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Marcos Bendrao - curriculum

  1. 1. CONTACTS Rua Brito Camacho nº. 163 R/C Dto - 2765-457 S. João Estoril, Portugal Phone: (+351) 913 002 484 CURRENT TITLE: Brand Strategy and Creative Supervision at GCI, a communication group based in Portugal and Edelman affiliate I’M LOOKING FOR: A new challenge in Branding in a strategy-driven role. One where I can evolve in my professional passion - the crossroads where creative thinking and strategy join forces to create better brands, deeper experiences and ultimately transform and create new markets. PROFILE: Passionate about brands and their increasingly important role in society, I have over 10 years of experience in branding, having held both creative and strategic roles. This intersection of creative flair and business know-how allows me to add value in an environment where we have to challenge the status quo and experiment with new things in order to create meaningful brand experiences. With a hard working and determined personality, constantly driven by the desire to improve, I work to help clients uncover their organization’s“core idea”and frame it in a way it can serve as their source of inspiration and a driving force for innovation, growth and a leadership role both in the market and in society. TRIVIAL Date of Birth: 22.01.1978 Home: Lisbon, Portugal Nationality: Portuguese E.U. CITIZENSHIP (no VISA restrictions) MARCOS BENDRAO Phone: (+351) 913 002 484 DIGITAL skype: david.bendrao 3 (MORE PERSONAL) THINGS ABOUT ME: Multiculturality is a part of who I am. Lived in USA, born and raised in Portugal from african parents I come from a very diverse background with close relatives in Angola, South Africa, Namibia, USA, Switzerland and Cambodja... The world is a playground! When I’m not immersed in work I’m usually flying around the world. Being in contact with different cultures, tasting new flavours and seeing different colors helps me stay creative. This summer I’ll be getting married in Vegas!!! Curiosity about people and what moves them, combined with the desire to know more has always kept me on top of the latest trends and shaped my professional path and academic background. I’m always up for a new challenge. RESTLESS TRAVELLER ALWAYS CURIOUSMULTI-CULTURAL
  2. 2. CREATIVE ADVISOR - FREELANCE BRAND STRATEGY AND DESIGN Cooperation as external consultant with several companies in the development of strategies and identities for them and/or for their clients. Creative Consultant at Fresh Acessories, a new venture from Acrilmolde Group. 2012: Winner of the“Marketeer - EDP Challenge”, for the creation of a concept for a music festival and the communication strategy to activate EDP’s association to music events. 2012: FRESH : Business Model, Brand Strategy and Design. 2008: AUCHAN : CSR Report 2008 > APCE Excellence in Communication Award. 2008 - PRES. Key Achievements GROUP GCI (Edelman Affiliate) BRAND STRATEGY AND CREATIVE SUPERVISION GCI is a public engagement agency, specializing in creating strong bonds between brands and stakeholders. > Help set up the GCI Engage unit, dedicated to branding and brand activation projects. > Creative and Strategic direction of GCI Engage team and mentorship of junior colleagues. > Development and coordination of branding, activation projects and communication plans. > Development of tools and approaches to help clients solve their marketing and communication challenges. > Keynote speaker and workshop lecturer on brand related topics. LUSO AWARDS > NCC (Noble House of Citizenship) - Internal Communication > Bronze Award, 2014 LUSO AWARDS > Arvatar - Institutional Communication > Bronze Award, 2014 SABRE AWARDS > NCC (Noble House of Citizenship) > Finalist, 2014 Continente | Sonae Sierra | BP | McDonalds | Nobre (NCC) | Novartis | Merck | Servier | AIFF | Sonangol (...) FEB. 2013 - PRES. Responsibilities Key Achievements Clients ETHICAL - CSR PROJECTS BRAND AND INNOVATION STRATEGY | Ethical was born from the desire to combine our expertise in marketing, entrepreneurship and creativity to deliver corporate growth and social impact through innovation. > Creation and development of Social Innovation, CSR and Communication projects. > Support the company in the opening of Ethical Brazil (now Press Play) in Sao Paulo. Continente | Jumbo | Auchan | Amorim | Soares da Costa | Teixeira Duarte | Nestlé | Novartis | Marcelo Rosembaum | Kemin | LG Brazil JAN. 2011 - JAN. 2013 Responsibilities Clients M-CELL MARKETING STRATEGIC BRAND CONSULTANT M-Cell is an iberian marketing consultancy focused on the sports market. > Market analysis and development of brand activation strategies; > Supervision of the company’s creative department; > Development of branding projects for several international markets (Portugal, Spain and portuguese speaking african countries) from strategy to visual developments and client presentations. Att Williams F1 | MediaLuso | MSM - MediaPro | CF Belenenses | Biotherm | Fidelidade Mundial BBVA | Comité Olímp. de Portugal | Fed. Andebol | Fed. Cabo-Verdiana de Futebol | Bet-at-Home FEB. 2007 - JAN 2011 Responsibilities Clients PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
  3. 3. EURO RSCG DESIGN now (HAVAS DESIGN +) SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER | Euro RSCG is Portugal’s largest communication agency and is the undisputed market leader in Portugal in the last decade. Euro RSCG D&A is part of the Havas Design+ international network, specializing in branding, identity and brand environments. > Development of corporate identity projects from: strategy, identity design, packaging, graphic systems and brand visuals. > Creation of Brand environments and spaces in collaboration with architecture team. Project: TMN Re-brand in 2006 > Portugal’s largest telecom at the time (called MEO after 2013). Integrated a multi-disciplinary team of strategists, designers, architects and art directors, responsible for the complete re-brand of TMN, giving the company a more friendly and human approach. Developed the brand typography, the visual concepts for the stores, the brand guidelines, collateral material and environmental graphics. PRISMA AWARD > Euro RSCG Design e Arquitetura > Agency of the Year - 2003, 2004, 2005 PRISMA GOLD AWARD > Rebrand TMN - 2005 PRISMA GOLD AWARD > Branding Program and Identity UEFA Euro 2004 - 2004 PRISMA BRONZE AWARD > CM Lisboa - Ambelis : Stand Ambelis - 2005 UEFA | UEFA Euro 2004 | TMN | BES | BEST | Grupo PT | EDP | CM Lisboa-Ambelis | Continente Santa Casa | S.L.Benfica | CTT | Lactogal | Air Luxor | Sonangol | Chevron-Texaco COMPANHIA DO TEXTO GRAPHIC DESIGNER JAN. 2003 - FEB. 2007 IADE - POST GRADUATE DEGREE COMMUNICATION and IMAGE SEP. 2001 - JUN. 2002 IADE - DEGREE VISUAL DESIGN SEP. 1996 - JUN. 2000 AUG. 2000 - DEC. 2002 Responsibilities Clients Key Achievements ISEG - POST GRADUATE DEGREE FORESIGHT, STRATEGY and INNOVATION Scenario Planning; Strategy; Innovation; Business Model Innovation; Entrepreneurship; Leadership FINAL GRADE: 17 Val. (1-to-20 scale) - FINISHING AMONG TOP IN CLASS This Post-Graduate degree, is based upon an holistic vision of the integration of Foresight, Strategy, Leadership and Innovation with the organizational factors to drive entrepreneurial success. SEP. 2010 - JUN. 2011 Key Topics ISCTE - EXECUTIVE MASTER SPORTS MARKETING Sports Marketing; Communication; Consumer behaviour; Sports & Sponsorship Management SEP. 2010 - JUN. 2011 Key Topics UNIVERSIDADE EUROPEIA - MASTER DEGREE MARKETING MANAGEMENT Marketing; Brand Management; Digital Mkt; PR; Advertising; Marketing Mix and International Mkt FINAL GRADE: 18 Val. (1-to-20 scale) MARKETING MANAGEMENT STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD - Universidade Europeia, 2013 MASTER DISSERTATION: Explores the positive impact that the use of foresight tools can have in branding and proposes a roadmap to integrate scenario planning e brand strategy. NOV. 2012 - JUN. 2014 Key Topics Example EDUCATION
  4. 4. ENTREPRENEURSHIP WORKSHOP > LEAN STARTUP MACHINE @ LISBON FINISHED IN 2ND PLACE - WORKSHOP IN BRANDING >THE SECRET POWER OF BRANDS @ UEA (online) CREATIVITY WORKSHOP @ EDIT WORKSHOP IN CREATIVE WRITING @ Companhia do Eu WORKSHOP COMMUNICATING WITH SOCIAL NETWORKS @ Restart WORKSHOP IN BRANDING >BRAND BOOSTING @ Restart PROFICIENCY “A” Diploma - ENGLISH CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL - 2014 2013 2011 2010 1994 EXECUTIVE EDUCATION LANGUAGE COMPETENCIES and COMPUTER SKILLS NATIVE LANGUAGE GENERALIST DESIGN APPLICATIONS DATA ANALYSIS LUÍS LOURENÇO CEO, WEBTAGS CONSULTANT, COFINA MEDIA VASCO MATOS Stakeholder Intelligence Manager, PFIZER SÉRGIO MASSANO Director Global Venture Development ROCKET INTERNET PORTUGUESE COMPUTER SKILLS Mac OS, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Keynote, Acrobat Writer, Social Media Apps Adobe CS Design Pack - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, iMovie Basic knowledge: SPSS and Atlas TI OTHER LANGUAGES SELF-ASSESSMENT (1) ENGLISH (2) SPANISH (3) UNDERSTANDING Listening C2 Proficient (1) European Levels - Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level; (2) Lived a year in USA, attending 9th grade in John F. Deering jr. High School in Rhode Island; Proficiency A diploma in english, from Cambridge School; (3) Experience in a bilingual work environment. C1 Proficient C2 Proficient C1 Proficient C2 Proficient B2 Independent User C2 Proficient B2 Independent User C2 Proficient A2 Basic User Reading Spoken Interaction Spoken Production SPEAKING WRITING RECOMENDATIONS M-CELL “With an extraordinary creative mind and an objective-oriented soul, Marcos is able to put together the wildest and creative projects you can imagine. The idea, concept and brand all become together in an unique identity. Definite- ly one of the best to have around when building your brand.” ISEG “I have had the opportunity and the great pleasure to work with Marcos and this experience has shown me he is a strategic, bright and dedicated professional. Being driven and hard working, Marcos is a true team player and a wonderful colleague. His insights capabilities make him a highly effective manager with a strong focus on delivery and real creativity in his thinking. Thus, I strongly recommend him.” “I worked very closely with Marcos during our studies. He’s one of the most creative people I’ve met, still maintain- ing a high degree of organization. His commitment to all our projects and the effort put into making them visually perfect was a true learning experience. Ever since, before starting a presentation, one of my starting points is always “How would Marcos do this?”” Thank You! JULY 2014