Mobile Search Marketing A Basic Introduction

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M-Days 8 minute presentation on an introdcution to mobile search marketing from visibility mobile. …

M-Days 8 minute presentation on an introdcution to mobile search marketing from visibility mobile.
Focuses on why mobile search marketing is important and simple do it yourself ways to track and imporve your mobile site mobile SEO.

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  • 1. Mobile Search Marketing a basic introduction Bena Roberts President & Founder visibility mobile
  • 2. Mobile Search Marketing & Mobile SEO
  • 3. The Value of Mobile Search Marketing
    • What is the point of a great mobile site if there is no traffic?
    • Why spend $$$ on mobile advertising without focusing on the organic market of mobile discovery
      • Very simply using mobile search marketing and optimisation to build a healthy presence in search engine results.
    • Why target only one segment of the market with a few keywords or a mobile banner campaign when the mobile is such a viral medium?
  • 4. Mobile Site Usability Where Users Click on Mobile Search Results Source: BKI Media Limited 2007-2008
  • 5. Can’t Find It Survey: Mobile Source: BKI Media: 600 people interviewed in the UK market for leading Search Firm
  • 6. Getting Value from mobile search marketing Return on Investment In the online space SEO services can return 500% more value than paid advertising services. Our aim is to mirror this for mobile. Your Brand FACT: Brands get more respect when they rank highly in search results. Cross Pollination Organic traffic will have a viral effect on your brand making sharing, saving and linking possible. Organic Site Growth Organic growth of a domain is much more important than sponsored links as it shows authority and weight. Your Traffic Advertising might drive your traffic for a short period but only search marketing is a gradual and consistent traffic generator.
  • 7. First steps for mobile search marketing?
    • MetaTXT – simple search standard based on a user agent that will ensure your site is found.
    • – use it to check for the grade or rank of your mobile site.
    • Use mobile think mobile. Mobile words and keywords are vital.
    • Submission and directories for mobile services is vital moving forward.
  • 8. Bena Roberts
    • 00496764302151
    • Visibility mobile limited