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My latest portfolio.
Please check my Youtube channel for videos.

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Benweir Book August2012 Lowres

  2. 2. WHATWHERE&WHO CREATIVE DIRECTOR EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Screen Content, Experiential Marketing, Events, Television, Radio & Print Campaigns, Digital, Corporate, B2B and Internal Communications, Short Films Past Companies - Animal Logic Republic Films C4Live Spinifex Group Now Communications Group Precinct Group (Formerly ABT) Clients include - Sony, IBM, Proctor&Gamble, LG, Telstra, Microsoft, Vodafone, Samsung, YellowPages, Cisco, BT, McDonalds, Fantastic Holdings, Denso,, ACT Tourism, Sanitarium, Red Cross, Youth Off the Streets, Maggi, Oz Lotto, Westpac, Energy Australia, Sydney Water, Salvation Army, Photon Group, Sensis, Ferrero, Railcorp, VMware, M - +61422 806 577 E - Reel -
  3. 3. THEYSAID THIS “Ben is a multi-talented creative. Whether it be writing, directing, ideas generation and lateral thinking, a punchy script for a viral or a concept for a whole TV series he is always thinking of how to improve on what has gone before. A down to earth and likable guy he always brings ideas and energy to the table.” RICHARD BRADLEY, EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR, SALMAT-IDR “Ben is one of the few professional individuals who understands the greater whole. He presents with both a business and creative acumen rarely found in today’s dynamic media world. I take pride in consistently recommending Ben through his quick rise through the senior media ranks. His sincerity, integrity, humour in the face of adversity all serve to allow Ben to be an extraordinary asset for any lucky company.” ADAM WELLS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, ENGINE “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ben at Now Communications Group initially on a few projects, then with him stepping in more permanently as Creative Director across the company. He doesn’t just inject a great sense of creativity and uniqueness in what he works on, but shows a genuine understanding of people and what is needed to create success on both an internal management and project level. Every job and situation is approached with positivity, and as a result he just inspires people. I would definitely recommend Ben as a valuable addition to any team or workplace.” HELEN KYRIACOU, DIGITAL CONTENT STRATEGIST, NOW COMMS GROUP
  4. 4. CREATIVEDIRECTOREVENTSAfter a difficult start to 2011Vodafone had a need tolet consumers and tradeknow about the roll-out ofthe improvements to theirnetwork.The 7Eleven franchiseeconference and expoprovided a great opportunityto connect with trade byleveraging insights into thecricket-mad audience.What Ben created - aninformative stand supportedby fun activities. V8 racesimulator, photo sessions,giveaways and a guestappearance by Ian Healy haddelegates queueing up toengage.The result - a confidencewin-back with a major vendorof Vodafone products.
  5. 5. CREATIVEDIRECTOREVENTCONTENTVForum 2011 received over6000 registrations at theSydney Convention andExhibition Centre alone thisyear.VForum toured to China,India, Japan, Korea andSingapore.All video content wasconceived and executed tocreate a consistency acrossthe region - consistency oflook, message and narrative.As Creative Director, Benwas responsible for theconceptualising, scriptingand delivery to the variousevent companies who wereputting on the events.
  6. 6. CREATIVEDIRECTOREVENTSMicrosoft engaged C4Liveto create a 1-day trainingexercise that wouldfamiliarise key salespeople atJB Hifi and Dick Smith withthe new features of Windows7. Strong identity helped an engaging pre event campaign of EDMs, direct calls to managers in-store, and printed collateral.Ben and his co-creativeMel White worked hard toconceptualise an experiencethat would engage delegates,and help them retain theinformation so that theywould be better equipped torecommend the Microsoftoperating system on theshop floor.Invitees were enticed by the‘special ops’ style to thegraphics, copy writing andoverall tone of voice.
  7. 7. OTHEREVENTSThe 2008 PhotonConference, Awards andOddball after party was Ben’sfirst opportunity to utilise hisskills in storytelling, copywriting, screen direction andproduction.Working alongside RichardBradley, the CreativeDirector of C4Live, Ben Day and Night, the continuity of key messaging was crucialconceptualized integral to the success of the event. Ben had an integral role in theelements of the daytime conceptualizing and delivery of screen and experiential content.conference.At the party, animations andscreen content augmentedthe live performances by DJsand bands.
  8. 8. OTHEREVENTSIn February 2011 the 321takeoff internal strat launchfor an International brand ina country like Papua NewGuinea presented manychallenges.The final result was anextremely successful 2-dayconference and awardsnight for over 200 delegatesthat introduced them to anambitious 5 year businessplan.Ben was creative directorand lead content producerresponsible for theconference and awardsformat which included guestspeakers, group exercises,speeches, presentations,videos, and animations.
  9. 9. DIRECTORSCREENOver the past 10 yearsBen has directed televisioncommercials, short films,music videos, interactivevideos, corporate promos, C4 Communications - Internal Staff Film Canberra Tourism TV Campaign Fantastic Holdings Brand Filmevent content and onlinecommunications for a broadrange of clients.His strength lies in theability to take up the ideaand bring it to life for thebig or small screen throughstrong visuals and true-to-lifeperformances.Here are screen shots of justsome of the work on his reel. Telstra & G&S Engineering Corporate Foodbank TVC Vicks Formula 44 TVCCheck out Ben’s Youth Off the Streets TVC Photon Group Event Films Telstra MNS Animation
  10. 10. DIRECTORcontinued2004 London International Returnity - Brand Promo Video The Misfit - Photon Event Teaser Video Red Cross - TVCAwards – FinalistPublic Service/Social WelfareOrgan Donations - TaxiDirector: Ben WeirClient: Red CrossAgency: Batey Kazoo,SydneyProduction Company:Republic Films, SydneyProducer: Mike CarltonCameraman: Russell Boyd C4Live - Brand Film AUSTAR - TVC Campaign Campbells Soup - TVC Mc Happy Meal - TVC Maggi Noodles - TV Campaign Sunday Telegraph - TVC
  11. 11. PRODUCERIn addition to his directing,Ben is very comfortablehandling the budgeting,scheduling and producitonof shoots, large pitches and Alcatel Lucent - Mobile TV promo film Cisco Webex - Online videos IBM - The Q & A Project. Hosted by AdamRFPs. Spencer. LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE.Ben has produced multiplevideo projects - live action,post production and fullanimation.Here are a few examples.Some can be seen in theirentirety on Ben’s Energy Australia ‘The Smart Home’ - Telstra - Customer Testimonials - Jetstar Bovis Lendlease - One Brisbane Video promotional video Fantastic Furniture TV Campaign Optus Business Event Content Telstra Business Internal Staff video
  12. 12. FILMMAKERBen’s most recent short -The Neighbour - has touredthe world, having screened atmore than a dozen festivals. 2010 - THE NEIGHBOUR.Ben received a grantfrom Screen Australia totravel with the film to theprestigious Clermont-FerrandInternational Short FilmFestival in France whereit shocked and delightedthousands of viewersthroughout its week ofscreenings.The Neighbour was invited toopen the 2010 St Kilda FilmFestival and was nominated 2006 - DEADLINE 8.45for an IF Award. In 2011 it Tropfest Best of the Rest Tour, Pleiades Film Festival Tourwon a Silver Palm at theMexico International FilmFestival.The film is now beingdistributed world widethrough Ouat Media, Canada.Ben is in the developmentand scripting stage of severallong form television and filmprojects. 2001 - THE NIGHT
  13. 13. COPYWRITEREXPERIENTIAL2009 MFA Grand Prix WinnerSensodyne: The Chill TestAGENCY: Bellamyhayden &C4LIVECLIENT: GlaxoSmithKlineCopywriter – Ben WeirCreative Director – RichardBradleyProducer – Brad WrightJudges’ comments -“ The Grand Prix panelwas looking for an entrythat showed the evolutionof thinking. Sensodyne:The Chill Test was a simplygreat idea that deliveredon consumer insight, hadhigh involvement andcomprehensive results.”
  14. 14. COPYWRITERSCREENBen has been writing fortv, online, radio, print andexperiential marketing for thelast 5 years.Long or short copy,humourous or austere, tech Oasis Pathways TV commercial. 2009. Ben outputted scripts for Fantastic Furniture TV Campaign. 2010. Ben’s 6th campaign writingheavy or retail focussed, both the corporate and the TVC. for the furniture retailer.Ben’s writing always hits themark.As the marketing landscapechanges, so too does hisapproach to solving creativeproblems and fulfilling a brief.Ben’s scriptwritingfor technology andtelecommunicationsbrands in the B2B space isextensive.His NBN Explained video hasreceived over 10,000 hits onYoutube and counting. Photon Event Teaser video. 2008. This campaign also included Sydney Water Energy Australia Smart Home Video. 2010. writing and directing 7 scripts for event content and multiple EDMs in the character of Major Misfit.
  15. 15. COPYWRITERPRINTUS Print Campaign forDenso Aftermarket Parts inproduction 2011.Ben was lead copywriter. Thejob is on-going.
  16. 16. COPYWRITERDIGITALPHOTON AGM and PARTY -EDMs and pre event comms.
  17. 17. COPYWRITERTRADESHOWSYellow Pages at the HIAHomeshow 2010.For this Experientialcampaign Ben wasresponsible for additionalcopy on signage, labels andlong copy in brochures andEDMs.
  18. 18. PRESS Ben Weir’s The Neighbour plays with space and expectations to devastating effect. Lisa Nesselson, SBS World MoviesFilm Festival News &Reviews “Clermont-Ferrand is widely regarded as the most important international festival for the buying and selling of short films. Because the festival attracts significant audiences as well as key industry professionals it’s great that such a strong line-up of shorts will represent Australia.” Kathleen Drumm, Head of Marketing at ScreenAustralia.
  19. 19. HANDY WITHPENSBen’s background in designand illustration and his timeat Award School means thathe’s pretty handy with apen and sketch pad and theAdobe suite should the needarise.These rough boards areindicative of Ben’s illustrativestyle.
  20. 20. HANDY WITHMACSMood boards and pitchesrequire a certain amount ofAdobe graphics suite know-how.Here is one example of Weir’sdesign work in this area.