trailer and poster tohelp my audience identify the film. In addition I ensured that I featuredhorror elements through out my trailer, poster and magazine this was tomake my genre clear to my audience. In addition all my 3 piece areconstructed of dark colours. My trailer is mainly featured in the nightwhich is followed on with my poster using dark colours such as grey andmy poster using colour black. The colours also help to portray my genreof horror as my audience can identify no sign of happiness within my workthrough the use of colour.
  7. 7. In addition I believe all my 3 piece effective link together. The main job of myposter and magazine it to help promoted my trailer. I believe this has beensuccessfully accomplished due to foundation or research and vital conceptswhich have been discuss within the blog.