Australian Digital Transformation Lab


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Australian Digital Transformation Lab

  1. 1. Australian Digital Transformation Lab A Capgemini Australia and University of Sydney Business School joint venture Background The digital world is creating a raft of innovations that are pushing the boundaries of mobile, social and other emerging platforms. This is displacing established companies, disrupting business models, and forcing companies to react. As a market Australia has a unique set of conditions when it comes to digital; a geographically dispersed, but highly digital-savvy population, a lower level of investment in digital in some sectors than peers overseas, but a higher level of competition, both domestic and particularly international, for customers through digital. With this in mind, how should Australian companies respond? Digital is displacing established companies, disrupting business models, and forcing companies to react. Research Domains The Australian Digital Transformation Lab is setting new standards for Australian businesses by delivering re-usable tools and frameworks to integrate different digital domains. Combining rigorous analysis and domain specific insights this will provide Capgemini’s clients with robust frameworks to deliver value from their digital transformation programs. The Lab is a joint venture between The University of Sydney Business School and Capgemini Australia. It combines the established academic research skills and knowledge of the Business School’s Discipline of Business Information Systems with Capgemini’s expertise and leadership in business transformation and organisational change. The Lab will engage in a range of research activities and produce studies in the following two key areas: Business Models Work & Organisations Digital technologies are disrupting established business models, but at the same time open new opportunities for digital innovation and new business ideas. The Lab will investigate issues related to the digital transformation of Australian businesses and industries. Digital technologies enable new forms of work, workplace communication and work organisation. The Lab will focus on the impact of new technologies and the successful management of digital transformation using platforms such as Enterprise Social Networks. Find Out More Ben Gilchriest is the venture lead for Kai Riemer is Associate Professor and twitter: bengilchriest twitter: karisyd Capgemini Australia’s Digital Transformation practice. Ben has run consulting businesses and supported large multi-nationals and government departments in their digital strategy and transformation both in Europe and AsiaPacific. Prior to joining Capgemini he ran a research lab at the University of Bath and holds a Ph.d. in Neuroscience. Chair of Business Information Systems at the University of Sydney Business School. Kai’s research is focused on Enterprise Social Networking, e-Collaboration, inter-firm networking, virtual work, and E-Commerce. He has developed methods for team communication, enterprise social network adoption and collaborative business practices.