Ben Henderson
Evaluation for Unit 4, 5, 62
My promotional film
This is my evalu...
Ben Henderson
The shots however are not perfect and could have been improved. The panning on some of shots is
shaky and je...
Ben Henderson
The idea for the Promotional Film came about by thinking when I was about to leave secondary
school and I wa...
Ben Henderson
Legal implications that affected the product were mostly issues with copyright. To make my
promotional film ...
Ben Henderson
I believe that my team and I did follow the production schedule and stick to deadlines and timings.
We finis...
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Task 5 evaluation for unit 4, 5, 62


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Task 5 evaluation for unit 4, 5, 62

  1. 1. Ben Henderson Evaluation for Unit 4, 5, 62 My promotional film This is my evaluation for video editing. This evaluation is a way to show and explain what I think of the film I have created. The client wanted a persuasive film to promote the creative media BTEC course at Cheadle and Marple Sixth form college, it was to be under minutes long, and have opinions of the students and facts about the college, and to be uploaded to the college’s website, YouTube, and possibly a DVD for open days etc. My promotional film was 2 and half minutes long, had opinions and information and I believe covered and included everything the client wanted in the film. To learn what the intended audience thought of this film, I created a questionnaire for feedback and on the YouTube video I asked the audience to use the comment feature of the site to tell me what they thought of the promotional film. I believe that the promotional film is fit for its purpose, as it sells the course well and looks professional and fluid compared to other advertisements on the internet. Big businesses have been using YouTube to advertise their products with some success, and payoff as it is free to upload videos so you don’t have to pay for someone to put your advert up. So in doing the same because YouTube is such an open and well used website and a great way for a potential audience member to see the film, and achieve the maximum coverage To address the right target audience I distributed questionnaires to people asking what would they expect from a film promoting a course and college, and I asked college students and students who took Creative Media, what they would have liked to have known before they joined the college. I also researched previous advertisements for the college and similar adverts promoting other colleges and universities. In doing I had an idea of what content, camera shots, music, titles, etc. to include in the film, so I had an understanding of what makes an advertisement successful. I believe I’ve capture and execute the idea well enough to make sure it addressed the target audience the client wanted as the information I included would have been known already by the present students. In regards to the technical qualities, I have used a variety of shots which I filmed in a high quality. I used many different types of shots, like wide, panning shots when I wanted to show an open area of the college. I used these different shots to keep the film visually interesting, which I believe are very effective. The shots, as I previously stated, were a high quality, in a technical stand point this is because of me creating them with a high definition camera, and using equipment such as a tripod to help steady each shot, create accurate shots, and reduce camera shake. From a Visual stand point, the shots were again high quality because of the different shots and filming techniques used in the shots like panning, zooming in on a certain location etc. I exported the video in 1280p by 720p which is a HD setting.
  2. 2. Ben Henderson The shots however are not perfect and could have been improved. The panning on some of shots is shaky and jerky, due to a swivelling platform on the tripod being too tight causing it to stick in some places creating the unwanted shaky effect on the video. The quality of the video could also be improved by using a higher resolution camera, the audio could have been improved in the interviews by using a separate microphone instead of the one in the camera, also if we edited the audio in another separate program like audacity, then imported it to adobe premiere elements, instead of doing all editing in premiere elements would have, in my opinion, improved the promotional filmconsiderably. The decisions I made during editing I believe enhanced and improved the advert. I believe I haven’t gone over the top with the editing process, and I have tried to keep the film as simple as possible whilst retaining a professional standard, believing less is more. The transitions between shots are mostly jump cuts, but some are fades, which I believe help to enhance the film as the viewer’s is not drawn to the transition but to the shots of the college and the information in the film. I have reduced the duration of most of the videos because one of my goals, highlighted by the client, is that the promotional should be under three minutes long. I have added text over the video to sum up who people are, and the basic information that can be found on the college’s website, which address is located at the end of the film if the viewer would like more information. The music I have incorporated into the promotional film fits as I have tried to make the film uplifting and happy, I believe the music helps to achieve this. Continuity errors were not a problem with my promotional film as it doesn’t follow any kind of storyline, and I didn’t need to repeat any filming. I used colour correction on all but one of video, that one video clip was the introduction which I made in Adobe After effects. The colour correction I used was called “three way color correction”. On which video I changed the settings for the light, shadows, and mid tones. I did this because when we filmed it was a dull cloudy day, this would have been seen by the viewer and he/she would have the impression the college is boring and dull as represented in the promotional film. So I changed the colours to brighter and more defined, so the viewer gets the first impression of the college as being happy and interesting. The typography I believe fit with the advert’s style, it was simple white text placed over the video in the same bottom left corner for all the text, apart from the text on the interview videos as it was placed centred on. If part of the video was too bright I placed a black box behind the text. I believe the impact of the text was successful because it showed information about the college, but not taking the viewer’s attention off the film of the areas of the college and distracting them. I used appropriate file formats in the making of the promotional film. For the music I used MP3 formats, for any images I usedPNG file formats and for the video footage I used MOD. I then exported the video in FLV.
  3. 3. Ben Henderson The idea for the Promotional Film came about by thinking when I was about to leave secondary school and I was trying to decide what college to go to, what course to take, etc. What would I have liked to have known? The Idea was that there would be shots of the college and the resources it offered in and around the Creative Media classrooms. The Promotional Film would also have Students currently taking the Creative Media course saying things like: Why they chose the course? What have they created on the Course? (Some of the students work would also be shown in the video).From these initial ideas I created a script and storyboards. The storyboards give anoverall idea of what will happen in each scene, and only show the most important part of the scene. During the project I tried to keep to the three stages of the production process, these were: Pre- production, Production, and Post-Production. Pre-Production involves research (about the college and the course), planning (creating the idea and the storyboards) and approval (pitching the idea and the schedule to the client). Once the project was approved by the client, my team and I started the production process.We shot all the footage and created the Promotional Film in the video editing software Adobe Premiere elements. The final part of the production process, the Post-Production involved publishing the advert on the internet (such as YouTube and Facebook) to gain feedback from viewers, also I handed out questionnaires to people to see what they thought of the Promotional Film. Managing time I found to be rather difficult. I had to make sure my work was at a suitable standard whilst maintaining at the same work production level as my teammates. Although I found it difficult I think I used my time well and the production of work I feel wasn’t effected. I think I coped well with the technical demands of the editing software and operating the camera equipment. Although since beginning the project I have never used Adobe Premier Elements I believe I have become skilled in the program. To improve my knowledge of the program and how to use a tool I looked up a tutorial for the three way colour corrector on the internet. The camera equipment I was familiar with and therefore I found easy to use. In the team there was myself, Kallum Shorthouse and Khalid Choudhary. Throughout the duration of the project I believe that we worked really well together. We had great communication between us, we knew what needed doing, and if anyone needed help in our team we could help them. This is because we were all in charge of certain parts of the project, and we didn’t have an overall person in control, so we could be fast at completing the project whilst being professional and efficient because we were in charge of our own sections and knew what needed to be completed at what time, this kept the team on track and to schedule. During the Post-Production process I had to gain feedback for the promotional film. I published the film on YouTube, and asked people to give me feedback. I also showed the Promotional Film to students and asked them to fill in a questionnaire.
  4. 4. Ben Henderson Legal implications that affected the product were mostly issues with copyright. To make my promotional film was copyright friendly, I made sure everything I used from other sources and not made by me was royalty free and was free to use by anyone. If it wasn’t and I still wanted to use it I would have contacted the author. I did have to follow guidelines whilst creating the promotional film, although these were more common sense than actually written down. These were things such as not to include any indecencies such as swearing, racist/sexist content, nudity etc. There weren’t any financial issues, as all finance was taken care of by the college. But if my team were to handle the budget we would have invested in higher quality professional equipment and software. No one in our group took charge of the project. It was more like one of us was in charge of part of the course and the other members of the group were in charge of their parts. The parts I took control of were the shot log, Kallum took the mood board and the research, and Khalid took anything else. I felt that doing the project in this way gave everyone in the group an equal say in major decisions. I kept in regular contact with my team and my client, in my team as stated in my log of informal communication,we kept in contact with Texts, emails, phone/video calls and person to person conversations. With the client we had monthly meetings and we explained what we have done and what we are going to do. I felt I could easily communicate with other members of my team as we had such a wide range of communication available. I felt that the meetings were beneficial in moving the project forward, this is because as a team with the client could talk about what way the promotional film was heading and if any changes and to be made. The client was involved a lot during the project, and knew what direction the project was heading in, as stated above we went to him in the meetings and showed what we have done and what we planned to do and the client said if any changes had to be made then what direction he wanted us to go in. All of the production team was involved in the meetings, and we took note of the minutes and agendas, so as a team we could properly address any problems, ideas, and/or queries, brought up in the meetings. Throughout the meeting many contributions to the outcome and progression of the promotional film were made. They were mostly ideas about what footage should be used, and what relevant information to use. Some contributions weren’t so much ideas, but questions like “Will another part of the footage help complement this part of the video making it more fluid and visually appealing to the viewer?” I believe the client was pleased with my final outcome as it looked like a professional quality. I believe I achieved my goal of promoting the college although in hindsight, I should have included more information about the course. The final version did change slightly form the original/initial idea but is essentially the same.It is the same layout to the original apart from where the interviews are placed in the film.
  5. 5. Ben Henderson I believe that my team and I did follow the production schedule and stick to deadlines and timings. We finished the Promotional film on time as the client wanted in the production schedule.Luckily throughout the project, the client did get back to us within a realistic time frame and if anything helped move the project along, the client in the meeting was a constant source of advice and ideas, and a huge help in creating the final version of the promotional film. If our own team was slow in any area it would have impacted on the final product. But, my team was, with help of the deadline in the schedule, always more or less on time and any time anything was late it didn’t particularly hinder the production in any way. I believe if we did the project again it could be improved. The areas I would improve in my Promotional film would be, the information used in the film, the quality of the footage used, a wider range of footage, and use different and more varied effects. I believe that I almost successfully executed what my client had asked me to do. The visuals of the promotional film were to the criteria required, but the quantity of the information about the course could be improved. Throughout the project,I, my team, and the client, held many meetings. These were monthly meetings with the client to discuss what we had done, and what we were to do next.These meetings are how we liaised with the client. The client, throughout the project, only had two concerns. These were that we finished the promotional film on time; the other concern was that we need to show the college and the course in a good light. To reassure the client my team and I developed a schedule that we worked to, and to show the college in a good light, we showed the client the shots, footage, and interviews, so he could decide what we could use in the promotional film to show the college in a good light.