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Slides open stack emily_updated_2

  1. 1. The Open CloudKyle MacDonaldVP of
  2. 2. 100+ current 3300+ Community projects 180+ User Groups Companies 35+ countries2
  3. 3. Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure is OpenStackAn IaaS stack based on 5 pillars (in Essex) and growingOpenstack Compute (aka Nova) Openstack Identity (aka Keystone)● Delivers instances and disk space on ● Central identity management for all OpenStack demand to run Ubuntu Cloud Guest components or most other Operating Systems. ● Logical equivalent to AWS IAM● Logical equivalent to AWS EC2 and EBS Openstack Dashboard (aka Horizon)Openstack Image Service (aka Glance) ● The base building block for end-user facing portals● Delivers machines images locally and remotely● Ubuntu Cloud Guest enabled● Logical equivalent of AWS AMI ServerOpenstack Object Storage (aka Swift)● Delivers Peta-scale object storage capabilities with redundancy built-in.● Logical equivalent to AWS S33
  4. 4. Ubuntu and Canonical4
  5. 5. About Canonical – the company behind Ubuntu Where Details Services Customers ● London ● 500+ people ● Support ● Boston ● Established 2004 ● Ubuntu ● Montreal ● Privately owned ● Products ● Shanghai & Beijing ● Custom Engineering ● Taipei Canonical offices around the world, London, Boston, Montreal and Taipei.5
  6. 6. Ubuntu Customers Industry Tech Industry Finance Industry Healthcare Public sector Education 6
  7. 7. Canonical Ubuntu● Compliance and audit ● #1 Cloud OS● Assurance and support ● #1 Linux Desktop● Professional services ● Freely available● Certification ● With updates● Security & encryption ● No subscription● Management● Redistribution & OEM● Solutions7
  8. 8. Ubuntu: Where are we now?The worlds third most popular operating system20,000,000 users and counting7,000 Windows users download Ubuntu every dayUsers in 240 countries, localised in over 80 languages8
  9. 9. Scale-out server platform9
  10. 10. Landscape: Tools for managing Ubuntu & Clouds at ScaleManage across cloud, virtual and physical machines10
  11. 11. Ubuntu is a truly Hyperscale server platform Hadoop & Big Data Render farms and compute-intensive scale Storage, NoSQL IAAS & PAAS: Cloud Builders OpenCompute11
  12. 12. Juju: DevOps Distilled12
  13. 13. HA proxy HA proxy App App Node.js Tomcat + nginX HadoopCassandra MySQL MySQL
  14. 14. juju is magicjuju bootstrap juju charmsjuju deploy mongodbjuju deploy –config ~/subway.yaml node-app subway subwayjuju add-relation mongodb subway Node.js alias MongoDB
  15. 15. juju is devops distilleddev test run
  16. 16. Abstractionoptimise: ram | write | readsource: stable | milestones | vcs | url | ppaapp: url | file | vcs | bind-mountCrowdsourcing OPS insight & automation.Continuous iteration and improvement.16
  17. 17. any IAAS17
  18. 18. any architecture18
  19. 19. any OS19
  20. 20. Partnership with Dell20
  21. 21. Dell OpenStack-Powered “Dell’s commitment to OpenStack and their team with deep Cloud Solution expertise in Data Center Solutions is the foundation for a great partnership.” Ben Cherian, General Manager ofProven solutions Emerging Technologies, DreamHost Elastic , vastly scalable and designed Proven components to handle massive data loads OpenStack Cloud operating system • Rely on Dell’s tested, validated, and innovative designs in infrastructure, software, Built with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and services Dell-developed Crowbar Software • Get what you need to develop, deploy, and Dell PowerEdge C6100 deliver your cloud environment /C6105/R720/R720xd servers • Enables you to quickly offer new cloud Force 10 S60 Switches services, lower software licensing costs, and help mitigate the risks of cloud computing Reference Architecture Deployment Guide Dell Service and Support21 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions Dell
  22. 22. Taxonomy22
  23. 23. Get involved withOpenStack23
  24. 24. OpenStack Users Group Worldwide24
  25. 25. Questions welcomeThank youKyle MacDonaldVP of