The Penny Killer Screenplay


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The Penny Killer is a movie about a world-class detective along with the Chicago Police Department as they hunt down a serial killer known as "The Penny Killer" with a single motive, revenge.

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The Penny Killer Screenplay

  1. 1. The Penny Killer Written By Ben Gregory Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  2. 2. 1 EXT. CRIME SCENE - NIGHT1.1. 00:00:08 FADE IN We fade in on a penny, lying in the grass. The camera tilts up to reveal a small house, at the top of a hill on the end of a street in a suburb of Chicago about 40 yards from the camera. INT. CRIME SCENE - CONTINUOUS2.2. 00:00:42 We cut to a man(Edward Ferguson) in his kitchen preparing himself a small dinner. He is working at the cooking island in the middle of the kitchen. He hears a noise from his left, looks over through the doorway,through the living room, and fixes his attention on the door leading to the covered porch. He's only distracted from his work for a couple of seconds. He gets back to making his food. Moments later he hears the door to his covered porch swing open rapidly. The Killer runs in through the living room and into the doorway of the kitchen. Edward has only enough time to turn to face the killer before he is shot once, directly between the eyes. He falls, landing flat on his back with a dead THUD, almost hitting the dining room table. He is lying parallel to the cooking island. His unmoving eyes stare straight up and a trickle of blood leaks out of the corner of his mouth. The killer, concealed until now, is revealed to the audience as he walks forward and over the body. He is wearing a ski mask, gloves, and all black clothes. He lowers his 9mm pistol and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a penny, leans over, and places it square on the corpse's forehead. CUT TO:BLACK INT. OFFICE - AFTERNOON, NEXT DAY3.3. 00:02:27 FADE IN We fade in on a small office. Bookshelves, a computer, a desk. A man (detective Stevenson) is sitting at the desk. He is young, mid to late twenties. Short dark brown hair, cleanly shaven. He looks distressed about the paperwork he is going over. The door bursts open, Stevenson looks up, startled. A young man (Johnson) walks in with an urgent look about his face. His arm is down by his side holding a cellphone. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  3. 3. 2 JOHNSON (slightly out of breath, rushed) Detective Stevenson, there’s been another murder. They think it was committed by the same man that killed Burns on Thursday. Stevenson shakes his head and looks down in despair. STEVENSON The body had a penny on its forehead? Johnson nods grimly as he fully enters the room and takes a seat across from Stevenson and sits down. STEVENSON (CONT'D) The Penny Killer, he strikes again. JOHNSON (chuckles, though rather grimly) Interesting name. Captain Thomas says it looks like the victim was shot with a 9mm pistol, like the first two. He wants us to investigate the scene. STEVENSON What was the victim's name? JOHNSON Uhh.. Edward Ferguson. Stevenson's eyes light up. STEVENSON That’s exactly what I was looking for! JOHNSON (he is confused by Stevenson's sudden enthusiasm) What? Stevenson looks down at his paperwork, using a pen he holds in his hand to point off names as he reads them. STEVENSON All three of his murders are (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  4. 4. 3 linked, the first one was your STEVENSON (CONT'D) partner, Andy Burns, AB, the second was Caroline Dabney, CD, and Edward Ferguson is EF. It’s the alphabet. Johnson is doubtful. JOHNSON I noticed that too. But it seems like such an arbitrary and useless pattern. Also not at all hard to figure out. STEVENSON I agree... But it couldn't be a coincidence. It doesn't make sense. JOHNSON (as he is standing up) If he chose such a flimsy pattern for his murder victims then he must not be the brightest. STEVENSON (as he is standing up) You're right, he probably left some easy evidence at the scene. The two leave the room. EXT. CRIME SCENE - EVENING4.4. 00:02:41 A car pulls up in the driveway of a small suburban house. A police officer stands in the way of the front door as Stevenson and Johnson make their way up the corroding concrete stairs around the side of the house. Stevenson flashes the cop his badge and says STEVENSON (nodding in the direction of Johnson) He's with me. INT. EDWARD FERGUSON'S HOUSE5.5. 00:04:25 The Cop nods and lets them in. They enter a small living room. A fireplace, sofas and chairs and a door leading into a kitchen. Captain Thomas, hearing them enter, walks out of the kitchen to greet them. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  5. 5. 4 STEVENSON Hello Captain. They shake hands. CAPT.THOMAS I’m glad you’re here Stevenson, the Chicago PD needs a good detective on this case and I hear you're the best. Stevenson laughs humbly. Thomas looks at Johnson. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) Who's your friend? STEVENSON This is Earl Johnson, he was Andy Burns’ partner at the Evanston Police department. He contacted me after the murder and asked if I could help him try to find the guy who shot Andy. Now it seems we’re chasing a serial killer. Captain Thomas nods and shakes Johnson's hand. CAPT.THOMAS (as he's shaking Johnson's hand) I'm Captain Thomas, nice to meet you. He then steps back to address both of them once again. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) Yes the pennies... It's like his signature. STEVENSON Do you think it means anything? CAPT.THOMAS That's what you're here to figure out isn't it detective? JOHNSON What do you suppose the pattern in the victims' names mean. CAPT.THOMAS The alphabet? It seems like such a (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  6. 6. 5 trivial idea. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) STEVENSON It doesn't add up. It also makes me wonder how far he'll go from Chicago to kill someone who fits the pattern. It's not going to be easy to find a WX,or a YZ. CAPT.THOMAS That's true though all of his killings have occurred in the suburbs so far. JOHNSON Did they find any fingerprints on the penny? CAPT.THOMAS No, just like the other two times. He was probably wearing gloves, we found no shell casings, no clear evidence of a break-in, nothing but the penny and the body itself. STEVENSON No neighbors heard anything? CAPT.THOMAS Must've been a silenced gun. STEVENSON Professional murders, amateur pattern, it doesn't add up. INT. KITCHEN6.6. 00:05:35 Stevenson and Johnson walk into the kitchen to investigate the scene. The body is lying face up, perpendicular of the door, his feet facing the left. There is a half-constructed sandwich on the island. A cop and the coroner are in the corner discussing something. Stevenson stands over the body for a few seconds and looks around the room, taking it all in so that he can make his analysis. He then kneels down over the body to get a closer look. STEVENSON He was shot once, directly between the eyes. He points to the clear bullet wound in the head. He stands Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  7. 7. 6 back up. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Looks like he was making dinner at this island. Look at the half finished sandwich. He looks down at the body and pauses for a second. Looks towards the living room doorway. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Based on where he landed he probably turned because he heard the killer coming from that way. Killer shot him in the head, he fell over right there. As he explains this, he acts out the victim's movements. JOHNSON So he probably came in from that porch. He gestures through the living room and towards the door leading to the covered porch STEVENSON (in deep thought) Right. Captain, about when did the murder happen? CAPT.THOMAS The coroner says around 6 o'clock last night based on the body's temperature. We can tell that Stevenson's suspicions are confirmed by the look of achievement that appears on his face. STEVENSON It was raining last night. Follow me Johnson. They walk through the TV room and into the covered porch. Then they proceed to go onto the outside porch. The concrete path is covered in mud. EXT. CRIME SCENE7.7. 00:05:46 STEVENSON Look at all this mud; coming up this way he must've gotten some of it on his shoes. Then tried to get it off before he got inside the (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  8. 8. 7 house. Over here, STEVENSON (CONT'D) They walk into the screen porch INT. COVERED PORCH8.8. 00:06:20 STEVENSON Feel this floor. As he says this he kneels down and rubs the floor of the covered porch. Johnson does the same. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Feels like a doormat doesn't it? Johnson walks over to discover some mud smears. JOHNSON You're right! He tried to wipe his shoes off in here. Stevenson goes over an picks up some of the mud with his finger. STEVENSON Yeah, it's fresh. He couldn't have possibly gotten it all off of his shoes. JOHNSON There must be some on the the carpet! STEVENSON As well as impressions from the wet shoes. They walk inside to inspect the carpet. INT. LIVING ROOM9.9. 00:06:52 Stevenson bends over to look closely at the path the killer would've taken to get from the covered porch to the kitchen. STEVENSON Look, shoe impressions, work boots, small traces of mud. Johnson, what size shoe do you wear? JOHNSON Eights...why? STEVENSON Give me one of your shoes. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  9. 9. 8 JOHNSON Ok... Johnson takes off one of his shoes and hands is to Stevenson. Stevenson compares it to the impression in the carpet. STEVENSON Looks a bit bigger than yours, maybe a nine, eight and-a-half. JOHNSON We've got a shoe size... That's something. Good work Stevenson. FADE OUT INT. CENTRAL POLICE STATION - LATER10.10. 00:08:14 It is the central police station. Stevenson, Johnson, Thomas and Lieutenant Markus are gathered around an empty table. CAPT.THOMAS Stevenson, let's review what you found at the scene. STEVENSON All we were able to determine was the killer's approximate shoe size. CAPT.THOMAS At least it's something. He pauses for a moment and sighs. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) The real mystery here is why he would make his pattern so transparent, so easy to decode? STEVENSON I don't think he did on purpose. The only other reason that it would be this easy to crack is if...this is a stretch. But what if he has a specific target that he has a motive to kill... Johnson picks up on Stevenson's idea. JOHNSON (excitedly) Yeah, right, and whoever it is happens to have initials that fit (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  10. 10. 9 the pattern. JOHNSON (CONT'D) STEVENSON Right, so the killer took his chance and disguised his crime as a serial killing. They all look at Thomas for a reaction. It's a moment before he answers. CAPT.THOMAS What if he already killed his genuine target? STEVENSON Then we're too late. There's nothing we can do about it. But either way we need to find this guy and and stop him before he hurts any more people. Figuring out his motive and his target will make it easier to hunt him down, so that's the path we should take, whether it's too late or not. CAPT.THOMAS Don't just make this wild assumption and base the rest of the investigation off of it. We have no defining evidence for that yet. Though I agree it could be the answer, this man could just be having some sick fun and playing the alphabet. EXT. GREG HANSON'S HOUSE - NIGHT11.11. 00:08:21 An opening shot of the river from the backyard. We pan around to see Greg Hanson's house. Hold for a couple seconds. A car speeds by on the road to signify it's existence. INT. GREG HANSON'S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS12.12. 00:08:42 Greg Hanson is lounging on his couch, watching TV. He mutes the TV as a commercial comes on. GREG HANSON Jesus, I'm sick of this damn commercial! Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  11. 11. 10 He walks into the kitchen muttering angrily to get a snack or something. He hears a car pull up outside on the street. He stops what he's doing and listens. After a few seconds he becomes suspicious. He hears slow footsteps near the front door. He grabs a knife from a drawer. He slowly and cautiously walks around towards the front door. He waits watching the door. All of a sudden the sliding glass door behind him swings open and the Killer comes in wielding the 9mm pistol. EXT. GREG HANSON'S HOUSE13.13. 00:09:04 Greg panics and runs out the front door. He runs onto the street but gets narrowly missed by a speeding car, soon to be followed by another. The car almost hitting him makes him drop the knife. He decides to turn around and go down into the backyard by the river. He sprints down the hill and into the backyard. He runs down his yard then comes to face the river. He turns and runs through some small pine tress into into the next yard over. He stops to recover for a second. Before he can blink, he turns around and is shot immediately right between the eyes, he falls over instantly. The killer then walks up to the body and puts a penny in the victim's unmoving hand. He then clenches the fingers to form a fist around the penny and pulls out duct tape to tape the fist shut. Then the killer dumps the body in the St. Joseph river. EXT. CRIME SCENE NO. 2 - THE NEXT DAY14.14. 00:10:12 Stevenson's car pulls up in the driveway of the victim's house. Him and Johnson get out and walk down the steep driveway. Captain Thomas and Lt. Markus are standing together in the yard a couple feet past the driveway. Stevenson and Johnson walk up to greet them. STEVENSON What's the story here Captain? I don't see a body. CAPT.THOMAS Exactly. This house belonged to Greg Hanson. His body was found washed up on the shore of Lake Michigan. A penny was clenched in his hand. LT. MARKUS The neighbor, Rachel Watson, didn't see anything, but she called in because she heard a gunshot around (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  12. 12. 11 9:30 last night. LT. MARKUS (CONT'D) CAPT.THOMAS So we assume that the killer chased the victim into Rachel's yard, shot him and rolled him into the river. Then he flowed down, unseen, all the way into the lake. STEVENSON Why would he throw the body in the river? CAPT.THOMAS Two apparent reasons. To wash any potential evidence off the body, and to try to divert us and slow us down, by sending us away from the city. Stevenson nods. JOHNSON So what's to investigate here? CAPT.THOMAS We want to to question the neighbor, Rachel. Find out if there's anything she's not telling us. She's in the house. He gestures up towards Greg's house. Stevenson and Johnson walk up the stairs onto the porch and through the sliding glass door and into the house. Ms. Watson is seated in on the couch in front of the TV. They walk over in front of her. INT. GREG HANSON'S HOUSE15.15. 00:12:00 STEVENSON Hello ma'am. Ms. Watson correct? Ms. Watson is nervous. RACHEL WATSON That's correct.. Listen I-- Stevenson cuts her off by holding up a hand. STEVENSON This is just a formality. We're not accusing you of anything. You're a witness and you could be hiding (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  13. 13. 12 information from us. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Rachel nods and waits for her first question. Stevenson pulls out his note pad and a pen. STEVENSON (CONT'D) So, you heard a gunshot last night? RACHEL WATSON Right, around 9:30. STEVENSON How many gunshots? RACHEL WATSON Just one... Then a splash a few moments later. She seems nervous, making little eye contact and looking around. Stevenson, stone faced with piercing eyes stares her down for a few seconds, waiting for more. STEVENSON Ms. Watson I know there's more than that, you're not telling us something. Rachel's getting upset quickly. RACHEL WATSON I've told you all I know! What do you want from me? STEVENSON Information. It's a serious offense to lie to a police officer. She waits a couple seconds. RACHEL WATSON (sighing) Ok, fine. I saw Greg get chased down the hill and into my yard. I saw it all. Someone shot him in the head and rolled him into the river. Stevenson jots down some notes in his notepad. STEVENSON Could you tell who it was? RACHEL WATSON No, it was very dark... To be honest the reason I didn't want to (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  14. 14. 13 tell you is because I feel Greg RACHEL WATSON (CONT'D) deserved it. He was an awful man. His wife left him because he was abusing her. A short pause. STEVENSON That doesn't matter now. Do you have anything else to tell us. She pauses for a second and considers answering. RACHEL WATSON I saw his car. STEVENSON The killer's? RACHEL WATSON Yes, like I said, it was dark, all I could tell is that it was a Chevrolet. Not a truck, it was too small. I'm sorry I'm bad with cars. STEVENSON You didn't catch the license plate? RACHEL WATSON No sir. STEVENSON Thanks ma'am, you've been a great help. They walk back out to the Captain and Lieutenant. EXT. CRIME SCENE NO. 216.16. 00:12:41 CAPT.THOMAS You get her to talk? STEVENSON (reading off his notepad) She was resistant but she confirmed that he was chased into her yard and shot, then pushed into the river. She also saw the killer's car. Said it was a Chevy. Not sure what kind. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  15. 15. 14 CAPT.THOMAS Great work detective. To investigate the body,you guys are gonna need to head over to lake Michigan. JOHNSON That's quite convenient. My family owns a lake house there. What do you think we could find regarding the body? CAPT.THOMAS Anything. We need to find this guy fast, and anything that could give us the slightest clue to where he is would be a huge help, something to build off of. EXT. DOCK - MID-AFTEERNOON17.17. 00:14:05 Stevenson is sitting on the end of the dock, staring off into distance. A man in casual vacation looking clothes strolls down the dock. Stevenson stands up and turns around as the man introduces himself. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Hello there, I saw you drive up a couple hours ago. He shakes Stevenson's hand enthusiastically. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS (CONT'D) You stayin' at that lake house up there? He gestures up hill to lake house. STEVENSON Yes I am. My partner Earl Johnson and I. I'm Lloyd Stevenson by the way. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Partner? STEVENSON Yeah, we're detectives for the Chicago Police Department-- Owen cuts him off. His energy cuts off. A nervous look about his face.his eyes dart around randomly Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  16. 16. 15 MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Police? What are you here for? Stevenson suspiciously cocks his head and looks at Owen with raised eyebrows. STEVENSON A body was found washed up here this morning. It was linked to a serial killing happening in Chicago. Owen seems relieved. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Oh, how'd the body get here? STEVENSON We're assuming based on were he was killed, the killer dumped the body in the St. Joseph river and he flowed into the lake then got washed up over here. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS I see, how long are you guys going to be staying here? STEVENSON Just tonight, why? MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Do you think you'd wanna come over to my place for dinner tonight? I live just 2 houses that way. STEVENSON Sure, why not? Owen nods and starts to walk away. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Wait, I never got you're name. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Owen! Owen Nichols! He calls from back on shore. EXT. OWEN'S HOUSE - EVENING18.18. 00:14:19 Stevenson and Johnson walk up to Owen's house. They knock on the door. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  17. 17. 16 JOHNSON This is a really nice place. STEVENSON Yeah it's huge. Owen opens the door and greets them. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Come on in. INT. OWEN'S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS19.19. 00:14:37 He ushers them into the first room. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Hello Stevenson. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS (CONT'D) (talking to Johnson) We haven't met. They shake hands. JOHNSON Earl Johnson, nice to meet you. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Owen M Nichols. Come, come, dinner is ready. INT. DINING ROOM - CONTINUOUS20.20. 00:16:28 We cut to them walking into the dining room. There's food on the table. they sit down and start eating. LATER They're almost finished eating. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS So, you came up here for a murder investigation? What did you find? STEVENSON Unfortunately nothing helpful at all. It's hard to find evidence on a body that's been so mobile. The killer also has a tendency of leaving very little evidence. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS He's a serial killer? Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  18. 18. 17 STEVENSON Yes, we like to call him the Penny Killer, he's already murdered four people down in Chicago. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS That's an interesting name... The Penny Killer JOHNSON Yes it fits. All of his victims are found with a penny somewhere on their body. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Why? He's setting himself up to be caught. STEVENSON That's why we think it's some sort of symbolism. The penny means something, a motive maybe. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS A serial killer with a motive? STEVENSON We think the serial killing is actually a cover up to conceal the fact that he has a genuine target, someone he has a motive to kill. But we probably shouldn't say more. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS That's quite interesting... A long pause, some awkward stares are exchanged. Johnson clears his throat. JOHNSON So, Owen. Where do you work? Most people retire before they move out here. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Oh I am retired. A few years ago I worked as an editor at the Chicago Tribune. But I got lucky enough to win the lottery, 25 Million. So I moved out here and I'm just enjoying life and traveling. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  19. 19. 18 STEVENSON (dubiously) Wow, that's some... some amazing luck. Stevenson is suspicious. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Yes, yes it is. There is a long awkward silence. JOHNSON I think we should be going now. STEVENSON (as he stands up) Right, thank you for dinner Owen, it was nice meeting you. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS My pleasure. Good luck catching your penny killer. Stevenson and Johnson stand up and leave. A final shot of only Owen's eyes as he watches them leave... Then he blinks and we cut to dark. SLOW FADE IN INT. CRIME SCENE NO. 3 - THE NEXT DAY, MID-DAY21.21. 00:21:13 Captain Thomas, Lieutenant Markus, Stevenson and Johnson are at the crime scene. They are standing around a body covered with a sheet in the middle of the living room. CAPT.THOMAS Isabel Jordan, 32 years old, lived here alone. She was shot with a 9mm pistol in the back of the head. Again, no signs of break-in, no evidence that he was ever here, other than the penny and the body. Did you guys find anything on the body up at the lake? STEVENSON Nothing at all helpful, it seems we've hit a dead end... CAPT.THOMAS Well take a look around here, he can't possibly kill 13 people (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  20. 20. 19 without screwing something up. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) Stevenson uncovers the body and removes the victim's wallet from her pocket, opens it, closes it, and puts it aside. He investigates the bullet wound. STEVENSON She was shot from behind... But she fell back... Then again the killer could've simply flipped her over. That explains the damage to her face... She fell forward. He looks up and walks around the room she was in mapping out the area in his head. STEVENSON (CONT'D) She was probably walking to go up these stairs. CAPT.THOMAS So what does any of this mean? STEVENSON The killer was standing here, He walks over and stands so that the body's head is towards him. STEVENSON (CONT'D) He was able to sneak up behind her, probably from in the kitchen... Captain what did the coroner say? Anything unusual? CAPT.THOMAS Nothing different than any of the others. She was killed at night, same type of gun as the others. JOHNSON Any witnesses? CAPT.THOMAS Not this time. Something on the wall catches Stevenson's attention. He steps over the body and walks towards a window at the bottom of the staircase leading to the second floor. There is a picture, awkwardly placed left of the window. STEVENSON What an odd place to put a picture. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  21. 21. 20 He cocks his head and looks studiously at it for a few moments. CAPT.THOMAS (O.S.) Stevenson, you're investigating a murder, not critiquing Ms. Jordan's interior decorating skills. He takes the picture carefully off the wall to reveal a bullet hole in the wall. He looks back at the captain with a smug look of triumph on his face. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) Well shit. The other three walk over, fascinated by the detective's discovery. STEVENSON He missed. He shot from in that doorway He motions behind them to the doorway of the bathroom. STEVENSON (CONT'D) You can tell by the way the bullet entered the wall, the angle. He wanted to cover it up so he took a picture off the wall from somewhere else in the house and put it here. He thought no one would ever think of checking behind a picture. Is there a way to identify the owner of a gun based off of it's bullet? CAPT.THOMAS The forensics team can analyze the bullet. When a bullet passes through the barrel of a gun, it gets a set pattern of scratches, created by the imperfections in the barrel. So in a way, each gun has a fingerprint... a barcode it gives it's bullet when it's fired. It's that unique. But you can't identify what gun it belongs to unless you have the gun to match the print with. LT. MARKUS But using that bullet we can still narrow down the type of gun and (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  22. 22. 21 ammunition. LT. MARKUS (CONT'D) CAPT.THOMAS That's right. Thanks Detective, we'll extract that and send it down to the forensics team, see if they can't get anything out of it. STEVENSON It doesn't get us much closer to stopping our killer. CAPT.THOMAS No, but it's a step. Finish up investigating this scene. Then we'll see what this scum bag leaves behind at the next one. Stevenson walks back over to the body and picks up the wallet again. He opens it up and pulls out a check. STEVENSON Her name was Isabel Jordan right? CAPT.THOMAS Yes. Why? STEVENSON This check is made out to Sarah Jordan... He looks up to Captain Thomas. JOHNSON She probably went by her middle name. Plenty of people do that. A close up of Stevenson's eyes. First taking in what Johnson is saying, then they widen with sudden realization. STEVENSON She goes by her middle name... JOHNSON Does that mean anything? STEVENSON That man we met at the lake. Owen Nichols right? JOHNSON (confused) Yeah... Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  23. 23. 22 STEVENSON How did he introduce himself to you? Do you remember? JOHNSON No-- STEVENSON (interrupting Johnson) He said "Owen M Nichols". He could've switched his first and middle name, making his initials MN, thus fitting the pattern... There is a short pause as everyone takes in this information. CAPT.THOMAS But why does that matter? There could be a huge number of people with those initials. STEVENSON Remember Johnson? He acted very strangely when we told him we were working for the cops. He was asking a lot of questions. He also somehow acquired twenty-five million dollars. JOHNSON Right, he said it was the lottery, but that's doubtful. STEVENSON He's the genuine target. He has to be. He knew someone was after him seeking revenge. JOHNSON Where did he say he worked before he "won the lottery"? (air quotes) STEVENSON He said he was an editor at the Chicago Tribune. CAPT.THOMAS So your theory is that this man, Owen, committed some sort of crime, got away with it, and is now living large on the lake...? Seems very far fetched to me. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  24. 24. 23 STEVENSON (ignoring the captain's criticism) And whatever crime he committed must've been bad enough that it made someone, the Penny Killer, come after him and try to kill him. JOHNSON A serial killer seeking revenge... STEVENSON Exactly. We need to learn more about this Owen character. Let's see if we can't find any information at the Tribune, first thing tomorrow. INT. KYLE LAWRENCE'S HOUSE - NIGHT23.23. 00:22:41 Kyle is on his computer in the dark. He hears a noise at the front door. He freezes, looks in the direction of the front door. We can hear the door slowly creak open. Kyle stands up and slowly walks over to investigate. As he turns the corner he is immediately greeting by the killer, standing gun raised, pointing right at him. KYLE LAWRENCE (startled) Jesus! Who the fuck are you? KILLER (menacing) Oh. You don't recognize me...Kyle? KYLE LAWRENCE How do you know my name? Why are you in my house? The killer chuckles dauntingly and takes a few steps towards Kyle. KILLER Calm down, it's all part of the plan. Kyle stumbles backwards in panic. KYLE LAWRENCE I'm gonna call the police! KILLER I wouldn't do that. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  25. 25. 24 He cocks the pistol, keeping it raised. KYLE LAWRENCE What do you want from me? Instead of responding, the killer pulls of his ski mask, revealing his face for the first time. He loses his hauntingly calm disposition. KYLE LAWRENCE (CONT'D) (after a pause) Alexander? KILLER Do you know what you did to me? KYLE LAWRENCE What are you talking about? KILLER You, the jury! You said Nichols was innocent! Kyle's face is desperate and strained. KILLER (CONT'D) That man conned me and my family out of twenty five million dollars! He pauses, hoping for Kyle to say something. KILLER (CONT'D) He got away with it! We had nothing! Nothing but pennies... KYLE LAWRENCE Look, I don't know why you want to hurt me. I was only part of the jury. Shouldn't you be taking revenge on Mason? KILLER (chuckles) Oh he's next. Don't you worry. As he says this, he puts a shot square between Kyle's eyes. Kyle hits the floor with a dead thud. The killer slips his mask back on, pulls a penny out of his pocket and places it directly on Kyle's bloody forehead. INT. CHICAGO TRIBUNE LOBBY - THE NEXT DAY22.22. 00:24:55 Stevenson and Johnson walk into the lobby of the Chicago Tribune building and immediately walk up to the front desk Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  26. 26. 25 to a receptionist. RECEPTIONIST Can I help you gentlemen? STEVENSON Yes ma'am, we're working with the Chicago Police Department on a murder case. We need to ask a couple questions. RECEPTIONIST Sure. STEVENSON Did a man named Owen Nichols used to work here? RECEPTIONIST Hold on a second, I need to look through our employee history. She begins to type at her computer. RECEPTIONIST (CONT'D) Ohh.. yes Owen Nichols. I've heard stories about him from people who worked with him. STEVENSON Did any of those stories involve him maybe... Winning the lottery? RECEPTIONIST I know nothing about him winning the lottery but Owen was involved in a court case with another employee here about four years ago. He won the case and then quit. Nobody's seen him or his opponent since. JOHNSON What was the case about? RECEPTIONIST Unfortunately that's all I know. It was a rather large case and the contents are sealed to the public. STEVENSON Owen was his middle name correct? Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  27. 27. 26 RECEPTIONIST Yes, his real first name was Mason. STEVENSON Thanks for your help ma'am. They begin to walk away. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Winning the lottery... We see a man sitting at a table reading a newspaper. He looks over to the detectives, puts the newspaper down, stands up and walks over to them. GUY Hey, you guys are detectives right? STEVENSON Yes... And who are you? GUY That's not important. I couldn't help but overhear that you are investigating a serial killing case... STEVENSON Right... GUY I've only been working here for a couple years but the court case you were discussing involving Mason Nichols happened only a few months before I started working here. I don't know anything about the case but I know someone who does. Stevenson looks intently at the man, indicating for him to go on. GUY (CONT'D) He was in the jury. I knew him from a previous job. We weren't very close friends but we stayed in contact when I got hired here. Since that case I haven't heard anything from him. But if you're looking for info, he might be a good source. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  28. 28. 27 JOHNSON What's his name? GUY Kyle Lawrence. Stevenson's eyes widen. A long pause as he pieces the puzzle together in his mind. STEVENSON Thanks for your help sir. GUY No problem detective, good luck catching the bastard. INT. STEVENSON'S CAR - AFTERNOON***.***. 00:26:02 Stevenson is driving and Johnson is in the passenger seat. They are driving through inner Chicago. STEVENSON So, he had two reasons to choose that pattern. JOHNSON Two people he needed to kill, they both fit the pattern. It was such a coincidence he couldn't resist. STEVENSON So this Mason Nichols character was involved in a court case with a coworker at the Tribune. Kyle was in the jury... He pauses to think for a moment then resumes. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Mason won the court case, got away with something. This somehow motivated our killer to seek vengeance. JOHNSON So was the killer Mason's opponent in the case? STEVENSON Most likely. That or someone else seriously affected by the outcome of the case. Our next step is to find this Kyle Lawrence guy. See if he can't tell us more about this (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  29. 29. 28 case, and lead us to the identity STEVENSON (CONT'D) of our killer. We hear a phone ringing. Johnson pulls his phone out of his pocket and answers it. JOHNSON Hello? Yes. Are you serious? We'll be right there. Johnson, slowly puts down his phone, and turns to Stevenson with a shocked look on his face. STEVENSON Oh no... Don't tell me-- JOHNSON Kyle Lawrence was just found dead... With a penny on his forehead. Stevenson stares back for a couple of seconds, then blinks, and we cut to black. INT. KYLE LAWRENCE'S HOUSE - LATER***.***. 00:28:37 Stevenson and Johnson walk into the house. Captain Thomas and the coroner are standing over the body. Stevenson walks over and stands next to the captain and looks down at the body, then speaks without making any initial eye contact. STEVENSON What is this, the sixth one? CAPT.THOMAS Yeah, this guy needs to be found soon. STEVENSON We have a lead. The captain looks up from the body and looks at Stevenson. STEVENSON (CONT'D) The Penny Killer, may have been involved in a court case including a man named Mason Nichols. They were coworkers at The Chicago Tribune. CAPT.THOMAS (interjecting) Fits the pattern. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  30. 30. 29 STEVENSON Right. This man He nods towards the body on the floor in front of them. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Was a juror for that case. CAPT.THOMAS So it looks like he had two reasons to choose such a predictable method. STEVENSON Exactly. So we assume that our killer lost the case, and is seeking revenge. CAPT.THOMAS And his target is this Nichols guy. STEVENSON Nichols somehow acquired 25 million dollars, and is now retired living on lake Michigan. He claims he won the lottery. CAPT.THOMAS So what's the bottom line? Where are we in this case? STEVENSON The killer is seeking revenge on a man. A man who won a court case, and received 25 million dollars as a result. That man being Mason Nichols. Kyle here, was the only person that we know of with information about the case, but clearly we're too late. CAPT.THOMAS Well if we know where the killer is headed next then why don't we just stop him there and arrest him? STEVENSON With what proof? This is all just speculation. CAPT.THOMAS How can we prove any of this? Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  31. 31. 30 STEVENSON All of the information about the case is sealed off. We need proof that Nichols stole 25 million dollars from the killer. CAPT.THOMAS The best thing to do would be to go interrogate Nichols. See if you can get him to talk. You can't just steal 25 million dollars, this was something bigger. STEVENSON We should try to find anything here first.This man was also involved in the case. CAPT.THOMAS Right. Stevenson kneels down to investigate the body as Thomas backs away to stand with Johnson as Stevenson does is work. There is one bullet hole, square between Kyle's eyes. Blood has stained a trail down his nose. STEVENSON Look at that accuracy. He gestures towards the bullet hole. Johnson walks over to see. JOHNSON That's remarkable. STEVENSON His other kills haven't been this clean and accurate. They've all been in the head, but this went straight in. JOHNSON And look at the body's position. He's pretty much lying straight on his back. STEVENSON This man wasn't moving. That explains the accuracy. He was standing, facing the killer. They... They must've been talking. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  32. 32. 31 JOHNSON About what? STEVENSON That's the question. FADE OUT INT. OWEN'S HOUSE - THE NEXT DAY, MORNING***.***. 00:30:55 Mason is in a hurry. We don't know why all that we know is that he is packing a bag. He is rushing around his house, grabbing vital things and throwing them into a suitcase. He runs over to a drawer and flings it open, revealing a small pistol. He takes it out and is about to put it into his suitcase when he hears a car pull up in the driveway, and the sound of car door closing. He then, instead of putting it into the suitcase, just holds it and goes to hide in wait behind a corner. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS (muttering silently to himself) You're early Alexander... After a few seconds of waiting. He hears a knock on the door. This confuses him. He was expecting Alexander to break in, not politely knock on the door. But still he waits. Another knock followed shortly by-- STEVENSON Police! Open up! Mason's eyes widen and he takes a breath in. He steps out of his small hiding spot and walks over to the drawer to put his gun back into it. He hesitates, then slips the gun into the inside pocket of the coat he is wearing. Then walks calmly over to the door and opens it. This reveals Stevenson and Johnson standing in the doorway. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Hello, Mason. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS (surprised) Hey you're the officers from a couple of days ago... What do you need? STEVENSON Just to ask a few questions, that's all. May we come in? Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  33. 33. 32 MASON/OWEN NICHOLS Sure. They walk into the living room. STEVENSON (gesturing towards the couch) Please, have a seat. Mason sits down. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Were you involved in a court case involving a coworker at The Chicago Tribune? MASON/OWEN NICHOLS And why do I need to answer that? JOHNSON Because we believe that The Penny Killer was also involved in that case, we need to know if you have any information. MASON/OWEN NICHOLS I was. But I don't feel it necessary to reveal any details about it. STEVENSON Is that because you got away with stealing twenty five million dollars? The question hangs in the air for a few seconds. Then, very rapidly, Mason whips out his pistol and shoots at Stevenson. It hits his left arm, right below the elbow. Stevenson screams and stumbles backwards grasping at his arm. Johnson pulls out his pistol and fires at Mason who is now up and running for his suitcase. He grabs it, narrowly avoiding Johnson's shots and runs out of the house. Johnson reloads and sprints after Mason. JOHNSON Call someone for help! I need to chase this guy down! Stevenson, still holding his bleeding arm doesn't call anyone. He takes his opportunity to look at Mason's computer. He walks over and hesitates for a second as he Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  34. 34. 33 sees that the mouse is on the left side of the keyboard. He moves it to the right and opens Mason's email, and goes back to a couple of days before the date of the court case. He finds an email from Alexander Zimmerman labeled "Deal". We see a medium close-up shot of Stevenson's face from the perspective of the computer monitor. After a couple of seconds. STEVENSON (talking to himself) A con-man... Mason Nichols... Was a con-man. He quickly reads the rest of the email, and then prints it so he has evidence. He fold up the paper and shoves it into his pocket. He then runs into the kitchen and ties a rag around his bleeding arm. He begins to pull out his pistol, suddenly he starts to wobble and looks very dizzy, we can hear a ringing sound and the focus fades in and out. He slumps over on the counter. Then he passes out, slides off the counter and hits the floor, knocking his head hard. CUT TO:BLACK EXT. MASON'S PROPERTY - CONTINUOUS***.***. 00:31:16 A wide shot of Johnson running down the hill, gun raised. Then a medium shot from the front, pulling away as he pursues Nichols. As he continues to run, he pulls out his cell phone, but stops. JOHNSON I'm in pursuit of a runner! He just shot a detective... But... I think I've lost him... I'd better go back and help Stevenson. Send the Captain and a paramedic to help. He hangs up and puts his phone back into his pocket, then puts down his gun and runs back up the hill and into the house. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - 2 DAYS LATER***.***. 00:34:16 Stevenson wakes up slowly in a hospital bed. Johnson and the captain are standing in the room in the corner discussing something quietly. Stevenson looks over to his left arm and see a large bandage over his bullet wound. He suddenly feels a sharp pain in the side of his head. He flinches and groans, then touches the side of his head, feeling another bandage there. Hearing the groan, the captain and Johnson Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  35. 35. 34 come over and stand over him. CAPT.THOMAS Glad to see you're awake, doctor said there was a possibility of you going into a coma. STEVENSON (groggily) What happened? JOHNSON Mason shot you and then ran-- STEVENSON Yes I know, but I don't remember much after that. JOHNSON Well all I know is that after chasing Mason for a few minutes, I called in support and came back to the house for you. I found you lying on the floor of the kitchen in a pool of blood. CAPT.THOMAS So we assume you passed out from the blood loss in your arm. They got the bullet out and got it all bandaged up, you'll be fine in a few days. STEVENSON What happened to Mason? CAPT.THOMAS We have people trying to find him, but his house is so isolated, he could be anywhere. STEVENSON Well at least the killer won't find him at his house. JOHNSON Odds are the killer heard about all of this, you getting shot, Mason running. It's been all over the news. He's going to be looking for him. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  36. 36. 35 STEVENSON Wait... How long have I been out? CAPT.THOMAS It's been two days. JOHNSON Yeah you really hit your head hard... Did you look for anything suspicious went I went after Mason? STEVENSON I don't remember anything after being shot... hold on... Where are the clothes I was wearing before they put me in this damned robe? CAPT.THOMAS Nurse, fetch the man his bloody clothes. A nurse hands him a pile of blood crusted clothes. He hands them to Stevenson who takes a folded piece of paper out of the pocket of the pants.It has dried spots of blood on it. STEVENSON I found this. He hands it to Johnson and the Captain. STEVENSON (CONT'D) It's an e-mail from his computer, I looked back a couple of days before the court case. JOHNSON Stevenson, all this is is discussing some investment deal. STEVENSON Don't you understand? Stevenson stands up, perhaps a little too quickly, he wavers and leans on the wall, then stands up again. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Mason Nichols is a con artist! That's how he got all that money, that's why this man is trying to kill him. Thomas reads some more of the e-mail and thinks it over for a second. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  37. 37. 36 CAPT.THOMAS Alexander Zimmerman... We've got a suspect. JOHNSON Do you think this evidence is enough to stand up in court? STEVENSON We'll probably need more, but now that we know who he is, we can find him and get him to talk. CAPT.THOMAS It might not be so easy, this guy clearly knows what he's doing, and he's probably out there looking for Mason right now. At that moment The Captain's phone rings and he picks it up. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) Yes. He's awake yes. A pause, then his eyes widen. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) (shocked) It can't be... When? We'll be there as soon as possible... He sighs as he hangs up his phone and drops it back into his pocket. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) You think you're fit to check out another scene detective? STEVENSON He got Mason? CAPT.THOMAS No, it's just some random woman. STEVENSON But it was Alexander? CAPT.THOMAS There's a penny on her forehead. CUT TO:BLACK INT. REBECCA'S HOUSE***.***. 00:36:31 Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  38. 38. 37 They're standing over the body. JOHNSON I don't understand... why would he just give up on his pattern if he can't find Nichols... CAPT.THOMAS Yeah it doesn't make sense.... This gives me reason to believe that this wasn't his doing. Anybody could kill someone and put a penny on their forehead. STEVENSON Yes but this guy likes to play mind games. It is an issue that there is no definitive evidence that it is or isn't him. The only reason we knew the other times were because of the pattern. The woman is sprawled out on a chair, there is a bloody bullet wound in her chest. A book rests in her right hand. STEVENSON (CONT'D) She was reading. He picks up the book and opens it to the page with the bookmark. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Edgar Allen Poe... He takes the wallet out of the woman's jacket pocket. He pulls out her driver's license, his face is overcome with a look of confusion. JOHNSON What is it? STEVENSON Look, her last name is scratched out. CAPT.THOMAS I'm assuming Alexander did that... But why? STEVENSON Well obviously who she's related to is important... It doesn't have to do with his pattern because her (MORE) Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  39. 39. 38 first name doesn't fit. Rebecca. STEVENSON (CONT'D) JOHNSON Well her full name must be written somewhere in this house. CAPT.THOMAS Let's find it. They begin searching. We follow Johnson into the kitchen where he finds a pile of mail. He picks up the first letter. It is addressed to "Ms. Rebecca Nichols" JOHNSON I found it! He calls to the others. They walk in. JOHNSON (CONT'D) Rebecca Nichols. CAPT.THOMAS So she's related to Mason... She's not old enough to be his mother, probably his sister or maybe his cousin. STEVENSON My god... Now that Alexander can't kill Mason himself, he's killing his family instead. A pause as everyone takes it in. JOHNSON How desperate can a man be for revenge? STEVENSON It seems that at this point he's given up trying to be inconspicuous, he's just trying to do everything he can to hurt Mason before he gets caught. CAPT.THOMAS I think he's just done running from us and this is his way of turning himself in, letting us catch him, while still doing as much mental and emotional damage to Mason as he possibly can, now that he can't physically hurt him. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  40. 40. 39 JOHNSON We've still got to do everything we can to stop him from killing Mason's entire family. CAPT.THOMAS We should head down to the police station first thing tomorrow. We can try to look for the relative of Mason's that lives in or closest to Chicago. That'll be Zimmerman's next target. FADE OUT INT. POLICE STATION - NEXT MORNING***.***. 00:38:23 Captain Thomas, Stevenson, and Johnson are all gathered around a computer as Lieutenant Markus stares intently at the screen and types, searching for a relative of Mason's. LT. MARKUS (excited) Here! Joseph Nichols. Mason's father. He lives in the suburbs to the south! Before anyone has time to react to Markus' discovery an officer rushes over. OFFICER (to Capt. Thomas) Captain, can I have a word with you for a second? Captain Thomas, seeming irritated follows the officer into his office. About 30 seconds or so later, he comes out and walks towards them shaking his head grimly. STEVENSON What is it? CAPT.THOMAS He's dead. JOHNSON Zimmerman? CAPT.THOMAS Mason. He was found in the woods a few miles from his house. He took his own life. A short pauses as everyone lets it sink in. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  41. 41. 40 JOHNSON How can they be sure? CAPT.THOMAS They can't, but he was out in the middle of nowhere, and all the signs point to a suicide. STEVENSON Could it have been Zimmerman? CAPT.THOMAS Said he had died about 36 hours ago, almost the exact time as Rebecca Nichols. Mason's dead. I guess the Penny Killer got what he wanted, now he'll turn himself in. He has no reason to-- STEVENSON No. This isn't over, it can't be that simple... Has a cleanup team taken away his body yet? CAPT.THOMAS ...well I suppose not, they just found him. STEVENSON Tell them not to touch the body. I need to check this out. CAPT.THOMAS Detective, it was a suicide! Alexander was busy killing Rebecca when this happened. There's nothing to investigate. STEVENSON We can never be so sure now can we Captain? He gives Thomas a long look. CAPT.THOMAS (giving in reluctantly) Alright I'll tell em to leave the body for now. But I'm telling you, you're not gonna find anything. He killed himself, there was too much stress on him, being hunted down by a revenge-crazed serial killer and all. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  42. 42. 41 Stevenson doesn't respond as he is already halfway out the door. Johnson looks at the exasperated face of Thomas and shrugs. He too then swiftly walks out the door, following Stevenson. CAPT.THOMAS (CONT'D) That boy just can't let a closed case be can he... INT. CAR - MOMENTS LATER***.***. 00:38:54 Stevenson leaps into his car and starts the engine. His eyes are focused and intent. Johnson barely has time to throw himself into the passenger seat before Stevenson starts to speed away from the Police Station. JOHNSON What is this, Stevenson? The man killed himself. There's nothing else to investigate. STEVENSON I have a feeling... The crime scene at Rebecca Nichols' house... It didn't seem familiar enough to me. Something seemed... off. JOHNSON What are you saying? STEVENSON Just wait, I need to see Mason's body before I can come to any definite conclusions... but I have a theory. FADE TO BLACK. EXT. FOREST - LATER***.***. 00:42:05 FADE IN We fade in on a forest clearing. In the center, Mason Nichols' body is sprawled out, chest up. We see several members of the search team standing a couple yards from the body. We then see a close up of the body from above. There's a clean bullet hole right between his eyes. A 9mm pistol is resting in his right hand with his cold dead fingers loosely wrapped around it. Stevenson and Johnson enter the clearest from the right. One of the search party members walks up and addresses them. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  43. 43. 42 SEARCH PARTY MEMBER 1 Are you two the detectives that wanted to come look at the body? Stevenson give a quick nod. STEVENSON Yes. SEARCH PARTY MEMBER 1 I'm telling you you're wasting your time, this case is closed, he clearly killed himself. STEVENSON Yeah? I wanna see for myself then. He brushes past the search party member and rushes over to the body. He kneels down over it. Johnson walks over much less quickly and stands over Stevenson's shoulder. Stevenson looks at he body for several seconds. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Johnson, look at this, Johnson kneels down. STEVENSON (CONT'D) Does this look odd to you at all. JOHNSON Not really... STEVENSON Look at where the bullet wound is. He points to the bullet wound. JOHNSON It's-- STEVENSON (interrupting) Who shoots themselves in the forehead? Of all the suicides I've investigated, I've never seen someone shoot himself directly in the forehead. JOHNSON I don't think that's enough to prove this isn't a suicide. Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  44. 44. 43 STEVENSON (pauses, irritated) Ok, then fine look at this. He then directs Johnson's attention to the gun in the body's hand. STEVENSON (CONT'D) If he had shot himself directly in the forehead, would the barrel of this gun be that clean? JOHNSON (pauses) Well I suppose-- STEVENSON (again interrupting) There would have to be some blood, some brain matter on it. Johnson doesn't respond, he is still skeptical. STEVENSON (CONT'D) The gun is in his right hand. Mason Nichols was left handed. His computer mouse was on the left side of his keyboard when I was looking through his email. Still no response from Johnson. STEVENSON (CONT'D) (getting angered) Johnson, if someone shoots himself in the head, would the gun remain in his hand? Another long pause. Stevenson then begins to lift up the body's shirt. JOHNSON (alarmed) What are you-- STEVENSON Hold on. He lifts up the shirt completely to reveal the body's chest, and a penny sitting in the dead center of his it. Johnson turns, astonished, to look at Stevenson, who looks back at him with a look of success and "I told you so." Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  45. 45. 44 JOHNSON How did you know? STEVENSON The killer, Alexander may have made an intentional pattern, but he also created an unintentional one. Every victim he killed, he shot right between the eyes or directly in the back of the head. He goes for the brain. He leaves room for Johnson to figure it out himself. It takes a moment. JOHNSON Rebecca Nichols was shot in the chest... It was someone else... STEVENSON Alexander must've gotten to Mason's house just after us and seen him run into the woods. He hired someone to kill Rebecca Nichols and put a penny on her forehead as a distraction, so he could track down and kill Mason Nichols, making it look like a suicide. JOHNSON We still haven't found Alexander though. STEVENSON He got what he wanted. He devoted his entire life to killing this man, and he was successful. He has nothing to live for anymore. JOHNSON You, you think he killed himself? STEVENSON Somewhere close. He stands up. STEVENSON (CONT'D) (to everyone in the clearing, yelling) Alright everyone listen up! This man was murdered and we need you to find the murderer! Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios
  46. 46. 45 The search party, looking confused split off to look for him. INT. CENTRAL POLICE STATION - LATER***.***. 00:42:37 FADE IN Stevenson, Johnson, and Captain Thomas are sitting around an evidence table. CAPT.THOMAS How long did they search? STEVENSON Almost eight hours... They never found him, dead or alive. CAPT.THOMAS Do you suspect we ever will? STEVENSON I very highly doubt it. He's been one step ahead the entire time, and it seems as if he always will be, but he completed his task, got his long sought after revenge. We should keep looking but I don't think we'll be hearing much from The Penny Killer anymore. CUT TO:BLACK END Credits Copyright 2013 Penumbra Studios