090511 Just Kidding Franchise Brochure


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Information on the JustKidding store concept and it\'s franchise opportunities

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090511 Just Kidding Franchise Brochure

  2. 2. Fresh, unusual and captivating, JustKidding is an extraordinary and highly successful retail business that was organically created in Dubai for international franchise expansion. So, what makes us extraordinary?
  3. 3. INNOVATIVE RETAIL We Are Innovators We are a homegrown brand. As parents our- selves, we were frustrated with the limited and unoriginal products on offer for parents and for children aged 0-5. Every major retail venue was dominated by the same brands and the exciting experience of having and raising young children was becoming unexciting. Our vibrant stores are packed with a spectrum of products that you will not find anywhere else. The formula is so success- ful that our stores do not rely on prime real estate locations – they have become destinations in their own right. We did not import a franchise, we created one.
  4. 4. PARENTHOOD CENTRAL We Are Parenthood Central A JustKidding™ store is a place where mums and dads can find out about how to prepare for first time parent- hood and how to help children positively develop through all the stages of young childhood healthily and happily. Our team is made up of parent specialists who can guide parents along and take away some of the stresses of childrearing. We share coffee, ideas and belly-laughs galore reaped from our tales of raising children.
  5. 5. COMMUNITY COMMITTED We are Community Committed Although we are globals (mixed nationalities, backgrounds and experiences) we know, live and operate in our market. That has been a key factor to our success. We created a brand that works in our marketplace and we work to support our community. We consider ourselves responsible for the world in which our children grow up and we endeavor to do what is right by them, right by the planet and right by our soul. We reject any form of child labour and foster local social schemes designed to improve the quality of life for families and children. We work together with parents to support disadvantaged children in our region. JustKidding participates in the UN Global Copact, a framework for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally acepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.
  6. 6. CONCEPT JustKidding™ is a new retail store concept for modern, predominantly first-time parents. We introduce a comprehensive range of internationally acclaimed, high quality, high-end products for young children and pregnant mothers. The products range from furniture and interior design elements to tech-smart, stylish strollers and ultra-safe car seats and from hip fashion labels to the ultimate in baby care. JustKidding™ is supported by a team of skilled sales consultants and expert parents. Our team members have detailed product and practical knowledge. JustKidding™ prides itself in being the parenting expert in its community.
  7. 7. RETAIL ME AWARDS In April 2009, The Middle East Retail Industry awarded JustKidding two of the coveted RetailME Awards 2008. JustKidding was recognized as “Best New Retail Brand of the Year” for its unique brand identity, comprehen- sive product offering and marketing implementation, as well as its strong market acceptance. The second award recognized JustKidding as “Rising Star of the Year”. This important award recognises the entrepreneurial spirit, achievements and long-term ambitions of retail businesses in the Middle East region. New ideas are the lifeblood of the retail industry, and this category seeks to highlight new successful initiatives.
  8. 8. VISION & MISSION Vision To become the market and community retail leaders by providing: • High-end, innovative and top-quality products set in a stylized environment that triggers the senses, educates and inspires. • Skilled and involved service Mission To be the leading retailer of quality merchan- dise for young children and parents through innovation, expertise and community involvement.
  9. 9. JustKidding™ stores come in two sizes, the JustKidding Store™ and JustKidding Boutique™
  10. 10. JUSTKIDDING STORE™ The JUSTKIDDING STORE™ measures between 1,000 and 2,000 square meters and is typically a stand-alone venue that is not found in traditional shopping malls or re- tail zones, such as high streets. Through applied marketing methods, JustKidding™ Stores become shopping destinations in their own right. The exterior is finished in a colourful, high contrast, vertically striped pattern (this forms the background of the JustKidding™ logo.) The predominantly industrial look of the store makes for an interesting contrast with the beautifully presented and vibrant product range. The architectural backdrop allows for the merchandise to really POP. The larger stores are divided in shopping zones presenting five distinct product categories: Fashion, Transport, Furniture, Interior Accessories and Baby Care. Part of the characteristic shop fitting is mobile and modular in nature.
  11. 11. The Entrance features an ultra-modern, Fashion, is presented in two to three payment counter, set against a bright- ‘shops-within-a-shop’, highlighting the chic coloured wall with large catching texts, labels on offer for babies and young children. outlining the Just-Kidding brand promise, Maternity fashion is located in a separate and informative products presentations section, offering spacious changing rooms projected on large LCD panels. and a comfortable seating area. The Transport section is dominated by a JustMums, with its signature long communal striking floor-to-ceiling, rich red display wall, table, takes centre stage under oversized showcasing a variety of strollers and car seats. lampshades and makes for the ideal place to enjoy a warm drink and to reflect on the Furniture and Interior Accessories, are wide choice of products on offer. The store displayed in a series of individual nine-square also features an area for in-store educational meter rooms, centralized around a and informative events related to parenting marketplace. Grey barn doors on the rooms and baby care. slide open to reveal a treasure filled range of interior themes. The doors are sequentially numbered in order to simplify the advisory and purchasing services. A dedicated Interior Design Consultant is on hand to assist with the details and customize the spaces according to client needs.
  12. 12. JUSTKIDDING BOUTIQUE™ At 200-500 square meters, the JUSTKIDDING BOUTIQUE™ is certainly not a small store concept. The look is sleek and modern with fixed shop fittings that make optimal use of the available space. Light and colour are key design elements and can turn even trick spaces into alluring venues. The display rooms are replaced with smaller but strategically placed display podiums, which are used to showcase amongst other strollers, car seats and furniture items. The podiums also carry product information in printed or, where required, in LCD format. JUSTKIDDING BOUTIQUE™ houses a smaller product range and is aligned with the products available in the online webshop Fashion takes up proportionally less space, as local competition in this area is always more robust.
  13. 13. STRATEGIC MARKETING Market JustKidding was founded in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The Middle East enjoys one of the world’s highest birth and fertility rates. In the Gulf Region in particular this fact is supported by a higher than average Gross Domestic Product. The Middle East consumer’s strong appetite for international quality brands makes the portfolio of products on offer in JustKidding Stores a primary factor in JustKidding’s success. Product Portfolio Hip, innovative and, above all, quality products that appeal to trend responsive, modern parents: This is the premise through which JustKidding™ brands are chosen. Although most products are positioned towards the high-end of the market, a range of mid-market and value-for-money options support the portfolio, primarily in the Interior Accessories and Fashion categories. The JustKidding™ private label, JustBasics™’, features a range of core baby and young child products, covering absolute daily necessities.
  14. 14. The world’s top 20 most popular baby product brands are featured in the JustKidding™ product portfolio. JustKidding™ stores are supported by DutchKid FZCO, the Dubai-based, exclusive distributor of all the brands sold in JustKidding™ stores. DutchKid FZCO is the owner of the JustKidding™ brand, and a key ingredient to JustKidding’s™ success, as it continuously sources new products that complement the existing portfolio. It also ensures competitive consumer pricing of all its brands. Marketing Tools JustKidding’s marketing specialists produce cutting-edge market and target audience specific communications, ranging from strategic advertising campaigns to smart Point Of Sale solutions, to involved Public Relations tools. It allows JustKidding to react very fast to changes in the market. When it comes to promoting the JustKidding brand and product portfolio, “speed to market” is a key ingredient.
  15. 15. JUSTKIDDING ONLINE JustKidding has a strong online presence through www.justkidding-me.com This vibrant, cutting-edge portal gives customers around the Middle East direct access to a large selection from the JustKidding product portfolio. Online sales is, where possible, serviced from the JustKidding Store in the respective market, subject to product availability. JustKidding’s web store also adds considerably to the JustKidding brand awareness, as its target customer base can now browse through the wide variety of products and detailed product information, from the comforts of their home. The site drives a considerable volume of traffic to the physical Store, increasing footfall and thus Store revenue.
  16. 16. THE PEOPLE BEHIND JUSTKIDDING™ Haling from the Netherlands and South Korea, Ben Boenk, Patrick de Groot, Annemarie Retera and Soon Cha Chung, the four entrepreneurs behind Just-Kidding™, come from very different professional backgrounds: However, they have one thing in common – they are passionate about parenting! They parleyed that passion into a business that is certainly a viable commercial enterprise, but full of heart, soul and giggles. JustKidding™ is supported by a team of skilled sales consultants and expert parents. Part of JustKidding™’s unique training program focuses on individual Colleague development. The result of this training is reflected in how JustKidding Colleagues interact with Customers. Not only do our Coleagues possess detailed product and practical knowledge, they also have an assertive disposition towards Customer Service and a “Never-Say-No” attitude. We recognize that each and every one of our Colleagues plays a role in the JustKidding™ success story. Our team relationships are based on a philosophy of respect, caring and group social accountability.
  17. 17. For Information on JustKidding Franchise, please contact Patrick de Groot Dutchkid FZ Company PO Box 333741, Dubai UAE T + 971 4 341 7500 F + 971 4 341 7501 patrick@dutchkid.com www.dutchkid.com www.justkidding-me.com