Landing a Job in the Digital World


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Ben gave a presentation to Leeds Met students on Landing a Job in the Digital World.

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Landing a Job in the Digital World

  1. 1. Landing a Job in the Digital World June 2010 By Ben Cotton
  2. 2. A quick vote! vote... A quick
  3. 3. 'It's a tough world out there' It's a tough world out there! You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd! out 'You need to stand from the crowd'
  4. 4. That's helpful! Helpful!
  5. 5. 'the creation of an asset that pertains to a particular person or individual; this includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge contained within, leading to an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable.' Tom Peters, Personal branding bloke, 1997
  6. 6. Your Blog is the new CV Your blog is your new CV!
  7. 7. So is your e-portfolio So is your e-portfolio!
  8. 8. HowBut how launch launch this can you can you this work? work?
  9. 9. 19m UK active Internet users 25% micro/blog 58% read blogs 79% watch videos online 64% belong to a social network
  10. 10. No paper vs. lots and lots of paper Stand out from the crowd vs. fiollow the crowd Cheap vs. some expense Wider audience vs. limited audience Demonstrate digital skills vs. cutting and sticking! Instant vs. slow Email link vs. show hard copy
  11. 11. Digital Footprint
  12. 12. 'Inevitably employers are using Google as a personal reputation engine and scrutinising these types of sites to review an individual’ s career history and work ahead of hiring an individual.' Stephen Waddington, MD Speed Communications, 2009 'As more and more people use Twitter, Facebook and blogs we know far more about people than we’ve ever done before. The first thing that I do when recruiting someone is check them out online. It’ s a matter of few minutes to go back and read hundreds of their previous tweets and find out far more about the real them than any CV, reference or interview could ever reveal.' Stuart Bruce, MD Wolfstar, 2010
  13. 13. Personal Brand vs. SEO Personal brand is pre-google 1997 vs. 2010 People mention personal brand or digital footprint, they are often referring to something that is better described as personal SEO People describe what happens when someone Google’ s your name Having good stuff come up is the essence of personal SEO
  14. 14. Permanent Public Immediate
  15. 15. Some cautionary tales...
  16. 16. 'Facebook users are dumb F*cks!'
  17. 17. Kevin Colvin is a fairy
  18. 18. #Epic #Fail
  19. 19. Tweeted his way out of the Labour Party 'Just won a signed Celtic shirt in a raffle. Want to vom' 'Coffin dodgers' 'Johnnie Walker Red Label is Pub full of 'depressed teuchters' so awful they can't sell it in Scotland'
  20. 20. Where to start? Google yourself! Google Alerts
  21. 21. Voice your opinion Google loves blogs! Improve writing Demonstrate industry knowledge
  22. 22. Presentation decks Free your work...make your e-portfolio go 'live'! Examples of writing/projects etc CV Great for search!
  23. 23. Access to industry people Find out what people are Get into conversation thinking!!! Let them know you are looking for a job! Find out about industry issues Build an online reputation Let them know about your blog
  24. 24. It's a tough world out there! Success! You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd! PSSTT! Remember to click here!
  25. 25. Other considerations... Privacy SEO yourself to the max! Sharable Contactable Curate, as well as create
  26. 26. Client confidentiality Could look stupid and damage your reputation Extremely public Personal privacy
  27. 27. Q&A Any questions?
  28. 28. ThaThThank you Thank You Contact Details