What the F8 Facebook Changes Mean for Marketers

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  • The only brand page change thus far is the removing of the insight stats on the wall, per post.
  • Creating memories. V. Bookmarking your web behavior


  • 1. Facebook Updates From f8
    What is changing and what it means for marketers.
  • 2. There were lots of changes.But it’s promising. Really promising.
  • 3. 3
    Current changes are mostly user-facing.Brand page changes have yet to be revealed but will be “consistent” with Timeline’s look and feel.
    Our creative technologists spoke with Facebook. Brand page updates are so far out on the roadmap that it’s safe to assume they won’t happen in 2011. Source: David Fischer, VP of Global Marketing Solutions @ Facebook
  • 4. Timeline: A new profile page
    Compiles all your activity into a visual scrapbook and life story.
    • Designed to give users all their stories and apps in one place.
    • 5. Will be rolling out to all users over the next several weeks.
  • Gestures: Now you can do more than “Like”
    You can [verb] any [noun], thus creating more expressive interactions.
    • Further defines and reflects user identities and behaviors.
    • 6. Provides a way for brands to subtly share content into user feeds.
    • 7. “Like” activity will still exist, but will be less prominent with its migration into the Ticker. (Slide 10)
  • 6
    Does that mean competitors can create negative actions against my brand?
    No, all actions must be submitted for approval by Facebook.
  • 8. Apps: One click automates all activity sharing
    Facebook apps no longer need to ask for permission every time they share information.
  • 9. 8
    Apps: One click automates all activity sharing
    Facebook apps no longer need to ask for permission every time they share information.
    An example of how Windows Phone might interact with the new Timeline.
    • This would typically occur on the mobile device. Now it can also occur through a Facebook app tab.
  • 9
    Won’t that just clutter my newsfeed?Thankfully, no. The Ticker solves that.
  • 10. Ticker: A lightweight, real-time activity feed
    Users can now see Top Stories and Most Recent all on one page.
    No “Most Recent” tab
    Real-time activity stream
    • Contains all “lightweight” information.
    • 11. When you hover over an activity, you can see the full story and join the conversation as it happens.
    • 12. The Ticker self-updates to show a complete picture of what friends are doing right now.
    • 13. Already rolled out.
  • Partnerships: Integrating over a dozen providers
    Music, news and video partners will make Facebook an entertainment hub.
  • 14. 12
    User page impact on brand pages
    Micro-blogging element: Posts can now be up to 5,000 characters (previously 500). Photos are now larger in size.
    • Implication: Potential for more robust engagement content.
    Subscribe button: Users can follow any public content and filter the amount of information received from existing friends.
    • Implication: Offers a way for users to get closer to certain individuals.
    • 15. Implication: Increased need to manage public-facing information.
    View shares: Links now allow brands to view and track shares of a post.
    • Implication: Easier to identify influencers.
    Open interaction: Users no longer have to “Like”a brand page to post a comment on its wall.
    • Implication: Potential increase in number of conversations happening on the page.
    • 16. Implication: Potential increase in unrelated comments, spam and troll activity.
    Post stats: Impression data per post has been removed from the wall and added to Page Insights.
    • Implication: The data per post can now be exported, giving brands the ability to better gauge and optimize content.
  • What does this mean?
    The next Facebook has arrived. The era of storytelling.
    Implication: Marketers can now be content providers and publishers.
    Timeline makes Facebook meaningful and emotionally powerful.
    Implication: Marketers will need to truly focus on providing engaging, personally-relevant content that integrates into their customers’ lives.
    The question to ask: How can a brand create a significant story/event in their customers’ life?
    Activity outside of Facebook can be automatically streamed into Facebook.
    Implication: There will be a surge in contextual targeting. Marketers can serve ads against what people are reading, watching and listening to.
    Changes are all user-focused.
    Implication: Users will have full control over what content they want and do not want to see. Relevance will reign.
  • 17. What about Google+?
    Facebook: Capitalizes on never forgetting.
    Google+: Capitalizes on never having to remember.
  • 18. 15
    Facebook is now in the storytelling business.Success lies in providing content that connects with 800MM Facebook users at an emotional, personally relevant level.
  • 19. Thank you
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