Music tribes


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Music tribes

  1. 1. To understand how to effectively portray genres in my musicvideo and to understand an in depth analysis I need to knowabout different music tribes and the genres linked with them.
  2. 2. Hip-hopHip hop began in New York City, in the 1970s among African-Americanpeople and Jamaicans. In Hip-hop the main parts are;rapping, DJing, and beat boxing. These days artists tend to rap (RhythmAnd Poetry);Rapping, also called to as Mcing or emceeing, is a vocal the in whichthe artist speaks lyrically, in rhyme and verse, usually to an instrumentalbeat. Rappers may write, memorize, or improvise their lyrics andperform their works acapella (just voice) or to a beat. At first DJs were inthe spotlight and were the core of Hip-Hop, however now MCs are themain people involved in the Hip-Hop genre. Graffiti and break dancingare also linked with Hip-hop Hip-Hop Listeners listen to artists suchHip-Hop Lovers tend to wear things that their favourite artists wear. as:They wear things such as Hoodies and Vintage style t-shirts. They tend • The Gameto wear famous brands for their shoes such as Adidas and Nike. The • Trip Leemain accessories for Hip-Hop lovers include gold, silver and diamond • Eminemchains. • LecraeExample of a Hip-Hop Song:(Lecrae- Don’t Waste You Life )
  3. 3. EmoEmo music is a style of rock music, and a sub genre of punk, that is veryexpressive and which often contains confessional lyrics. It started in the1980’s in the hardcore punk movement of Washington. Emo music is alsoknown as Emotional Hardcore or Emocore. By the mid 90’s, a number of Emobands emerged and a few independent record labels started to specialise inthe style.Emo music and bands broke into mainstream music in 2000 with the successof bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional. In addition Emo listeners listento music, "Emo" is often used more generally to indicate a relationship to artists such as:between fans and artists, and to describe related aspects of • A Day tofashion, culture, and behaviour. Also the term “Emo” is used to describe Remembersome who is emotional. • ParamoreThe stereotyped image of Emo lovers is usually: long dark dyed hair with a • My Chemicalfringe, skinny jeans and dark clothes with a few bright clothes, Converse or RomanceVan shoes with different coloured laces and piercings or black wristbands. • 30 seconds toEmo listeners tend to be known as being very emotional and are also known marsself-harmingAn example of an Emo song is: (My Chemical Romance- Welcome to theBlack Parade
  4. 4. RockRock music started around the mid 1950’s and became one of the dominantpopular music styles. Rock music contains a wide variety of instruments but itmainly relies on one or more vocalists, guitars (usually electric) which are heavilyamplified and drums. Other instruments include: Bass guitar, Keyboardinstruments like piano and Hammond organ and also synthesizes which appearedaround the late 1960’s.In the 1960’s bands like The Beetles and Rolling Stones were big successesinternationally. Lots of other sub-genres originated from Rock music includingGoth, Emo, Indie, and the main one, Rock and Roll. Rock music involves a lot of Rock Listenersattitude and very loud music with lots of electric guitar riffs and solos. Rock music tend to listenhas been important in the music industry as so many sub-genres and bands to bands suchoriginated. A main Rock band normally contains an electric guitarist, a lead as:singer, a bass guitarist and a drummer. Quite a few others add extra musicians andsingers like from example two rhythm guitarists and 3 singers. • Bon Jovi • Linkin Park • MetallicaThe stereotyped image of rockers are: band t-shirts, tight trousers, denim jackets • Guns Nor dark leather jackets, range of hair cuts, boots or shoes such as converse and Rosesaccessories such as black eyeliner and studded wristbands and belts. They alsosometimes have stretchers ear studs.An example of a Rock song is: (Bon Jovi- Living on a Prayer)
  5. 5. R’n’BR’n’B, otherwise known as Rhythm and Blues, started in Americaaround 1940. It is a genre of popular African American music. Recordcompanies used R’n’B as a term to describe music predominantlymarketed to urban African Americans. In the 1950’s it became usedto refer to music styles that same from blues as well as gospel andsoul music.The success rate of Rnb has increased a lot during recent years. Thisis due to its strong vocals and background beats; also it conveys astyle of passion and record production style which sets it apart. R’n’B listeners tenArtists like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Akon, and Mariah Carey have used to listen to artistsR’n’b largely in their music and their songs are largely based on the such as:RnB style to captivate audience; thus proving how successful R’n’b • Beyoncémusic is due to their status as music stars today. • Rihanna • UsherThe Stereotyped image of R’n’B listeners is: sophisticated clothes or • Mariah Careyclothes that their favourite artists wear, range of clean cuthairstyles, women high heeled shoes and men smart black shoes and• Akonother things such as jewellery and hats.An Example of a R’n’B song is: (Taio Cruz- Dynamite)
  6. 6. Heavy MetalHeavy Metal, also known as just metal, is a genre of music thatoriginated in the early 70’s mainly in the U.S and the U.K. The rootsof Heavy Metal are in Psychedelic and Blues-Rock. Heavy Metal ischaracterized by; thick, massive sound; highly amplified distortion;overall loudness; extended guitar solo’s and emphatic beats. HeavyMetal performance styles and lyrics are associated with machismoand masculinity.Heavy Metal had attracted a worldwide audience by the late 1980’s Heavy Metaland sub genres had developed including death metal and blackmetal. Bands such as Metallica and Megadeth were involved in Listeners tend tothese sub genres. listen to bands such as: • Deep PurpleThe Stereotyped image of heavy metal listeners is: dark jeans andclothing including black leather jackets and t-shirts of heavy metal • Led Zeppelinbands, long dyed hair, black boots, heavy make-up, accessories • Blacksuch as skulls and metal studs. Heavy metal listeners are also known Sabbathfor their physical gestures such as head banging. • Iron Maiden • MetallicaAn example of a Heavy Metal song is: (Led Zepplein- Stairway to heaven)
  7. 7. GrimeGrime is a genre of music that emerged in East London in the early2000’s, it has since gone international thanks to artists such as Wileyand Dizzee Rascal. It is considered to underground music due to theway the music is shown on pirate radio stations and the way mostartists produce music on independently-produced DVD’s. AlthoughGrime is big in the UK. It is thought that some internationalmainstream record labels do not understand the value of Grime music.Grime has roots in other music styles such as Hip-hop, UK Garage andDancehall. Grime listeners like artists such as:The fashion of grime listeners includes: baggy jeans, bright • Skeptahoodies/jumpers, range of haircuts, bright trainers and usually adidas • Tinchy Stryderor other brand names, accessories includes baseball caps and jewellery • JME • Dizzee RascalAn example of a Grime song is: (JME- Serious)
  8. 8. PopPop music can from the term popular started around 1950 inthe United States and the United Kingdom. Pop music isunderstood to be commercially recorded music mainly targetingthe youth market, usually consisting of quite short love songsusing technological modern things to produce a variety onexisting themes. Pop music is also thought to be eclectic andhas roots in genres including classical and jazz and is thought tobe a softer form of rock. For producers the aim of Pop music ismeant to be appealing to a general audience, rather than to aparticular sub-culture or ideology Pop listeners like artists such as:The stereotyped image of pop listeners is: a range of bright • Katy Perrycoloured clothing and bright pinks, long and wavy blonde or • Britney Spearsbrunette hair, variety of shoes and high heels, accessories • Keshainclude a lot of bright jewellery and wristbands and belts. • Hannah MontanaAn example of a pop song is: (Britney Spears- Baby one moretime