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Social seo ranking_factors
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Social seo ranking_factors


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  1. Using Social Media For SEO?Social Ranking SEO FactorsWritten by Benjamin HübnerDoes social media influences your natural search engine position? And if, in which way andhow strong?Fact is, social media does affect your search engine position, even if the most services are usingnofollow tagged links, is there still a minimum linkjuice transfered.Google and also Bing are using various Social Media factors to determine your Search engineposition. All these social media seo factors are influenzing your search engine performance, thissums up to about 6%.Below you find a collection of the most important Social ranking factors used by Google, Bingand Yahoo :Amount of FollowersAs you will already know should you have your own Twitter profile dedicated to your business. Themore influence yopur Twitter account haves on Twitter, the more people are following you, themoreauthority is transfered though your Profile link in the eyes of Google.Popularity of your Followers and Friends (Twitter)The popularity of the people following your Tweets also haves a influence. The more popularpeople following you, the better will Google weight your website..Relevancy (Twitter)Another point to keep in mind is that related Twitter user will provide more benefits to your websitethan completely unrelated Twitter followers or Facebook fans.. Someone in your industryretweeting your Tweets is much more valuable than anyone unrelated to your niche or market.Amount of Retweets / Likes (Twitter)How often are other people sharing, retweeting or liking your content? More follower will basicallylead to more retweets, but here is the ratio between Tweets and retweets the important factor, thisalso applies for Likes and DislikesAmount of Fans :It´s highly recommended to create your own Facebook profile for your Business or Company, justlike your Twitter account. Just like with your Twitter profile will get your url more value the moreFans and likes you get on Facebook. So each url pointing to your website will transfere morelinkjuice the more people are liking your stuff on Facebook!Read the rest of this article, containging the 12 most important social ranking factors by clickinghere......Want To Know More About Reaching Top Search Engine Positions?Do not miss to visit my SEO Software blog for more information about onpage SEO, linkbuildingand the best tools to automate the most of these tasks!