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  • 1. OpenShift + OpenStack + Fedora = Awesome Linqing LuCloud Product EvangelistOpenShift at Red Hat
  • 2. Agenda• What is OpenShift?• Why Open Source Matters• Introducing OpenShift Origin• Overview of OpenShift Origin• Demo• Next Steps 2
  • 3. Take a sec to sign up…•• Promo Code: OPENSTACKAPAC 3
  • 4. What is OpenShift?Red Hat’s free cloud-hosted PaaS for apps 4
  • 5. Why Platform as a Service?• Start quickly, iterate quickly• Manages the cloud & app stack for you• Lets you focus on code & customers Code Deploy Enjoy Push-button Save Time and Money Deploy, and Code your app your App is running in the Cloud! 5
  • 6. What’s supported? What isn’t? 6
  • 7. But, this is hosted! I want my own.Why? Because…• Existing infrastructure, software and services• Concerns about security or compliance• I just like running my own cloud 7
  • 8. OpenShift Origin• Open source project of the components of OpenShift• Can build your own PaaS• Laptop, Test, On Premises, Provider, ... 8
  • 9. What is the License?• Apache License 2.0• OSI approved• Business friendly• No contributor agreement 9
  • 10. How can I participate?• Wiki & Links at •• Code is on GitHub •• Resources • Mailing Lists • Bugzilla • IRC 10
  • 11. What about OpenStack? 11
  • 12. Red Hat already supports OpenStack• Member of OpenStack Foundation• A leading committer to OpenStack• Goal: To be the best PaaS for OpenStack 12
  • 13. OpenShift Originon OpenStack Demo Chris Wright 13
  • 14. Agenda What is OpenStack? Demo setup Deploy OpenShift Origin on OpenStack 14 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 15. What is OpenStack? Collection of services providing IaaS  Compute – Nova  Object Storage – Swift  Image Service – Glance  Identity Service – Keystone  Dashboard UI – Horizon Next release adds  Network – Quantum  Volumes – Cinder 15 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 16. OpenStack Services Dashboard UI (Horizon) Compute Image Object Storage (Nova) (Glance) (Swift) Identity (Keystone) 16 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 17. OpenStack Identity Service Manage user, tenant, roles Token service Policy Service catalog Pluggable backends  KVS, SQL, PAM, LDAP 17 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 18. OpenStack Identity Service RES T Keystone API Token Identity Policy Catalog 18 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 19. OpenStack Compute Multi-tenant Highly scalable Multiple hypervisors  KVM, Xen, VMware, Hyper-V, LXC Pluggable persistent block storage  ISCSI, NetApp, Nexenta, XenSM, SAN Native OpenStack and EC2 API support 19 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 20. OpenStack Compute RES T API API API Compute, Volumes, EC2 Compute, Volumes, EC2 Compute, Volumes, EC2 AMQP Scheduler AMQ QPID AMQ Volume P P Scheduler Database Scheduler AMQP Compute Compute Compute libvirt libvirt libvirt KVM KVM KVM Network Network Network 20 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 21. OpenStack Image Service Image registry  List, register, retrieve Multiple storage backends  Swift, S3, http, filesystem Multiple image types  raw, qcow2, vmdk, vhd, iso, aki/ari/ami, ovf API service horizontal scaling and possible caching Public or private images Private images can be shared via memberships 21 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 22. OpenStack Image Service RES T Glance API Glance API Glance API Glance Registry Glance Database 22 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 23. OpenStack Dashboard 23 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright
  • 24. OpenShift Origin on OpenStack Provision OpenStack Deploy OpenShift Origin 24 OpenStack on Fedora | Chris Wright