Benjamin Hecht\'s Design Portfolio


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This portfolio is my professional portfolio for use in the fields of Industrial Design and Furniture Design, take a peek!!!

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Benjamin Hecht\'s Design Portfolio

  1. 1. TORTUE Concept DESIGNBenjamin Hecht2009 Benjamin Hecht | - Design - Photography - Architecture -
  2. 2. Harbor Industries, Inc.
  3. 3. Harbor Industries is a family owned and operated, point of purchase display de- sign and manufacturing firm. They dis- tribute their products primarily within the United States. I worked as a design intern at Harbor for two seasons. I participated on a variety of projects as part of a small design and engineering team, and I worked on mul- tiple client accounts. One of my projects is displayed here. It is a concept I did for Harbor’s Sears / Whirlpool account. As the concept designer in our team, I had the opportunity to follow the design through the many steps leading to com- pletion of a full scale prototype. I truly enjoyed the time that I spent working in close contact with Harbor’s sales repre- sentatives, designers, engineers as well as the samples crew who helped me build the models which you can see on the fac- ing page.On the facing page: Top to bottom right. This isa photo of the models I created to be sent withthe sales team to Sears to be considered for theirproblem of increasing flow area in the sales area.Bottom Left: This swing unit was a concept ofmine that reduced the space that 12 cook topswould normally take and now fits into the spacethat 2 would occupy on the sales floor. BottomRight: The bottom unit in the dishwasher unitsseen in this picture were designed by another per-son in the firm, my job was to retrofit the displayso that a cook top would fit into the top of the ex-isting unit , and also left room for advertisements,pricing and product options. Concept Design Internship
  4. 4. Breach
  5. 5. Breach, is a simple, multi function chair that can be used in a variety of environments. Thechair is comprised of four flat pieces of American Maple and four ply pegs. This chair answereda very simple question for me; where did my chair go? I had to replace the chair in my studioafter it disappeared one morning and this piece pushed my work one step closer to a simpli-fied and sleek product. Breach can be packed flat reducing the space taken for storage andpackaging. Its construction method is very simple as it is a simple slot-together design. I haveplanned this design to be constructed with many different materials in mind. For outdoor useblack granite slabs, for the home American maple or Walnut and in the office a treated ma-hogany. 70 cm 10 cm 50 cm 40 cm 52 cm 12 cm Breach 20 cm Benjamin Hecht Senior Design Project 55 cm Exploded Plan Parsons Senior Project
  6. 6. Reclined
  7. 7. Reclined is my longest running project and has evolved during all of the changes in my design style during my four years at Parsons Paris. I enjoyed working on it as a long term project, and I really enjoyed mak- ing the full scale prototype for my senior gallery show. The entire concept behind Reclined is that visualy it takes the form of a reclined woman. Each of the images which I have provided here serve as illustration of the concept.The top photo on the facing page is myfirst concept of the couch. The complexityof its construction drove me to simplify itsdesign, yet I have kept the designs as I amvery satisfied with the result of my de-signed form. From the first design conceptI moved to a more simple piece that wascomprised of four fabric pieces rather thanfive complex slot units. After I construcedthe prototype I yet again set out to simplifythe design which can be seen in the bot-tom photo of the facing page. I continuedReclined as a post graduation project andI feel as though I have arrived at a finalproduct. The finalised piece has a carbonfibre constructed frame finished with whitebrushed lamb leather. The look is similar tothe constructed prototype and will occupythe same 2 meter by 1 meter space. Parsons Senior Project
  8. 8. Susjension
  9. 9. Susjension is a piece of sculptural furniture which put my facination with suspensionbridges and physics to the test. My inspiration for this piece comes from two areas of mylife at the time. During the time that I was building this piece I was going through a roughpatch with my significant other. My interest in the Millau bridge in Millau France, gaveme the aesthetic and physical inspiration that I needed to push this piece into produc-tion. This piece is made of 2 towers of treated American maple as well as one triangularsaddle which surmounts the piece. The anchorage pulls tension accross the base and theback rest providing the needed tension for a person to sit in complete comfort, as demon-strated above. The piers of the chair are not fixed to the ground, although had they beenthe amount of weight which could be sustained would dramatically increase. I have hopesthat this piece could be refined into a manufacturable product, as it stands now it is a site-specific work of art. Parsons Senior Project
  10. 10. Leaf
  11. 11. Leaf is the flagship of the Lagoon Series, and is the base model for my design style during my senioryear. The design of the table is based on the organic make-up of a leaf. As the majority of my worktakes inspiration from the natural world this was an instinctive design move for me. Leaf changed mydesign process from the academic way in which I was taught, to a reversed method which I find to suitmy creative imagination. Creating the three dimensional prototype before a design is rendered, makesit easier for me to conceptualize the finalized product (seen on the facing page). This table is made ofAmerican maple, and has a slot-together construction method. It is designed to be used through outthe home as an end table, a night stand, or as an entry table. Like the rest of my products, this table ismade from a single piece of American maple, which allows it to be packed flat for storage, distributionand retail purposes, as well as cutting down on scrap or unused wood. 66.5cm 95cm 95cm 66.5cm 1m Leaf 88 cm Benjamin Hecht Senior Design Project Exploded Plan Parsons Senior Project
  12. 12. Lagoon
  13. 13. Lagoon is the sister piece to my Leaf table, as a continuation of my series that uses thenatural world for inspiration. The design of the table is based on the look of a lagoon. Itis low to the ground and is wide like a body of water, making it by design a coffee table.Like the rest of my products this table is made from a single piece of American maple,which allows it to be packed flat for storage, distribution and retail purposes, as well ascutting down on scrap or unused wood. This product is made with 3 interlocking woodpieces and similar to Leaf, was constructed and designed using my new design process.Of the set of work which I did for my senior critique and show, Lagoon was my favoritepiece. This piece shows elegance through simplicity, my main objective in my design andstyle. 1.5m 1.1m 1.2m 90cm Lagoon Benjamin Hecht Senior Design Project Exploded Plan Parsons Senior Project
  14. 14. VSS Physical Therapy Bed
  15. 15. The Vertical Stasis System Physical Therapy Bed (VSS) is a prototype which I am currentlyworking on. On the facing page you can see the design brief which I have prepared andabove is the original concept drawing of the unit. H.R. Geiger is one of my biggest inspira-tions, and I am very happy to say that this piece was concieved from the inspiration of hiswork in the Alien movie series. The VSS is designed with the potential to be used in manydifferent life environments. However, health care and hospitals will be the main focus fordistribution. It has been designed to relieve physical stress for patients suffering from cra-nial, kneck, back and upper body injuries. It incorporates inflateable bladders that can isolatean area of pain. The climate control system built into the unit can change the temperaturein each bladder individually, providing the patient and doctor with the ability to relieve thepain not only with pressure but temperature fluctuation as well. The bladders are inflatedwhen the patient is in a seated position giving them the support they need when VSS iselevated up onto the wall for an extended period of time. The door of the unit is fitted with apadded face opening, used both as a support system for the head, and to allow the patientto feel as though they arent closed in a box. When the patient’s face is placed in the opening,the internal unit is closed off to external noises from the room. Two audio speakers are in-corporated in the VSS which can be plugged into a TV, an iPOD or anything with an auxilaryoutput. VSS offers solutions to several problems within the hospital environment. It usesminimal space and, potentially decreases the amount of time a patient may need to stay inthe hospital for serious injuries. Aside from its application within a hospital, the VSS can bepurchased for use in the home. VSS can provide the client with a relaxing massage and aquiet place to sleep or nap. Parsons Senior Project
  16. 16. The Wigwam
  17. 17. Wigwam is a fully self sustainable home with aunique design. The home itself is constructed onsite, and can be bult in a much shorter amountof time than a normal house as it uses a slottingconstruction method. The two exposed floorsare constructed in pieces on site using a shakerstyle timber frame building technique. I selectedthis for its speed and durability in construction.The house is built using two large reinforcedcement pylons which will be assembled andpourred on site, then raised into a vertical posi-tion. After the pylons are raised into place a holeis dug and the bottom two floors are pourredalong with the spiral staircase (seen to the right).Once the basement is finished, it is buried anda large cistern pool is pourred above it. A glasscylinder is dropped in around the stair case andcloses it off to the cistern. Finally, the two topfloors can be slotted into place, and the top twostories of the staircase can be fitted. The Wigwam The Lagoon Series Residence and Studio Once the house is finished, the sustainable Self Sufficient Re-Enforced Cement elements are added. On the roof, polycrys- taline photovoltaic panels sit on top of Constructed Frame Cedar Weather Treated Wood Plank Constructed Dwelling 12 Solar Panels and 1 Purification Centre Offer the dwelling self sufficient capabilities Centralized Staircase highly succulent ground cover. This ground Offers access to each of the 5 floors cover acts similarly to that of a wetland in that it purifys the water passing through it. The water that passes through this roof top garden is water from the sinks and show- Architect - Benjamin Hecht Senior Final Project ers, but then is sent back down through the house to a purifiction system in the Lagoon Series Residence 02/02/09 basement which makes it completely po- The floor and cieling construction plan view table once again. All of the raw sewage is The first piece of the Wigwam frame is put into place. pumped into an underground system that extends below the lawn and vegitable gar- den. There it can be used as fertalizer while The Rain Catch Basin and the Stairwell are cast and put into place. The basement levels are dug out and finished. not leaking fumes into the air. The wood construction is done on site, then slid into place within the Wigwam frame. The construction method on elevation 01-a Parsons Senior Project
  18. 18. The Ameba
  19. 19. Ameba is a project that I undertook to send into “Dwell” magazine for a contest that theyhosted to solve the energy crisis in a suburban environment. The house is constructedcompletely of locally available materials. Each of the windows are curved double panedplate glass. Between the panes drawn curtains run on a track that is driven by the roof topsolar panel for privacy. The system seen below shows a simple natural purification systemwhich works similarly to the water purification system in the Wigwam house. It incorpo-rates a system that replicates a natural wetland and utilises a solar powered pump thatcirculates the water back into the home. I have simplified and miniaturised the unit to fitonto the home like an evestrough. The recycle unit runs allong the edge of the home andis coupled into its four rooftop gardens providing the home with a full purification sys-tem. The large disc shaped solar panel on the roof serves both as a roof feature, and as thehome’s main source of electrical energy. A panel this size is capable of running the kitchenappliances, living room entertainment system, and office electronics without an issue. Allof the componets fit easily into a modern living environment. Project for “Dwell” Magazine’s Reburbia Contest
  20. 20. Visual Corporate Identity
  21. 21. TORTUE DESIGNPatterning and Logo Design
  22. 22. Benjamin Robert Hecht 30 Rue Des Cordelieres | 75013 | Paris, FR 101 Washington St. | 49417 | Grand Haven, MI USA E-Mail | benhecht85@gmail.comI am an intuitively creative, internationally educated concept designer and photographer looking for achallenging entry level position with a progressive organization. Diligence, ethics and imagination havebeen the key drivers of my learning experience. I am a solid communicator who is comfortable workingindependently or as a part of a team. I look forward to an opportunity for an interview. My portfolioand references are available on request.I am seeking a position as a designer Parsons - Paris School of Art and Design | Fall of 2005 - Spring 2009University | 14 Rue Latellier | 75015 | Paris, France BFA Fine Arts (Focus in Creative Design and Art History) Graduated May 19th 2009 TASIS England | Fall 2003 - Spring 2004High School | 20 Coldharbour Lane | TW20-8TE | Thorpe | Surrey, UK Graduated June 6th 2004 Grand Haven High School | Fall 2000 - Spring 2003 17000 Ferris Street | 49417 | Grand Haven | Michigan, USAAdobe Illustrator | 6 years Experience | Advanced UserAdobe Photoshop / Bridge | 8 years Experience | Advanced UserAdobe Indesign | 6 years Experience | Advanced UserAdobe Reader | 8 years Experience | Advanced UserAdobe After Effects | 1 year Experience | BeginnerMacromedia / Adobe Flash (Action Script 2.0 + 3.0 | 4 years Experience | Intermediate UserMacromedia Dreamweaver | 4 years Experience | Intermediate UserMacromedia Fireworks | 6 years Experience | Advanced UserAvanquest Turbo Cad | 2 years Experience | Self Taught / Intermediate UserGoogle Sketch-Up Pro | 2 years Experience | Self Taught / Intermediate UserMicrosoft Windows OS | 12+ years Experience | Advanced UserMacintosh OS | 4 years Experience | Advanced UserMicrosoft Word | 10 years Experience | Advanced UserMicrosoft Excel | 10 years Experience | Advanced UserMicrosoft Outlook | 10 years Experience | Advanced UserMicrosoft Frontpage | 10 years Experience | Advanced UserMicrosoft Power Point | 10 years Experience | Advanced UserMS-DOS Command Script | 12+ years experience | Intermediate UserLanguages | English | Fluent - Native Language French | Proficient - 8 years studied, 4 years Parisian resident Spanish | Beginner - 2 years studied
  23. 23. Benjamin Robert Hecht 30 Rue Des Cordelieres | 75013 | Paris, FR 101 Washington St. | 49417 | Grand Haven, MI USA E-Mail | benhecht85@gmail.comWork | Parsons-Paris School of Art and DesignExperience Fall Semester 2008 | Photography Lab Technician 14 Rue Latellier | Paris | France | 75015 Harbor Industries Inc. Winter Break 2007 & Summer Break 2008 | Internship as a Concept Designer -Designed concepts for multiple point of purchase display units two of which were sold to SEARS and are used to display Whirlpool products throughout the midwest region of the United States Tip-A-Few Tavern Summer Break 2007 | Wait Staff 1 Franklin St | Grand Haven | MI | 49417 USA Les Tapies (TASIS Summer Program) Summer Break 2005 | Asistant Architecture Instructor & Photo Lab Technician Les Tapies | St. Pierreville | Ardeche | France | 07190 TASIS England Spring and Fall Semester 2004-2005 | Photography Lab Technician 20 Coldharbour Ln | Thorpe | Surrey | TW20-8TE | United Kingdom Grand Haven Golf Course Summer Break 2002 | Golf Cart Maintenance and Caddy Grand Haven Twp. | MI | 49417 | USAVolunteer | Habitat for Humanity and Christ Community Church | Spring Lake, MI USAExperience Helped families and refurbished homes for the residents in a community on Staten Island | New York, New York USA (Summer 2002) Refurbished homes and properties, and built outdoor shelters for the Lakota Native American tribe at the Pine Ridge Reservation | South Dakota USA (Summer 2003) International Scouting Community Participated in an international Scouting Jamboree, and cleanup exercise at the Normandy D-Day Beaches in the north of France (Spring 2008) Awards | Eagle Scout, Award Recieved | Summer 2004 FAWCO Scholarship | Awarded for 2005 Year of University International Honours Orchestra | 2 years membership Holland Area Youth Orchestra | 3 years membershipActivities | Visiting Galleries and Museums, Building models, Drawing, Bicycle Repair, Video Games, Legos, Photography, Collecting Vintage Electronics, Cello, Building my Music Collection, Civil War Re-Enacting, Building and Flying RC Aircraft, Building and Driving RC Cars, Reading & PhilosophyHobbies | Music, Golf, Bicycling, Board Sports, Boating, Ice Hockey, Photography, Art, History, Philosophy, Architecture, Technical Design and Engineering. I have played the cello for thirteen years in five different orchestras, and I have been playing independently for the past four years.
  24. 24. This portfolio is a collection of the design and architecture work that I have completed during the time which I spent studying at Parsons-Paris. Benjamin Hecht EMailFRANCE La Village de Dio 34650, Languedoc France Mobile +33676525120 Benjamin Hecht 101 Washington St.U.S.A. Grand Haven, MI 49417 United States of America Mobile +016164052295 Home +016168427798 Benjamin Hecht 1 Snells Wood CourtU.K. Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire HP7-9QT United Kingdom Mobile +447792883576 I have no association with Adobe, Canon, Apple and Kodak I simply use their products. Logos for Adobe, Canon, Apple and Kodak are used purely for accreditation purposes only. Graduate of Parsons-Paris (BFA Fine Arts) May of 2009. Tortue Creative Concept Design is a Registered Trade Mark to protect all the images and products within, in the above document. All rights are reserved.