Dell open stack powered cloud solution introduce & crowbar demo cosug-2012


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Dell open stack powered cloud solution introduce & crowbar demo cosug-2012

  1. 1. Dell OpenStack-Powered CloudSolution Introduce& Crowbar DemoPeter LiuNGCS Solution ArchitectPeter_Liu2@Dell.comJan 2012 Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction on OpenStack• Dell & OpenStack• Dell’s OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution – Reference Architecture – Crowbar• Dell’s Crowbar Demo2 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  3. 3. Introduction on OpenStack3 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  4. 4. 1st Day of Openstack DELL provides hardware platform for Openstack from 1st day.4 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  5. 5. Out of that, an initiative grew… DELL develops Openstack deployment and operation toolkit for Openstack, and contributes to community.5 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  6. 6. And grew into a thriving community6 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  7. 7. What is OpenStack?• OpenStack is – a big community – A stack of open source software (Apache 2.0 license)• Provides an operating platform / toolkit for orchestrating clouds.• Contains a collection of open source projects that are community-maintained – Compute (code named “Nova”) – Storage (code named “Swift”) – Imaging Service (code named “Glance”) – Others in work (Network as a Service, Volume as a Service, etc)• OpenStack’s basic requirement: “Clouds must be simple to implement and massively scalable”• Open Standards and versatility: – Amazon APIs are supported – Multiple hypervisors (Xen, KVM, Release name Release dateVMWare, Hyper-V, etc. Austin October 21, 2010 Bexar February 3, 2011 Cactus April 15, 2011• Diablo September 22, 20117 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  8. 8. Cloud Taxonomy Software as a IT as a Platform as a Infrastructure as a Everything as a Service Service Service Service Service Admin Software Web Services & APIs Self Service Portal SSO Customer Management Entitlement, rights Billing Metering Information Service Management LDAP/A Infrastructure Software D Legacy Management Ser Gov/Workflow Workload Lifecycle Monitoring Automation Management Intelligent Resource Reporting Orchestration Platform ProvisioningAnalytics Manager Securit y Abstraction Software Data OS Operating System Application Run- Store Hardware Virtualization Time Virtualization Virtualization IPS Physical Compute Switch Storage Firewal Network l HVAC Power Facility Overarching Environmentals Revolutionary Cloud Solutions Systems
  9. 9. But we still have work to do! Software as a IT as a Platform as a Infrastructure as a Everything as a Service Service Service Service Service Admin Software OpenStack APIs OpenStack Dashboard SSO Customer Management Entitlement, rights Billing Metering Information Service Management LDAP/AD Infrastructure Software Legacy Management Workload Lifecycle Ser Gov/Workflow Automation Monitoring Management Orchestration Intelligent Resource Manager Crowbar ReportingAnalytics Keystone Abstraction Software Data OS Ubuntu Operating System Application Run- Store Hardware Virtualization Time Virtualization KVM Virtualization IPS Physical Nova Nova Switch Glance Swift Swift Firewall Quantum HVAC Power Facility Overarching Environmentals Revolutionary Cloud Solutions Systems
  10. 10. Dell and OpenStack10 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  11. 11. Dell and OpenStack To-Date• First Solution Launched: July 2011 – The market’s first OpenStack Cloud solution featuring hardware, software, and services• Only Tier 1 hardware/solutions provider at announcement – The most history with OpenStack• Contributions – Development of Crowbar software › Crowbar open sourced. Download at – “BootStrapping OpenStack Clouds” technical whitepaper › 1 out of 3 visitors downloading – Video, press releases, event sponsorships, etc• Key partnerships – Rackspace, Citrix, and more• Dell experts active in OpenStack community 11 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  12. 12. Dell’s Approach to OpenStackCurrent Status: Future Strategy:Earliest Participator Primary Solution Provider • OpenStack Partner• First solution to mkt Ecosystem• Build operational model • Dell Contributes to• Experiences from OpenStack customer engagements community and projects• Single operator clouds • Dell Service offerings • Public, Private, Hybrid • Expanded marketsDELL is open to work with partners in community and buildOpenstack ecosystem in China.12 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  13. 13. Dell OpenStack- Powered Cloud Solution13 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  14. 14. Openstack Deployments are Complex DELL provides Reference Architecture and Crowbar to simplify the Openstack Deployment.14 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  15. 15. Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud SolutionThe Market’s First OpenStack Cloud Solution / ReferenceArchitecture HW + SW + Services HW • PEC6100 Servers Reference • Storage and computeHardware Architecture • PowerConnect 6248 LAN Configuration Min of 6 nodes • OpenStack Installer (Crowbar) Software • OpenStack cloud SW • Other SW elements installed by Crowbar Software Operating • Ubuntu 10.10 (Host) • Windows (Guests) System • Linux (Guests) Solution includes: Between 6 and 60 nodes: Hypervisor KVM, Xen • PowerEdge C6100, c2100 • Onsite HW Install • Two sleds per server Deployment • Onsite SW Install • Fully populated drives • Whiteboard session & • PowerConnect 6248 LAN Services training (via RCB) • Installation automation SW • HW: Dell ProSupport • Reference architecture Support • SW: OpenStack support • Sample application (via RCB) 15 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  16. 16. 16Con Hardware Choices – Nova & Swift i Compone 2100 6100 ½ 6100 Full 6100 +d nt Pop SANe Base 2U, 12+2 drives 2U, 12 drives 2U, 12 drives 6U, 60 drivesn 1 system: 2 sleds: 4 sleds: 4 sleds: i 12 core, 18 ram 24 core, 24 ram 48 core, 48 ram 48 core, 48 rama Normalized 2100 6100 ½ Pop 6100 Full 6100 + SAN 6U Cores 36 72 144 48 Spindles 36 36 36 60 (3½”) Spindles/ 12+2 6 3 15 Host DIMMs 54 72 144 48 RAM 432 576 1,152 384 Cost Lowest Moderate- Moderate- Highest Low High Revolutionary Cloud Solutions Target Storage Mixed High Enterpris
  17. 17. Dell’s Crowbar: deployment toolkit andongoing operation modelMission: “A Zero-Touch Cloud Installer”Servers in boxes to fully functioning cloud in under 2 hours• Fast & Flexible – Bare metal install including BIOS & RAID config – Choose how the system is configured via “barclamps”• DevOps Embracing – Ongoing Operations Model (DevOps for Clouds) for continuous integration and management – Leverages and wraps Opscode Chef – Integrates Nagios and Ganglia monitoring tools• Open – Not specific to OpenStack – can be used with other applications – Not restricted to Dell hardware – Apache 2 licensed17 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  18. 18. Dell’s Crowbar: Adding Value to OpenStack Crowbar Architecture• Deploys multi-node OpenStack clouds onto bare metal Dell PowerEdge C servers in less than two hours vs. days manually• Functionality includes – BIOS config, RAID config, Network discovery, Deployment of Nagios and Ganglia monitoring tools, and more• Continuous integration• Modular design (core + barclamps)• Use cases beyond OpenStack – Hadoop, VMware Cloud Foundry 18 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  19. 19. Crowbar Components• Crowbar was developed by Dell to address OpenStack installation challenges & ongoing management complexities – Leverages solutions work and open source components into an integrated suite• At a high-level, the operational challenges Crowbar addresses include: node discovery, network configuration, BIOS update/config, provisioning of ops services (DNS, NTP, etc), and mapping application configuration into the available infrastructure –Sledgehammer: Configures BIOS for nodes in OpenStack environment –Barclamp: Configures networking, defines roles and recipes for nodes in Openstack environment (services, applications)Moving forward, the vision is for Crowbar to manage large production environmentsStrategically for Dell, Crowbar:• Creates good will with development partners and customers by reducing their install and operational time-to-market lag time• Promotes “works best on Dell” by integrating with our server and network hardware to speed deployments• Reduces effort required to gain and service customers with faster, more accurate deployments19 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  20. 20. Crowbar Barclamp Function Mechanism20 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  21. 21. Enabling DevOps with Crowbar21 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  22. 22. Crowbar management & monitoring UI22 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  23. 23. DreamHost Expands Cloud and StorageServices with Dell OpenStack Cloud Challenge DreamHost was in need of a flexible, open source cloud platform for their public cloud compute Solution DreamHost uses Dell hardware for its core business —shared hosting, dedicated hosting and virtual private server hosting—as well as its emerging businesses. For its OpenStack cloud, DreamHost is using the Crowbar barclamp for Nova. The company is writing its own barclamp for its Ceph storage solution.“If Dell tried to have a sales Benefits • Took advantage of Dell’s OpenStackperson sell us, we probably reference architecture and deploymentwouldn’t have bought it. Dell frameworksolved a problem that we had. • Saved 4-6 months of software developmentAnd when Dell solved that workproblem, our engineers thought, • Leveraged cloud and scale-out servers and‘We’re going to use this.’” reference architecture • Realized business advantages of leasingBen Cherian, general manager of emerging with Dell Financial Servicestechnologies, DreamHost Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  24. 24. Diablo and Crowbar 1.2Crowbar Added Features in v1.2:Central feature was OpenStack Diablo Final barclamps (tag “openstack-os-build”)Improved barclamp packagingAdded concepts for “meta” barclamps that are suites of other barclampsProposal queue and orderingNew UI states for nodes & barclamps (led spinner!)Install includes self-testingService monitoring (bluepill)24 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  25. 25. Crowbar Demo Q&A25 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
  26. 26. Thank you! For more info: Confidential Revolutionary Cloud Solutions