Marsh Transforms Itself With Social Technology - HR Technology Conference 2012


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In October 2012 Laurie Ledford (CHRO of Marsh & McLennan Companies) and Ben Brooks (SVP of Marketing for Marsh) presented at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago. Video of the talk embedded at the end of the slides or at

Focus of the talk was how Marsh engineered a shift in culture using social media internally to drive business growth.

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Marsh Transforms Itself With Social Technology - HR Technology Conference 2012

  1. 1. Marsh Transforms Itself With Social Technology HR Technology Conference October 8, 2012 Laurie Ledford CHRO Ben Brooks SVP & Global Director Chicago, IL Approved for External Use
  2. 2. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Laurie Ledford Chief Human Resources Officer Marsh & McLennan Companies Ben Brooks SVP & Global Director Enterprise Communications & Colleague Engagement Marsh
  3. 3. @benbrooksny @laurieledford @marsh_inc • World leader in risk and insurance services and solutions • Rich 141 year heritage • Multi-billion USD annual revenue • 25,000 employees • 400 locations in nearly 100 countries • Part of Marsh & McLennan Companies • • •
  4. 4. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Burn off the Fog
  5. 5. @benbrooksny @laurieledford(Frank Ockenfels / AMC)
  6. 6. Marsh in the 2000s…Marsh in the 2000s… ……the dark yearsthe dark years
  7. 7. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Declaring a new future: October 23, 2009
  8. 8. @benbrooksny @laurieledford How adults learn and develop MU  Exploiting the 70% 70% 10% 20% %ofAdultDevelopment Model based on research by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger for the Center for Creative Leadership.
  9. 9. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Well-funded 43rd percentile for HR spend per colleague Lean
  10. 10. Burn off the Fog
  11. 11. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Identifying your early adopters
  12. 12. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Everyone is a Teacher
  13. 13. 500 anointed “experts” from everyone is a teacher to
  14. 14. @benbrooksny @laurieledford MU is the hub
  15. 15. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  16. 16. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Degree of Engagement Setting expectations  how online communities work Active Contributors 1% Lurkers 90% 9% Passive Contributors
  17. 17. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Profile Penetration as of August 9, 2012 There continues to be an opportunity to increase profiles with pictures across all regions. % of Employee Population End of year photo goal: 50% of Marsh colleagues Total profiles: 18,220 Goal 73 26 74 68 75 83 73 57 76
  18. 18. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Cathy Smith Casualty Leader – NJ Morristown Alehandro Sans Managing Director Sao Paolo, Brazil
  19. 19. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  20. 20. @benbrooksny @laurieledford one classroom
  21. 21. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  22. 22. Secret weapon: 50+ ambassadors
  23. 23. 700 Photos 30,000+ Votes
  24. 24. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  25. 25. @benbrooksny @laurieledford “Building the BEST” Strategy 2008-2010 Clients Deliver Exceptional Value • Understand client needs and exceed client expectations through segmentation and industry specialization • Deliver outstanding service globally: give our clients the best of Marsh • Improve market relationship management to optimize value for clients • Innovate to meet emerging client needs To be the BEST … insurance broker, intermediary and risk advisor To deliver exceptional client value and drive profitability and growth by capitalizing on our global reach, market expertise and outstanding people • Think like a client; think like an owner • Deliver global capabilities locally; deliver local capabilities globally • Embrace continuous improvement • Act with integrity, honesty, courage and mutual respect • Deliver the power of Marsh through collaboration Colleagues Make Marsh a Great Place to Work for Outstanding People • Empower people and hold them accountable for results • Retain, attract and develop top talent • Inform and engage colleagues • Foster a winning sales and service culture • Align and simplify the organization Financial Performance Drive Profitability and Growth • Continue to improve operating margins • Invest for organic growth and strategic acquisitions • Make cost discipline a part of the culture • Manage through clear P&L accountability Sustaining Vision Strategic Vision Strategic Pillars Goals Operating Principles
  26. 26. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Our Culture, Our Values In Touch Get out in front by being informed and being connected Have relentless curiosity about what’s happening in the world and with your client Foster deep relationships through consistent conversation Translate insights into timely and relevant solutions Genuine Be authentic with clients and each other Express your candid point of view and encourage others to do the same Have a constructive debate if you disagree Speak up when you have a question or new idea, even if it challenges the status quo Nimble Be flexible and move quickly to deliver quality results Respond with urgency Use your best judgment and keep moving Get it done Inclusive Be open to diverse ideas, experiences & backgrounds Be approachable, listen and respond respectfully Reach across boundaries; invite others to connect and collaborate Welcome others’ participation and contributions Trusted Stand for integrity and ethical behavior Be known for your consistency and reliability Be accountable for all commitments and obligations Insist on what is right and fair Engaged Actively participate in making Marsh extraordinary Embrace your role as a citizen of the firm Approach changes as opportunities; opt-in to the Marsh way of doing things Seize the opportunity to continually improve and learn
  27. 27. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  28. 28. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  29. 29. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  30. 30. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  31. 31. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  32. 32. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  33. 33. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  34. 34. Make it Happen
  35. 35. Provide amazing technology… …and have high expectations of your people
  36. 36. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Solve real problems Joe had a problem “ It became evident to me that a broad swath of our colleague base did not understand earnings, and all that goes with that… Many client-facing employees don’t sufficiently grasp how insurance products and risk-management services affect clients’ own financial performance.” Joe McSweeny, CEO, US/Canada Division & Global Sales Leader Marsh Inc.
  37. 37. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Joe is a teacher Joe had the old learning options In person training Online modules
  38. 38. @benbrooksny @laurieledford How does he teach? But… In person training Online modules Big $$$$$$ Still some $$$ Inconvenient for employees Generic content Rollout measured in years Boring, requires management force
  39. 39. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Offer better solutions …so Joe chose a new way: Social Learning with • Very low cost content • Tailored content • Engaging & conversational
  40. 40. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Measure everything  keep score The Results # making a financial impact. 27 Videos 36 Blogs 305 Comments 40,140 VIEWS
  41. 41. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Make your business leader the star Joe gets famous (kinda)
  42. 42. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Make your business leader the star Joe gets covered in CFO magazine “The social-media approach and the content delivery by company executives may make Marsh’s educational initiative superior to those of other firms, suggests professor Jonathan Schiff. ‘From an efficiency standpoint, getting education out to thousands of people can be done using social media at a modest cost,’ he says. ‘Many companies should emulate what Marsh has done.’ While efforts to give rank-and-file employees financial literacy aren’t uncommon in the financial-services sector, they’re much less prevalent elsewhere, Schiff observes. But even where such offerings exist, they are often of low quality, he adds. ‘Using internal people to convey the message is a big plus,’ he says. ‘Marsh is taking a good position by not offering a check-the-box course provided by an outside vendor that doesn’t understand the company’s business.’”
  43. 43. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  44. 44. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  45. 45. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  46. 46. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  47. 47. @benbrooksny @laurieledford Key lessons learned
  48. 48. @benbrooksny @laurieledford
  49. 49. @benbrooksny @laurieledford