Twitter, Past, Present and Future

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This presentation is part of a graduate student presentation on the Past, Present and Future of Twittter. …

This presentation is part of a graduate student presentation on the Past, Present and Future of Twittter.

The video contains footage from Nerdcore075, sharisax, intvw, Le Web,, that have been mashed-up into a video presentation of Jack Dorsey ‘s career and the idea behind the popular microblog Twitter.
This video is for educational purposes only.

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  • What do you think about the evolution of Twitter? Did the “Twitter” phenomena happen so fast that it could not be predicted?
  • Twitter's Place in Marketing, Education & Communication By Li Li
  • Twitter Applications Used in Education


  • 1. Twitter: Past, Present and Future
  • 2. To the blind all things are sudden.
    -Marshall Mcluhan
  • 3. In The Beginning
  • 4. Early Twitter Site
  • 5. Who is Using Twitter
  • 6. Quote From Co-founder
    “Many people use it for professional purposes-keeping connected with industry contacts and following news”
    -Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder
  • 7. Professional Uses
    • Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder
    Tweets about his foundation
    • Jenni Hogan, KIRO TV Traffic Anchor
    Tweets traffic reports and news
    • The White House
    Tweets on legislative matters and President affairs
  • 8. General Statistics
    Graph courtesy of
  • 9. Why Aren’t Teenagers Using Twitter?
    "Most teens are not interested in being truly public,” says Microsoft researcher
    Danah Boyd.
    Only 8 percent of online teens use it.
    This potentially stems from privacy concerns, that it may be difficultto block who can see your profile.
  • 10. Comparing Social Networks
    Graph courtesy of
  • 11. Place in the Market
  • 12. Twitter Features
    According to Hitwise, Twitter in January 2009,
    stands at number 84 in it’s Computers. In the internet category, it is one space up the chart from Digg.
      Twitter's Features:
    Brief/ compact: only 140 characters one tweet
    Transparent: everyone can see your tweets unless
    you set the private mode. Accessible: accessible
    from computers or mobile anytime and anywhere;
    accessible to anyone you would like to follow.
  • 13. Place In Market
    To listen to your customers
    "A growing number of companies are keeping track of what's said about their brands on Twitter. Comcast (CMCSA), Dell (DELL), General Motors (GM), H&R Block (HRB), Kodak (EK), and Whole Foods Market (WFMI) are among a handful of companies haunting Twitter to do everything from burnish brands to provide customer service.”  
         --Rachael King, How Companies Use Twitter to Bolster Their Brand
  • 14. Listen To Your Customers
    • Twistori, allows people to follow Twitter updates around Love, Hate, Think, Believe, Feel and Wish.  
    • Twitterscan, track every tweet containing specific keywords 
    • Tweetburner, track how many tweets with the keywords per day and even how many retweets.  
  • Tweets
  • 15. Toyota Example
    • At the beginning of February, Jim Lentz, President and Chief Operating Officer of Toyota USA, answered questions on social media website Twitter. He addressed the most pressing questions concerning the recall using Twitter, and helped quells rising confusion over process of repairing the defective accelerator.
  • Place In Education
    Information sharing/ Interactive encouragement: 
    Hashtag "#" used in class
  • 16. Place In Education
    Information sharing/ Interactive encouragement: 
    Following opinion leaders as a self-education way
  • 17. Language Tool
    An optimistic tool to support foreign language learning
    Twitter was viewed as a supplement to practice in authentic environment different aspects of the target language as it was taught in the classroom
                                                       -- Wikipedia
    It is suitable to train communicative and culture competence anytime anywhere with-out face-to-face interaction.
                       -- Borau, K; Ullrich, C; Feng, JJ
  • 18. Geography
    • Twitrearth, stimulate students' intuition about geography and interest in different language
  • New Method Of Communication
  • 19. Twitter’s Communication Gap
    According to Hubspot's statistic, only 18% of all
    Twitter users have more than 100 followers. 
    A total 81% of users are currently also following
    less than 100 people.
  • 20. Twitter’s Gender Gap
    The gap between men and women
    Twitter follower statistics from HBS:
  • 21. Competitors
  • 22. What Twitter Can’t Do
    • Grouping people and sending tweets
    based on it
    • Threading comments
    • 23. Rich media content: video, audio notes,link preview, galleries
    • 24. Social gaming
    • 25. Location services
    • 26. Payments
  • Competitors
  • 27. The Future
  • 28. The Future of Twitter
    The evolution and future of Twitter will be affected by
    three trending categories:
    Biz model or Acquisition
    • Commercial use
    • 29. User adaptation/modification
  • Biz Model vs. Acquisition
    Biz Model
    Like Google, Twitter is building a platform, and sustained through VC funding
    • Generates limited revenue via SMS carrier fees
    • 30. Share ad revenue with 3rd party platforms
    • 31. Acquire businesses (e.g. Summize)
    • 32. Charge access to customer data
    • 33. Could charge access fee to create tieredaccounts
    Twitter Pro
    Twitter Commercial
    Premium content and services
    Valuation in excess of $1 Billion
    • Google, Microsoft (Bing), Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are potential candidates
    • 34. Limited shareholder acquisition via IPO
  • Commercial Use
    Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, and federal
    and local governments are starting to embrace Twitter.
    Some trending future examples:
    • Hyper-local marketing
    • 35. Micropayments
    • 36. Charity fundraising
    • 37. Election organizing and policy debates/announcements
    • 38. Data mining and metrics
    • 39. Emergency/Contingency planning and operations
    • 40. Brand management
    • 41. Social infrastructure (process engineering)
    • 42. Geospatial products and services
  • “I have no idea what will happen next with Twitter, but I’ve learned to follow the hunch but never assume where it will go.”
    –Co-founder Even Williams, speaking at TED February 2009
    Wither Twitter?
  • 43. Questions?
    Presentation by
    Anita Beninger @anitamedia
    Li Li
    Ivan Sydorenko @IVSyd