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Ch17 marketing concept

Ch17 marketing concept






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  • Bench uses many forms of marketing communication to inform, persuade and remind customers about the products and brand they sell such as billboards, tv ad etc.
  • The marketing communications mix consists of eight major modes of communication:Advertising – non personal promotion of products and servicesSales Promotion - short term incentives like samples, couponsEvents and experiences – company sponsored activities and programsPR and publicity – promote or protect company’s imageDirect marketing – direct communication with prospects such as mail, telephone, email, and faxInteractive marketing – online activities or programs that engage customers to the productWord of mouth – people to people or written communication Personal selling –face to face interaction
  • If the sender has encoded accurately, and the receiver has decoded accurately, then clear communication is said to have taken place.Other factors that can be considered include the channel of communication – face to face, telephone, email etc, and also environmental factors which are considered as noise, and can detract from the clarity of transmission of the message. In this way of thinking about communication, the meaning of it is understood to be held in the message, and is to be decoded by the receiver.Two represent the major parties— sender and receiver. Two represent the major tools—message and media. Four represent major communication functions—encoding, decoding, response, and feedback. The last element in the system is noise, random and competing messages that may interfere with the intended communication.

Ch17 marketing concept Ch17 marketing concept Presentation Transcript

  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Benehlyn Tiu September 30, 2013
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com 1. Role of Marketing Communications 2. 8 modes of Marketing Communication 3. Elements in the communication process 4. Designing the communication 5. Selecting the communication channel 6. Integrated Marketing Communication Program to build Brand Equity Outline: Key Concepts
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com To inform, persuade, and remind Consumers —directly or indirectly— about theproducts and brands they sell. Concept 1: Role of Marketing Communications
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Example of Concept 1 Marketing Communications
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Concept 2: 8 modes of Marketing Communication
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Modes of Marketing Communication Example Advertising TVcommercial, newspaper and magazine, billboards and posters. Sales Promotion Instore sales, gel, perfume and make up trials. Events and experiences Bench Universe and Bench Body Fashion Shows PR and publicity Bench sponsored official rugby uniforms of the Philippine Rugby Volcanoes for Hong Kong Sevens tournaments Example of Concept 2
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Modes of Marketing Communication Example Direct Marketing Use of mailing list to directly send the customers about upcoming sale events Interactive Marketing Buyers can do electronic shopping thru their online store http://www.benchtm.com/store/ Personal Selling Bench uses sales people to communicate directly to their prospective customers Word of Mouth Bench uses tools such as facebookbenchtmofficial and twitter #benchtm Example of Concept 2
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Concept 3: Elements in the Communication Process
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Example of Concept 3 Channel
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Concept 4: Designing the Communication Strategy Definition Message Strategy What to say? Appeals,themes, or ideas that will tie in to the brand positioning Creative Strategy How to say it? An informational appeal elaborates on product or service attributes or benefits. A transformational appeal elaborates on a nonproduct-related benefit or image. Message Source Who should say it? What is important is the spokesperson’s credibility.
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Example of Concept 4 Strategy Example Message Strategy What to say? “Bench is Forever” Creative Strategy How to say it? Bench uses transformational appeal to create an image. They make use of entertainers to encourage people to buy. Message Source Who should say it? Among the top endorsers of Bench are Richard Gomez, Richard Gutierrez, Lucy Torres etc
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Bench use of celebrity endorsers: Example of Concept 4
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Example of Concept 4
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Concept 5: Selecting the communication channel Communication Chanel Definition Personal Channel Two or more persons communicate face-to- face or person-to-audience through a phone, mail, or e-mail. NonPersonal Channel Communications directed to more than one person and include advertising, sales promotions, events and experiences, and public relations. Integration of Channels Mass communication/Mass media that might be the major means of stimulating personal communication
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Example of Concept 5 Communication Chanel Example Personal Channel Sales ladies and Promo girls at Bench NonPersonal Channel Bench has different billboards,Events and Experiences: Bench Universe and Bench Body Fashion Shows Integration of Channels TV advertisements and magazines
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com a planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time. Concept 6: Integrated Marketing Communication to build Brand Equity
  • www.benehlyn.wordpress.com Example of Concept 6