Frontiers of Search


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The deck from my 2011, NMA Search Presentation, "The Frontiers of Search"

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Frontiers of Search

  1. 1. The Frontiers of Search: Search & Social MediaIf photo is taken from the MediaCom image bank, enter photo credits here: first name, last name, MediaCom city
  2. 2. Search & Social Media Presentation Title Here by MediaCom, 00.00.000095% of marketeers think the effectivenessof Social Media will increase in the next 3years85% think SEO effectiveness will increase.Source: Forrester Interactive Marketing Forecast Online Survey2009
  3. 3. Search Engines Agree“we do compute and useauthor quality” “We do look at the social authority of a user” Links + direct ranking factor
  4. 4. By integrating our search and socialmedia campaigns we have seen a35% increase in their efficiency.
  5. 5. However they don’t alwaysmix well: Social Media Search
  6. 6. Search is robotic. • Automation • Efficiency • Follows the rules!
  7. 7. Robots aren’talways right…
  8. 8. Presentation Title Here by MediaCom, 00.00.0000Do a commercial, youre off the artisticroll call, forever.Bill Hicks Social means real people.
  9. 9. So when you allow therobots to run it…
  10. 10. How do you Integrate Search& Social Media? Use the best of both worlds.
  11. 11. The Solution:
  12. 12. Apply ‘the robots’ to the right areas of socialMonitor Everything! Response Matrixes
  13. 13. Presentation Title HereAddress Issues early – don’t Monitor Everything! by MediaCom, 00.00.0000wait till it’s too late! Some are happy, some exasperated, some considering cancellation.
  14. 14. Presentation Title HereThink of response matrixes Response Matrixes by MediaCom, 00.00.0000as ‘social bid management’. Pre-prepared Responses Allow for fast and effective customer problem solving Without causing a PR issue!
  15. 15. Optimise your social content – treat social like a search engineKeyword Research Traditional SEO Tech
  16. 16. Presentation Title HereKeyword Research is still Keyword Research by MediaCom, 00.00.0000Vital
  17. 17. Presentation Title HereTradition SEO rules hold true Tradition SEO rules by MediaCom, 00.00.0000across Social Media Make sure your URL shortner uses a 301 redirect Title tags & meta descriptions are just as important
  18. 18. Prepare for multiple access and distribution points Every page is nowHonest link building Social Amplification a landing page
  19. 19. Presentation Title Here Honest link building by MediaCom, 00.00.0000 If search engine rankings are an election, links are your votes.Google will solve the paid links issue – if theydon’t they’ll lose credibility and searchers.
  20. 20. Authoritative Content Branded Blog Partnerships Mobile App Independent Publish Memetic Industry Widgets Events Research Content Leading Tools Industry Browser Authorities Extensions Non-linking Mentions Government Social Media Microsites & Industry Resources Owned Sponsorships Events Domains News Contests Interview Paid in- Experts Charities content Customers Press releases Affiliates Optimising University Business Current Links Events Partners Awards Reciprocal Free UniversityBenefit Links Templates Suppliers Jobs Guest Blogging Review Sites Review Others Badges “How To” Paid Link Guides Wikipedia Social Spam CSS Design Youtube Bookmarking Galleries Job Sites Flickr Article Submission Friends & Blog Forums Family Comments Directories Effort Q&A Websites Forum Spam Blog Spam
  21. 21. Getting links is great, getting Presentation Title Here Social Amplification by MediaCom, 00.00.0000lots is better! Social Media generates secondary links and creates a receptive audience for future link building
  22. 22. Distribution increases Presentation Title Here Every page is now by MediaCom, 00.00.0000 a landing pageVisibility – to all pages.
  23. 23. Search & Social: Integrated.
  24. 24. OK! Magazine: IntegratedSocial Media & Search 100,000 twitter followers that have provided over 50,000 retweets. 10,000 Facebook fans Total site traffic has increased by 55% Natural Search traffic has increased by 133% Social Media traffic has increased 434% • Client team providing personal updates and engaging with fans • Conversation not broadcast • Automatic technologies used where appropriate
  25. 25. Thank you and QuestionsBen BaleSenior SEO Specialist @benbale