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Trina Solar Environmental Sustainablity Report

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Ehs Report En 2011

  2. 2. ContentsChapter 1 Overview1.1 Letter from the CEO 011.2 Company profile 031.3 Our sustainable development principles and methods 051.4 Economic performance 071.5 Summary of important data from 2010 08Chapter 2 Environmental Protectionand Management2.1 Green products 112.2 Effective energy utilization 132.3 Protection and use of water resources 152.4 Waste management 172.5 Other environmental activities 18Chapter 3 Employees3.1 Employee rights 19 3.2 Safety in the work environment 213.3 Employee health 253.4 Training and development 273.5 Work-life balance 30Chapter 4 Community4.1 Helping the needy 344.2 Disaster relief efforts 364.3 Volunteer activities 37
  3. 3. 1.1 A letter from the CEODear Stakeholders,Welcome to Trina Solars first Sustainable Development Report – Ourcommitment to sustainable growth.Wherever the sun shines on our planet, our mission is to provide peoplewith abundant, clean and reliable energy at an affordable cost. Sincethe company’s establishment in 1997, Trina Solar has established a setof core values to achieve our mission. Since then we’ve created valuethrough innovation, quality, accountability, teamwork, and creativity,which comprise the core of our business model. With this, we worktogether with different stakeholders such as our customers, vendors,partners, shareholders, employees, and the global community.As economic conditions have changed over the last decade, weremain committed to the principles of sustainable development - acommitment that has become an inseparable part of our businessphilosophy. We continue to develop our business with the ultimate goalof creating a favorable environment based on bedrock foundation of Jifan Gao , Chairman and CEO of Trina Solarstrong values shared by everyone. As a socially and ethically responsiblecorporate citizen, our products are designed to benefit people andimprove their quality of life. As such, we have conducted a series ofactivities to improve the quality of life for our employees by helping theirfamilies and the community. These pledges form a major part of thefoundation for our long-term success and continuing innovation.The following are some of our important milestones and events that • 2010:have occurred over the course of our growth to showcase the fulfillment - Successfully received OHSAS18001 – occupational health and safetyof our corporate social responsibilities goals: management system certification - Established the Trina Solar business ethics committee and intellectual• 2000: Trina Solar successfully developed Chinas first integrated photovoltaic property protection office building, which was listed as a green Olympic model in Beijing - Provided solar modules on the Belgium-European Union Pavilion at the• 2003: Trina Solar installed 39 solar stations in Tibet 2010 World Expo• 2004: Trina Solar participated in the writing of Chinas first renewable - Announced the sponsorship of the Lotus Renault GP team to enhance energy law Trina Solars brand recognition and promotion of sustainable development• 2005: Trina Solar moved its factory to its current PV Park with the ambition technology applications of significantly expanding its plant capacity in the following years• 2006: Trina Solar completed initial public listing on the New York Stock Exchange• 2007: Trina Solar was ranked fastest growing company in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2007• 2008: Successfully received ISO14001 environmental management Overview system certification• 2009: Launched the "Center for Excellence" to provide product reliability and quality assurance solutions01
  4. 4. CHAPTER 1
  5. 5. Our achievements over the past decade have established a solid emissions, with ultimate objective to usher the world into a new age offoundation for our rapid growth. Sustainable development and renewable energy. We believe our hard work will enable even moreenvironmental protection are core to guiding our principles within people to understand solar power, support solar power, and use solarthe company. Our success milestones serve as proof that every one power on a wide-scale basis.of our employees is committed to the sustainable development andprotection of the environment. Our employees are not only dedicated We are a young company, and understand that there are many ways—to the company, but also to the sustainability of the business and and much work needed—to achieve our sustainable developmentthe protection of the environment. We will continue to innovate, by and sustainability development goals. Over the coming years, we willimproving quality and efficiency, and strive to create a brighter future continue our efforts to improve our sustainability as our global operationsby providing the world with clean, reliable, and affordable energy. expand. We welcome your feedbacks and comments to help us to further improve our performance and better prepared to face theWe have committed significant resources and energy in order to fulfill challenges of the future.our corporate social responsibilities and sustainable development goals.We will continue to employ our technology, service, influence, solutions, Thank you!and values as we tackle climate change issues to further reduce CO2 1.2 Company ProfileProfile of Trina SolarFounded in 1997, Trina Solar (NYSE: TSL) is one of the world leading Our achievements over the past decade have laid a strong foundationPhotovoltaic (PV) companies. Fully vertically integrated from ingots to for Trina Solars growth and leading position within the PV industry. Goingmodules in both mono and multicrystalline technologies, Trina Solar forward, we will continue to offer clean and reliable products to ouroffers high quality modules that provide clean and reliable electricity customers around the world, while dedicating ourselves to innovation,around the world for residential, commercial and industrial applications. quality, and manufacturing excellence.Listed on the NYSE, Trina Solar operates worldwide to always deliver thebest value to its customers. The company’s manufacturing facility andheadquarters are located in Changzhou, China, with offices around theworld: California, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Shanghai, Beijing, S.Korea, Japan and Australia.03
  6. 6. 04
  7. 7. 1.3 Our sustainable development principles and methodsWhile formulating our business development strategies, we pay close Our goals are to prevent and reduce pollution, use effective methodsattention to our corporate sustainability, and apply this principle to our to rationally use resources, eliminate risk or reduce risk to acceptableoperating management system. Our corporate social responsibilities levels, prevent accidents, enhance employees consciousness of healthare an important element of our daily management, and this aspect & safety, and protect our property, all of which will enable us to establishhelps us to reduce our environmental impact, eliminate risks, cut costs, an excellent working environment. To achieve these goals, we haveimprove our image, encourage our employees, increase our production drafted environmental, health, and safety policies.efficiency, benefit society, and ultimately help us to realize businessexcellence.We believe that the following three points are key aspects of our Environmental and Occupationalsustainability development goals: Health & Safety(EHS) Policy• A strong dedication to corporate sustainable development Trina Solar is committed to design and manufacturing of solar• A highly-effective management system photovoltaic products. While supplying clean energy products, we• A unified and efficient organizational structure pay much attention to employee’s health & safety, environmental protection and sustainable development between economy and environment. Our vision is to create a safe, healthy and environment-A strong dedication to corporate friendly workplace for employee and create a harmonious green planetsustainable development for human beings. Herewith we pledge the following: 1. Comply with all applicable EHS laws & regulations and meet interestedTrina Solar is a dedicated member of the photovoltaic industry. The parties’ requirementsequipment and raw materials involved in our manufacturing processesinclude raw silicon, silicon wafers, chemicals, gases, water, and other 2. Promote green manufacturing and build a green planet by makingraw materials. Our everyday management allows for precise control efficient use of energy andresources and maximizing raw material of these items. Apart from abiding by the requirements of all relevant recyclelaws and regulations, we also perform benchmark comparisons andassessments in conjunction with internationally-accepted industry 3. Proactively reduce occupational injury and illness risks, and promotestandards. employee health and well-being 4. Commit to prevention of pollution, occupational injury and illness to minimize its negative impact on environment and ensure employee’s health and safety 5. Enhance employee EHS awareness and encourage employees to participate in EHS programs 6. Continually improve EHS performance via perfecting EHS management system 7. Provide transparent EHS reports to stakeholders and other relevant interested parties 8. Pledge our support and commitment to help our suppliers to improve their EHS performance and take social responsibilityTrina Solar Chairman and CEO Jifan Gao and Chief FinancialOfficer Terry Wang05
  8. 8. A highly-effective environmental,health, and safety managementsystemThe establishment of an effective management system is an extremely • Appropriate EHS policies and proceduresimportant link in the process of building a solid foundation for corporate • Environmental protection and workplace health and safety risksustainable development. We have integrated our corporate assessmentmanagement system, which enables us to operate in a closely • Implementation of appropriate control measures (such as engineeringcoordinated fashion on the basis of a unified management framework. measures, administrative management methods, and personal protective gear) to reduce or eliminate EHS riskOur hard work has earned us leadership in the areas of quality, • Preventive inspections, training courses, briefings, and otherdeliveries, reliability, technology, business support, and overall costs, and educational itemswe exceed our customers expectations in terms of overall value. Westrive to make Trina Solar our customers first choice. We hope to alwaysattain our achievements in a manner that protects the environmentand ensures the health and safety of all employees and partners.We received the coveted ISO 14001 environmental managementsystem certification and the OSHAS 18001 occupational health andsafety management system certification in December 2008 andDecember 2010 respectively. This underscores to our commitment ourenvironmental, health, and safety management systems, as well asour dedication to environmental protection, accident prevention, andemployee health.We have established detailed procedures to manage our operations,have created short-, mid-, and long-term objectives, and regularlyassess our performance and targets.A unified and efficient TUV ISO14001 certificate TUV OHSAS 18001 certificateorganizational structureWe believe that a unified, effective organizational structure is needed ifwe are to achieve lasting progress.We have established a sustainable development committee to organize andimplement relevant activities aimed at ensuring the continued improvementof our business operations. The members of the sustainable developmentcommittee consist of the managers of relevant departments and plantareas. They are responsible for drafting and assessing our corporatesustainable development strategies, plans, and activities, and regularlyreport their progress and action plans to the president & CEO.We have also established an environment, health, and safety (EHS)department, which currently hires more than 40 EHS professionals. Thedepartments main duty consists of continuously implementing andimproving company-wide EHS performance. Our EHS team relies onthe drafting of EHS strategies, the establishment of EHS procedures, andimplementation of EHS activities to ceaselessly fulfill its mission. 06
  9. 9. 1.4 Economic Performance2010 annual financial performance and business highlights• We shipped approximately 1.06GW of photovoltaic modules; this figure exceeded the companys guidance of 1GW and represented an increase of 164.8% compared with 2009• Total sales value was US$1.86 billion, an increase of 119.8% compared with 2009• Gross profit was US$584.4 million, an increase of 146.4% compared with 2009• Our gross profit margin was 31.5%, which compares favorably with 28.1% in 2009• Operating revenue was US$417.3 million, which compares favorably with the figure of US$135.4 million in 2009• Net profit for the year was US$311.5 million, an increase of 223.7% compared with 2009By making photovoltaic systems more affordable , we managed to more than double our shipments and salescompared with 2009 in spite of decreasing industry ASPs, all while steadily increasing our profit margin. Theseachievements are the fruits of our ongoing efforts to boost the efficiency of our manufacturing processes andsupply chain, increase local sales, and expand our global support teams. While greatly increasing our productioncapacity in 2010, we also strengthened our ratio of assets to liabilities, and continued to maintain our outstandingoperating cash flow.Our rapid growth in 2010 underscored the successful implementation of our business strategy. We havesuccessfully expanded our sales and channels in North America, India, Australia, and China. We believe that oursuccess can be attributed to our high-quality products and global brand recognition. Finally, our sponsorship of aFormula One racing team has earned us improved international brand awareness.Our pledge that we will consistently provide high quality products has been essential to our success. Duringthe fourth quarter of 2010, Chinas National Photovoltaic Research Center, which is located close to our plant,formally began operation, and a large number of strategic vendors plan to occupy our Changzhou PhotovoltaicIndustry Park. We aim to complete the construction of the National Photovoltaic Research Center during thesecond half of 2011.Looking ahead to 2011, we will continue to improve the efficiency of our existing and new products, increaseour industry-leading cost advantage, provide even greater customer satisfaction, and fulfill our environmental,health, and safety commitments.07
  10. 10. 1.5 Summary of important data from 2010(Units: US$1,000, shares) 2008 2009 2010Net sales $ 831,901 $ 845,136 $ 1,857,689Sales costs 667,459 607,982 1,273,328Net profit 164,442 237,154 584,361Sales expenses 20,302 30,940 75,677Management expenses 41,114 65,406 72,711R&D expenses 3,039 5,439 18,625Overall operating expenses 64,455 101,785 167,013Operating earnings 99,987 135,369 417,348Exchange earnings/losses (11,802) 9,958 (36,156)Interest expenses (24,558) (27,095) (33,952)Interest earnings 2,944 1,667 2,590Exchange earnings/losses (1,067) (1,590) 9,476Other receipts&expenditures (156) 2,613 216Pre-tax profit 65,348 120,922 359,522Income tax expenses (4,609) (24,696) (48,069)Net profit $ 60,739 $ 96,226 $ 311,453 08
  11. 11. CHAPTER 2
  12. 12. Environmental Management Overview Trina Solar is an environmentally-friendly company. Our goals are to be a leader in the photovoltaic industry, and to continue to develop, and Key environmental targets/ to enhance our competitiveness. indicators in 2010 • Our power consumption per production unit (1 MW) during the fourth As an environmentally company, we not only focus on the design, quarter of 2010 was 10% lower than a year ago. We managed to reduce development, and manufacturing of green products but we also use electricity consumption by various environmental improvement measures and activities to reduce – Recovering heat from cooling water in our monocrystalline silicon plant our impact on the environment and achieve sustainable development. – Improving energy efficiency in our monocrystalline silicon operations We are extremely attentive to environmental issues, We have build up • Our water consumption per production unit during the fourth quarter environment facility to ensure waste water, gases, and pollutants are of 2010 was 10% lower than a year ago. We managed to reduce treated to meet national and local environmental standards. water consumption by – Collecting Reverse Osmosis( R.O.)concentrate water and using it in Protecting the environment is part of every job and every decision at the wafer grinding and cutting processes Trina Solar. We will continue to improve our energy efficiency, conserve – Recycling water within our wafer plant energy, and reduce emissions. • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions – Our southeast plant uses natural gas instead of diesel to power its hot • We have consistently maintained a responsible attitude toward the water boilers use of natural and other resources like water,and chemicals • We closely monitor the resources, components, and chemicals used to manufacture our products to assess our impact on the environment • We draft annual targets and indicators to guide our energy conservation and waste reduction efforts each year We bear responsibility for our impact on the environment.EnvironmentalProtection and Management 10
  13. 13. Environmental Protection FacilitiesTrina Solar has been spending significant and increasing resources on constructionof state-of-art environment protection facilities to ensure wastewater dischargeand air emission from production processes are properly treated and compliancewith local environmental regulations.To date, we have built three wastewater treatment plants with treatmentcapacity of 10,000 tons/day of organic wastewater and 5,000 tones/day of in-organic wastewater. All wastewater from production processes is adequatelytreated prior to discharge to sewer. The average COD concentration of ourtreated effluent is between 50 to 150 mg/L, which is much below the legal limit of500 mg/L.Waste Water Treatment Facility Air Emission Treatment Scrubber 2.1 Green productOur products contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. • Typically, when coal-fired generating units are used to generate power, it takes 340.6g of standard coal to produce 1kWh of powerTo date, Trina Solar has provided more than 2 GW of photovoltaic • According the EPIAs calculations, the generation of 1KWH ofmodules that are currently generating electricity across the world. Trina photovoltaic power produces only 15-32 gCO2/kWh; in contrast, theSolar can produce up to 2,180 GWh of green power annually, which use of fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) to generate electricityis equivalent to the energy in 745,000 tons of standard coal, and can produces 300-1000 gCO2/kWh. When the energy used in the productionreduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.31 million tons. of silicon is taken into consideration, 1KWH of photovoltaic power generation is estimated to result in carbon dioxide emissions of 0.6 kg/KWH11
  14. 14. Italy -4.7MW Largest roof mounted project in Italy Germany -3MWSaves 2,200 tons of CO2 a year USA-2.4 MW America’s largest single rooftop Sheyang, China- 20MW installation, as of April, 2009
  15. 15. 2.2 Effective energy utilizationTrina Solar pledges to use energy responsibly and efficiently. We are • Energy conservation through reduction of Compressed Dry Air (CDA)working hard to achieve the governments energy conservation and system regeneration timeconsumption reduction targets, and are pursuing economic growth on • Use of better technology to shorten monocrystalline silicon furnacethe basis of sustainable development. The following are some of our operating cycles and conserve energyenergy conservation and consumption reduction achievements during2010: Thanks to our various energy conservation and use reduction• Recovery and utilization of residual heat in monocrystalline silicon measures and activities, we have continued to steadily reduce power plant cooling water consumption per unit product (per MW of modules) from quarter to• Optimizing use of refrigeration units and air-cooled heat pumps to quarter since 2008. achieve greater energy conservation (note: refrigeration units exceed energy efficiency of air-cooled heat pumps)• Collection and reuse of Reverse Osmosis (RO) concentrate waterEn e rgy C onsuption re d ucti on p er centa g e p er M W 60.0% 50.0% 40.0% 30.0% 20.0% 10.0% 0.0% Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Average 2009 2010Note: Energy Consumtion reduction in percentage is based on the figure of the same quarter in previous years13
  16. 16. Energy conservation measure 1Use of chillers instead of air-cooled heat pumps (No. 1 cell plant): to data monitoring, this measure can reduce power consumption byChillers (energy efficiency ratio: 5.7) are more efficient than air-cooled approximately 12,000 kWh/day. Assuming summer operation accountsheat pumps (energy efficiency ratio: 2.9). By modifying refrigeration for four months of the year, this step will save approximately 1440 MWHpipes and connecting the refrigeration units in parallel with new make- of power each year, which is equivalent to reducing 1203 tons CO2up air units (MAUs), we found that we could replace our air-cooled heat emission.pumps during summer, and thereby reduce power consumption. OurFacilities Department completed this project in July 2009. According Sc h em atic D iagra m of P r oject Air Conditioning Hot Water Cycle New Pipes Air-cooled New MAU Heat Pump M Process Cooling Water Refrigeration Heat Inter Electrical M Unit Exchanger Equipment M Cold Water CycleUse of a refrigeration unit to replace an air-cooled heat pump 14
  17. 17. Energy conservation measure 2• Recycling of residual heat from cooling waterBy using heat pump technology, our Facilities Department has cooling water pump tower to operate. We estimate that this measurerecovered residual heat from cooling water at our monocrystalline is saving us approximately 3,100 MWh annually, which is equivalent tosilicon plant. This measure uses the residual heat from the cooling water conserving USD 343,076 worth of power each help provide warm air to two of our cell workshop plants during winter.Now, not only can we ensure reliable temperature and humidity levels,but we can also stop using the air-cooled heat pumps in these plants,and therefore conserve considerable power. Furthermore, this projectalso conserves energy by reducing the amount of time necessary for the 2.3 Protection and use of water resourcesWater is an extremely valuable and scarce natural resource, and the In parallel with our energy conservation efforts, we have similarly beendevelopment and use of water resources has become a crucial issue in able to reduce our water consumption. The following are some of ourmany countries. We at Trina Solar are well aware that water resources water use optimization and conservation measures.are limited, and focus on optimizing water consumption. We strive topurify and reuse wastewater whenever possible.Wat e r C ons uption red ucti on p er centa g e p er M W 60.0% 50.0% 40.0% 30.0% 20.0% 10.0% 0.0% Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Average 2009 2010Note: Water Consumtion reduction in percentage is based on the figure of the same quarter in previous years15
  18. 18. Water balance measurements:To ensure conservative water consumption practices, we performedwater balance measurements in conjunction with the ChangzhouWater Conservation Office. Trina Solar passed the water balancemeasurement test in 2009. DI Water• No. 2 cooling water station project: The no. 2 cooling water station, which provides cooling water Caustic Acidic Texture Drying Rinse1 Rinse2 Rinse3 Drying to the monocrystalline silicon plant, has passed review by the Cleaning Cleaning Changzhou Water Conservation Office, and is now considered 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# a Changzhou water conservation demonstration project• Internal water recycling: – We recycle overflow water from rinsing tanks at two of our cell plants. – In our no. 2 cell plant, we use process cooling water (PCW) instead of tap water as a coolant in the vacuum system CAED WW WW CAD CAED WW● External water recycling: - We collect RO concentrate water for reuse as cooling and washing water containing wastewater and 2,600 m3/day of organic wastewater. The treated water has an average COD concentration of 150 mg/L,● Water recycling measures at the northeast plant: which is far lower than the Discharge Management Offices pipe- - Trina Solar has reached an agreement with the Wuxi Debao Water end standard of 500 mg/L Company concerning the treatment and reuse of wastewater - We will install a new wastewater treatment plant employing • MWS (Multi-wire Saw) Slurry recycling and mixing project: advanced dual membrane treatment technology (micropore filter We invested in the construction of a MWS (Multi-wire Saw) Slurry plus reverse osmosis), increasing treatment capacity to 10,000 tons recycling and mixing center in 2008. MWS Slurry contains per day silicon carbide, polyethylene glycol, and small amounts of - Wastewater from our northeast plant is discharged to a wastewater sand. Of these substances, polyethylene glycol readily forms an treatment plant. The treated wastewater is then returned to Trina emulsion water, and is a significant organic pollutant. The disposal Solar and combined with raw water of MWS Slurry in wastewater therefore tends to cause organic pollution in bodies of water. Our MWS Slurry recycling and mixing center separates• No. 3 wastewater treatment plant project: silicon carbide and polyethylene glycol from MWS Slurry,and reuses – We invested in 2008 in the construction and operation of the no. 3 these substances. Since this project was completed in August 2009, wastewater treatment plant, which is responsible for treating industrial we have been able to conserve raw materials and create value, wastewater from our various production facilities and reduce industrial waste and organic pollution – The No. 3 wastewater treatment plant has a design capacity of 5,000 m3/day, and is capable of handling 2,400 m3/day of fluorine- Fish swimming in the wastewater treatment plants outlet pool New MWS (Multi-wire Saw) Slurry recycling and mixing center 16
  19. 19. 2.4 Solid waste management: reduction, reuse, and recycling 2.5 Other environmental protection activitiesSolid waste management is an important part of our pollutant emission Trina Solar provides photovoltaic modules for the roof of the World Expos Belgium-European Union Pavilion.reduction strategy at Trina Solar. In April 2010, our panels were selected to reduce the carbon footprint of the Belgium-European UnionSolid waste generated at our plants is classified, collected, and much as possible. We manage solid waste as a resource, and abide Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The installation consisted of approximately 690 high-qualitystored. Our guiding waste management principle consists of the "3Rs": by the 3Rs principle to minimize the amount of solid waste that must Trina Solar modules and had a nameplate capacity of 116kWp . It is estimated to have displacedReduction, Reuse, and Recycling. In keeping with a policy of conserving be dumped in landfills. In addition, we make sure that all solid waste is approximately 20 tons of coal or 43 tons of CO2 equivalent during the 6 months of the EXPO.natural resources, we try to reduce the production of solid waste as disposed of safely by approved, qualified contractors. Trina Solar provides solar power for the Shanghai "Earth Hour" activity Trina Solar participated in the 2010 "Earth Hour”, an event organized by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). Shanghai activity for Earth Day Belgium - European Union Pavillon
  20. 20. Employee ProfileTrina Solar’s employees are the companys most valuable assets. They benefits, and, most importantly, giving employees professional trainingare the drivers of the companys business success and growth. and excellent on-the-job development opportunities.Trina Solar is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy workingenvironment, providing employees with competitive compensation and 3.1 Employees rights and interestsTrina Solar strictly protects employees lawful rights and interests inaccordance with the Labour Law and Employment Contract Law of Employee Assistance ProgramChina. All registered employees have signed a labor contract with thecompany in accordance with national and local laws and regulations. We have established an Employment Assistance Program (EAP) in orderWe vigorously promote stable labor-management relations, do not to ease work-related stress and safeguard health and productivity.interfere with our employees personal beliefs, and do not discriminateon the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality religious belief, gender, or age. Our Employee Assistance Program was established on behalf of ourThe company did not have any gender or health status discrimination employees to provide long-term assistance and benefits. The EAP reliesincidents in 2010. on professional personnel to offer diagnosis and recommendations concerning our organization, and provides professional guidance,We arrange paid vacations for our employees on the basis of our training, advice, and assistance to employees and their family members.Employee Paid Vacation Management Regulations. We provide social The EAP helps employees and their families to resolve many kinds ofinsurance for employees, including full contributions to pension, work- problems, enhancing the performance of each employee as well as therelated injury, employment, basic health, major sickness, and childbirth organization as a whole. Throughout the world, employee assistanceinsurance funds, as well as a residential fund. programs have proven to be an optimal tool for resolving on-the-job mental health problems. Employees19
  21. 21. CHAPTER 3 Trina Zurich team
  22. 22. 3.2 A safe work environmentTrina Solars environmental, health, and safety policies clearly state that greater community to be part of the responsible way to do business.protecting employees safety is the companys foremost mission. We Our occupational health and safety management system enhancesbelieve that an effective occupational health and safety management employees’ quality of life, while also making an important contributionsystem is a key means of caring for our employees and their family to Trinas development and success. We are keenly aware that healthymembers, and thereby a significant contribution to society. employees are an essential part of high productivity.At Trina Solar, we placed the highest emphasis on safety in theworkplace. We consider protecting our employees, vendors, and theSafety performance in 2010Total recordable incident rate (per million working hours) 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.00 0.50 0.00 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecOur safety performance steadily improved throughout 2010, and our recordable accident rate exhibited a steady downward trend. The most commoninjuries in our workplace are cuts, and impact-related injuriesNote: TRR is calculated by multiplying the sum of dangerous occurrence, lost time injuries (LTIs), fatalities (Fs), restricted work injuries (RWs) for employees for thereporting period by 10 and dividing the result by the total hours worked in that period (H) 621
  23. 23. Regulatory compliance guarantee Environmental, health, and safetyand safety assessment training and communicationIn 2010, we continued to rely on our full-scale regulatory compliance Training and communication are important links in our managementguarantee system to enhance environmental, health, and safety system. We rely on two-way interchange and communicationperformance. We emphasize large-scale risk assessments in the course mechanisms to enhance our employees skills and awareness.of our operating activities, and have adopted appropriate control We provide Class III safety training to all new employees, and alsomeasures. We perform self-inspection work in all of our plants, ensuring provide special safety training when required by employees specificfull risk control. We further rely on external insurance companies to work assignments. We employ a monthly EHS bulletin to communicateprotect our assets and perform comprehensive risk assessments and and discuss EHS-related issues with employees. The content of thisaudits. bulletin includes analysis of accidents, case studies, best practices, laws and regulations, and EHS knowledge.Control of major risks Management of changeWe have drafted a work permit system, and require all contractors andemployees to obtain relevant work permits prior to beginning work. In Management of Change is an extremely effective method of ensuringaddition, we have also established procedures for the identification and integrated operations afnd preventing major accidents. All changes incontrol of major risks, enabling us to pinpoint and monitor operations processes, equipment, and materials must be handled in accordancethat may cause major injury or property damage, such as high- with the management of change regulations. Management of Changeelevation work, work with fire or extreme heat, and work in enclosed ensures that changes are made only after strict review.spaces. Before commencing any high-risk tasks, the responsible personmust fill out a work permit, which must be reviewed and approved bymanagement to ensure that all preventative measures have beentaken before work begins. 22
  24. 24. Crisis response and recovery planningWhen an emergency occurs, protecting the lives, safety, and healthof our personnel is our foremost consideration. There after, we areconcerned about minimizing environmental impact. We give thoughtto safeguarding property and ensuring uninterrupted operationsonly after we know that human safety and the environment willbe protected. We believe that taking appropriate action at theearliest possible moment when a natural disaster or major accidentoccurs can reduce the chance of injury or environmental pollution,and also greatly decrease the difficulty of restoring production.Because of this, we at Trina Solar pay great attention to emergencyresponse and preparedness, and emphasize preparation of responseequipment, establishment procedures, and implementation oftraining, exercise, and other measures. We are committed to theceaseless enhancement of our emergency response capabilitiesin accordance with the principles of "planning, implementation,assessment, and ongoing improvement." Emergency evacuation exerciseEstablishment of a culture of safety Safety awareness activitiesWe believe that culture is the most fundamental way of improving safety, To ensure greater safety awareness among employees, we have organizedand is the key to achieving our ultimate goal of zero injuries. Changing our a series of safety consciousness culture is a long, ongoing process that requires an unswervingdedication to safety from top to the bottom. However, we remainconvinced that outstanding safety performance is indispensable to ourquest to become a world-class enterprise. Safety MonthWe admit that we are still at the very beginning of our campaign to instill Every June, we hold a series of safety awareness activities, including safetya culture that embraces safety, and that achieving this goal will be a knowledge contests, among others. Everyone—from our CEO to our front-linelengthy—but worthwhile—process. employees—actively takes part in these activities, which have done much to boost safety consciousness among employees. CEO Jifan Gao giving an opening speech EHS knowledge contest Ingot manufacturing facilities23
  25. 25. Fire Safety Month activityIn November 2010, we invited officers from the local fire department toprovide a fire equipment training of fire safety. This proved to be a greatway to boost awareness and build skills.Reporting potential safety hazardsWe define any potentially unsafe behavior or environment as potentialsafety hazards. If we fail to take prompt, systematic action to deal withand resolve such hazards, they may ultimately lead to avoidable injuries,accidents, or pollution. According to the "safety pyramid theory", thesuccessful prevention of accidents relies on eliminating potential safety All employees are required to take part in potential safety hazardhazards. reporting training and awareness activities. Our potential hazard reporting procedures are posted on our companys internal web site, enablingWe embarked on a company-wide potential hazard reporting activity employees to report and resolve potential safety hazards more June 2010, and we encourage all employees to participate in safetymanagement. The goal of this activity was to instill a culture of safety for all This activity has received an enthusiastic response from our employees, andemployees, and thereby reduce the accident rate. we will continue to expand its scope in the future.Corporate EHS culture● Active employee participation is the key to achieving an effective EHS ● Daily employee participation is the best method of improving EHS culture performance● Each employee must understand that maintaining an EHS culture is a ● Participation should instill consciousness of EHS ownership among common responsibility employees● All employees must actively and promptly recognize, correct, and report potential EHS hazardsPotential hazard reporting interface on our internal corporate web site 24
  26. 26. 3.3 Employee healthHealth managementTo achieve our ideal of zero work-related occupational injuries, and in At the beginning of 2010, we established an industrial sanitation andaccordance with related laws and regulations, we have embarked on health management system in our new southeastern plant area. Thisa campaign of identifying and, when possible, analyzing health and system ensures that our employees have a sanitary and healthy workingoccupational illness risks in our production activities, chief among those environment.chemical and physical hazards.Monitoring of the workplace environment: of in-house health activities, maintain employee health files, assist withWe perform regular annual monitoring of occupational hazards in in-house health checkups, provide free gynecological health surveys,accordance with legal requirements. For instance, we monitor dust, and conduct regular first aid training and health knowledge lecturesnoise, and chemical concentrations. We openly share the results of for the companys ERT first aid personnel in conjunction with large-scalethese examinations with our employees. emergency response exercises.If our monitoring work uncovers any abnormalities, we use effectiveengineering methods to ensure that risk is minimized to withinacceptable limits.Occupational health checkups:We make sure that all employees exposed to potential occupationalillnesses receive regular annual checkups. We analyze checkup results,and draft improvement plans using that information. In order to bettermonitor our employees health, we have established an occupationalhealth file for every employee who may face occupational illness risks.Infirmary services:In order to improve employee health services, we have establishedan in-house infirmary. Our infirmary not only provides first aid services,but also a wide range of health information and advice to employees.Furthermore, infirmary personnel actively participate in various types First aid training25
  27. 27. Caring for employees physical and mental wellness:We have consistently displayed great concern for our employeeswellness. We not only pay close attention to occupational health, butalso care about our employees personal health, and have launched aseries of activities to raise awareness. Lecture on womens health knowledge held in March 2010 Psychological health lecture aimed at young employees held on March 31, 2010 Jim Duckworth, Dirctor of Procurement Mental wellness slogan submission activity 26
  28. 28. 3.4 Training and developmentTraining Trinas online universityContinuous learning is the basis for employee development at Trina Trina Solar utilizes e-learning as an important auxiliary training tool.Solar. Learning has unquestionably been a key to Trinas growth. E-learning can help to reduce training costs, and avoid scheduling limitations, effectively allowing us to help our employees engageWe provide plentiful resources and opportunities to all employees, and in continued learning. We recognize annual and quarterly learningformulate individualized personal development plans reflecting the work champions via the ELN forum, showing employees learning experiences,needs of specific employees. as well as methods for applying knowledge to on-the-job skills. A TV special concerning our online university attracted interest from close toIn order to better develop, maintain, and improve our training program, one hundred domestic firms.we rely on a training center to serve as our "talent factory", whichcoordinates our training processes. Interactive training activitiesNew employee trainingThe new employee training room is an important link in our training Apart from our conventional training model, we have also implementedsystem. We have designed a full-scale new employee training plan, an array of interactive forums and trainee insight sharing models. Thankswhich helps new employees get up to speed in our work environment to a high degree of participation and payoff, these activities havemore effectively. sharply increased our employees enthusiasm for learning.Our comprehensive new employee training items include the following: Professional managers forum• Icebreaking activities • Our professional managers forum transmits the newest management• Introduction to the companys basic policy systems, including EHS, information, encourages personnel to absorb knowledge, fosters human resources, IT, and financial systems a broad-minded outlook, and instills concrete methods. This activity• Interactive activities encourages our managers to engage in free thinking and unfettered• A factory tour interchange• Continued learning in our online university • Our "Take-off" front-line managers forum allows front-line managers• Pre-job training to share their insights and growth experiences concerning technology, management, case analysis, and practical working aspects, etcTraining system The members of our book club can take advantage of our resourcesAn outstanding training system is the basis for successful employee in the library. Apart from individual reading and learning, persons withtraining. The following diagram displays our systematic approach to similar interests can form reading groups to engage in mutual exchangetraining: and learning. The book club currently includes an easy-learning group, a poetry group, and an online novel group. Each group holds small reading forums that anyone can attend. "Appointment with Dragon City HR" brings together HR talents so that they can jointly discuss and explore HR issues. By allowing Trina to share its experiences with other companies in the same city, this activity has fostered mutual growth. Our training center has led the establishment of the "Collecting the Knowledge of Dragon City" club on the basis of this forum.27
  29. 29. Training facilities "Knowledge changes your destiny; learning leads to future success." Located in the Changzhou Trina Photovoltaic Industry Park, our training center has a mission of transforming the company into a learning organization. Thanks to Trina Solars rapid development, the training centers equipment and facilities have been steadily upgraded, and we have also established 10 training rooms with different sizes and types at our Western and Southwestern plants. These facilities are sufficient to simultaneously provide training to 1,000 persons. We have a new Direct Labor/Indirect Labor, employee training able to accommodate more than 200 persons, an interactive management training classroom holding roughly 40 persons, a professors training room seating roughly 30 persons, and a discussion-type training room accommodating 20 persons. Our lecture theater—equipped with stereo and audiovisual equipment—is suitable for many types of large activities. This assortment Professional managers forum of different classrooms enables us to hold various types of training at theIn-house magazines same time.In keeping with our efforts to establish a learning organization, thetraining center has been actively promoting cultural activities of all Our training centers Changzhou Library, Trina Branch represents thetypes. Our bimonthly in-house magazine "Trina Wins" encourages first partnership with the Jiangsu Provincial Community Library System,awareness of major company events, fosters concern for company and has been the subject of special reports by Changzhou and Jiangsudevelopment and employees lives, and provides a wide variety of TV stations. The library, which contains more than 20,000 volumes andcontent presented in a relaxed and lively manner. The magazine has is staffed by volunteers working on a rotating basis, has done much toalready become a platform for the sharing of information between enrich the lives of company employees.employees, and has spearheaded a cultural renaissance within thecompany. Our semi-monthly training publication "Share" providesillustrated company training materials in an appealing format, furtherenhancing our learning culture. This publication is distributed via trainingawareness stands along major plant corridors. Well-designed awarenessposters can be seen everywhere within our company, and we provideemployees with management knowledge cards depicting importanttraining activities and management concepts in an easy-to-graspformat.Cover of Trina Wins magazine Cover of Share magazine Vice president in charge of human resources with training center personnel 28
  30. 30. 3.5 Work-life balanceApart from our formidable technological capabilities, Trinas amazinggrowth has also depended heavily on our harmonious corporateculture. We firmly believe that creating an outstanding corporateculture will help employees to better enjoy life and work, which in turnwill propel the companys further development.The company union has organized a wide variety of activities for ouremployees. Our sports and recreational activities enliven employeesafter-work hours, helping them strike an even better balance betweenwork and personal life.SportsWe have established a number of sports and athletics clubs (soccer,basketball, badminton, ping-pong, swimming, and fishing, etc.). Thecompany union provides unified coordination and management ofclub activities, and ensures that areas and facilities are available. Over Forklift skill competition300 employees participate in company clubs. Many sports clubs holddaily training sessions, and regularly engage in friendly competitions withclubs from other organizations.Exciting employee activitiesThe company union holds a variety of widely-welcomed culturalactivities to shape a corporate culture full of vitality, boost employeemorale, increase employee cohesiveness, and consolidate the humanfoundation of the companys rapid development.On the eve of the traditional Dragon Boat Festival in June , the companyheld a glutinous rice dumpling making competition at the employeesdormitory.The company union organized a lantern riddle game to celebratethe traditional Lantern Festival. This activity was held in the employeesdining hall, and many employees participated enthusiastically. A glutinous rice dumpling making competition at the employees dormitory Runners-up in the 8th Changzhou Ping-pong Tournament for Foreign- Lantern riddle game celebrating the Lantern Festival invested Enterprises 30
  31. 31. The 3rd Trina Karaoke contest was held with great fanfare in September increases employees happiness and underscores the companys Trina Solar organizes festive annual "Christmas Eve Celebrations," The 2nd Trina Solar Youth Social activity greatly enriched and expanded2010; a large number of aspiring singers took part in this event. human-centered management culture. which are always attended enthusiastically by many foreign and local the social circles of Trinas young employees. employees.Trina Solar regularly holds birthday parties for its employees, thoseparties are usually attended by sereral top managers. This kind of event Karaoke Final Competition Employee birthday party at the dormitory Employees celebrate Christmas Eve Trina Solar Youth Social activityA summer family outing was held at the Jintan Jiuhong Farming gratitude, dedicated to Trina" activity at the employees dormitory. In order to foster team spirit among our employees, we have held In order to increase the sense of ownership among our front-lineEcological Park; 23 families participated in this activity. Many employees left messages expressing their gratitude on a display a series of teamwork-building activities for our front-line employees. production employees, boost cohesiveness among personnel, and board, and expressed their thankfulness to distant friends and relatives Participation in these events has built trust and cooperation between establish better communication between subordinates and superiors,To celebrate Thanksgiving, the company union held a "Learning over the phone. our personnel. the company union has organized a series of activities that address these issues directly. Employees and their families fishing at an ecological park31 32
  32. 32. CHAPTER 4
  33. 33. Trina in the community As we continue to expand and apply new technologies, we are also participating in community development and improvement to the striving to contribute to the community and make it a good place in greatest extent possible. which to live and work. In recent years, we have established trust and excellent relations Our employees generously contribute their energy, money, and with the government, our neighbors in the community, and other professional skills to the improvement of major social issues, including stakeholders. those connected with the environment and education. We are 4.1 Relieving poverty, helping those in difficulty In early April 2010, a janitor named Jiang from our Administrative In August 2010, during the hottest part of the summer, Ms Luo and Logistics Division was hospitalized with cancer. Jiang had Chuandan, only 20 years old and an employee of Trina Solars long been a widower, and his household contained one child East Assembly Plant, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. After and one senior needing care. Jiangs treatment imposed an learning about her situation, the company union teamed up with extremely heavy economic burden on his household. When the the East Assembly Plant to conduct a donation drive for Ms. Luo. company union found out about this, they joined forces with the After an outpouring of concern from every department in the Administrative Department to organize a donation drive for Mr. company, the donated funds all reached Ms. Luos hands. Jiang Hanxing.Community 34
  34. 34. Giving donations to Mr. Jiang Charitable donation activityOn June 28, 2010, Changzhou Trina Solar invited students receiving affection, the auditorium was soon full of laughter. The union gaveassistance at Daibu Central Elementary School and Hengjian charitable scholarships to Hengjian and Daibu elementary schools;Elementary School in Liyang for a tour of Trina Solar and field trip to these funds will be used to assist 23 impoverished students atthe Changzhou Zhonghua Dinosaur Park. Daibu Central Elementary School and 22 impoverished students at Hengjian Elementary School.When the morning of that day arrived, a brief welcomingceremony was held in our auditorium, and the students and their After reluctantly saying goodbye to the donors at Trina, the youngguides introduced each other. Thanks to the power of mutual students continued to the Dinosaur Park. Impoverished students visiting Trina35
  35. 35. 4.2 Contributing to disaster relief effortsRoviding donations to the Changzhou Red CrossAfter a magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred in Yushu County, Tibetan Every time disasters strike, Trina Solars employees consistently show theirAutonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, Trina Solar responded love and willingness to help others in need. By assisting in consolingvigorously to the governments call for assistance, and immediately those affected by disaster, we can strengthen their resolve in the facelaunched an employee donation drive. Personnel from all plants and of hardship, and give them hope that they can rebuild their lives. Timedepartments showed their concern by giving generously. On May 12, and again, Trinas employees have opened their hearts and set shiningcompany union chairman and vice-director of human resources, went examples of concern for those less the Changzhou Red Cross on behalf of the company, and transferredthe donations given by company employees to the Red Cross. RedCross used the donated funds to assist disaster-stricken Tibetans in YushuCounty, helping them quickly rebuild their devastated homeland.When Southwestern China was struck by drought, Trinas company unionresponded to the call for donations from the Changzhou Red Cross byembarking on a charitable donation activity throughout the company.Employees in every department and office made generous donations.On April 22, union representatives provided the companys donations tothe Red Cross, and conveyed their colleagues deep concern for theirsuffering countrymen. Although natural disasters are unfeeling, greatlove can transcend all boundaries. Although our individual contributionsare small, together they can provide sufficient assistance andencouragement to help the people overcome during times of difficulty. 36
  36. 36. 4.3 Employee volunteer activitiesWe launched the "I love my home" environmental protection activity inApril 2010. This activity elicited enthusiastic participation from everybodyat Trina Solar, whereby employees even awoke early to take part.Thanks to everyones hard work, we managed to clean up all thetrash discarded along the roads and in the community areas near ourcompany and dormitory area. This awareness activity brought abouta significant improvement in the environment around our company.Although the activity lasted only a short time, everyone who took partwill long remain conscious of the need to protect the environment.Disposable chopsticks require large amounts of wood, and theconsumption of this wood is having a severe impact on the worldsenvironment. In addition, some unscrupulous manufacturers threatenpeoples health by producing disposable chopsticks under unsanitaryconditions. As employees of an environmentally-friendly company, the Public security personnel participating in the activity pick up trash alongcompany union and Administrative & Logistics Departments dining halls a road near the companyembarked on a "Curb use of disposable chopsticks; let the world remaingreen; do your part for health; health and environmental protectionstart with you!" activity at noon on May 11, 2010 in two large dining hallslocated respectively in the East and West plants.The "Environmental Protection Activity in Conjunction with the ProvincialGames: Trina Solar Low-carbon Environmental Bicycle Activity" was heldsuccessfully on June 19, 2010 . A total of 40 employees participated inthis activity. All participants were aware that the activity would reducecarbon emissions, make a contribution to environmental protection, andpromote physical fitness. Everyone expressed that they would be sure totake part in another public interest activity like this next time.On October 16, 2010, the members of the charity committee ofChangzhou Trina Solars union went to the Beixin District Social WelfareCenter in Changzhou to launch the "Concern for the Elderly" activity.The scope of this activity included encouraging a new attitude ofrespect for the elderly and the promotion of social harmony. The activityexpressed the concern and affection that Trina Solars employees feeltoward senior citizens, and also conveyed Trina employees’ spirit ofcontribution and gratitude. Employees sign their names on a long banner reading "Curb use of disposable chopsticks."37
  37. 37. Employees ride bikes to promote the low-carbon lifestyle Trina employees at the local social welfare center 38
  38. 38. For More InformationPlease go to our website for moreinformation about Trina Solar’ sustainability efforts. Weencourage you to send us your comments or questions throughfollowing contact.General Information: info@trinasolar.comInvestor Relations: RECYCLED PAPER