Making your WordPress site more Shareable, Sociable, and Likeable


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How to use Wordpress to (1) Push Content to Social Networks, (2) Pull Content in from Social Networks, (3) Encourage Sharing, (4) Engage Visitors, and (5) Earn Fans

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  • Engagement? Followers? Readers?Customers? Purchases? Satisfaction?Community? Insight? Transparency?
  • Without good content, you can have the best social network strategy and it will still go nowhereGive visitors what they want. Information? Entertainment? Opportunities?Having the most efficient mechanism of content distribution, but bad content, only means you’re turning off your target audience as efficiently as possible.
  • #1 Rule: Add value to the content eco-systemConversation and Dialog keyListen louder than you talkWould you do the same behavior in the physical world?
  • Think of your site as the Hub of your social network presenceWithout WordPress, just a handful of discrete outposts on the netWordPress changes the dynamic and creates a network of your networks
  • ( content distribution )
  • ( bring your social media presence to your site )
  • ( give your content wings )
  • ( make their experience interactive )
  • ( push visitors to your social media presence )
  • ( it’s easy to get a bad WordPress plugin… here’s how to know you’ve got the real deal )
  • Making your WordPress site more Shareable, Sociable, and Likeable

    1. 1. Making your WordPress site moreShareable, Sociable, and Likeable web email twitter
    2. 2. The Plan• Talk – Pushing Content to Social Networks – Pulling Content in from Social Networks – Encouraging Sharing – Engaging Visitors – Earning Fans – A few Words of Caution• Genius Bar / Hands On / Q&A
    3. 3. What’s the Goal?
    4. 4. Hub and Spoke
    5. 5. Hub and Spoke Push Your Content Attract Readers to Site Visitors have Richer Experience Readers Share Content Gain Additional Followers/Fans Better Understanding of Customers
    6. 6. to your Networks
    7. 7. Pushing your Content to your Networks• Short Urls (,, )• Manually – TweetDeck – HootSuite – CoTweet – Etc.• Semi-Automatically – Simple Facebook Connect / Simple Twitter Connect – WP to Twitter ( or Twitter Tools / WordTwit ) –
    8. 8. to your Site
    9. 9. Pull Social Media to your Site• Pull in content streams – Facebook Activity Feed / Fan Box – Twitter (via JetPack)• Embedly – 350+ social media platforms – Automatically embeds by pasting the standard URL• Blackbird Pie• Storify
    10. 10. Encourage Sharing
    11. 11. Encourage Sharing• AddThis (Integrated Analytics)• ShareThis• JetPack (• TweetMeme• Sociable (1.2M Downloads)• Sexy Bookmarks (1.4M Downloads)• Or Roll Your Own Network Specific Buttons (FB Like, +1, etc.)
    12. 12. What Fits Your Site?
    13. 13. Engage Your Visitors
    14. 14. Engage Your Visitors• Welcome Messages for New Users (WWSGD)• Ratings and Ranking (GD Star)• Polls (PollDaddy)• Single Sign-on for Comments (Janrain, SFT, STC)• Twitter Mentions as Comments• Advanced Commenting (Disqus)
    15. 15. Earning Followers
    16. 16. Build Your Network• Links to Social Media Profiles – Dedicated page (or contact us) – Sidebar widget• 100’s of free social media icons online• Author Bios – Include social media contact info – Include bio below every post
    17. 17. Everything in Moderation
    18. 18. AvoidLemons
    19. 19. Good WordPress Plugins• Look at the right column of the plugin page• Recently and frequently updated• High number of downloads• High average rating• Recent support requests• Overall documentation• Full-time developers (sometimes)
    20. 20. Photo Credits• Cat -• Goal -• Megaphone -• Wheel-• WaPo - Blame it on the Voices• Buffet -• Sharing -• Push -• Pull -• Lemon -• Followers -
    21. 21. web emailtwitter