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Hmv hgjkhkfkuhy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The start of HMV begin in the 1890s at the dawn of the disc gramophone. By1902 it had become the beginnings of the Gramophone Company. In February1907 they commenced building of a new dedicated record factory atHayes, Middlesex. Disc records were sold in music shops and independentretailers at this time. In 1921 the Gramophone Company opened the firstdedicated HMV shop in Oxford Street, London, EnglandHmv stands for HIS MASTERS VOICE.a little fox terrier sits intrigued listening to his mastersvoice coming from the horn, the famous painting is one ofthe worlds most recognized and best loved trademarks.the nipper logo made his first appearance in advertising in 1900.enjoy the story!nipperwas a stray dog found in 1884 by mark barraudin Bristol, up. when mark died three years later,nipper (so named because of his tendency to nip the backsof visitors legs) was taken to Liverpool by marks youngerbrother Francis, who was a painter.nipper discovered the phonograph (a cylinder recordingand playing machine) and Francis barraud often noticed howpuzzled he was to make out where the voice came from.this scene must have been indelibly printed in barrauds brain,for it was three years after nipper died (in September 1895)that he committed it to canvas
  • 2. The HMV logo has been rebranded to give it a more newer lookHMV has revamped its famous dog and gramophone mascot to give it a more new feel.It appears in a black and white square instead of a pink circle and is detached from the mainHMV logo.The dog mascot - called Nipper - will take on the role of a quality mark to "gently reassure"customers about HMVs heritage and expertise, the firm said
  • 3. Task 1bTo make money and get there brand around.In my opinion they did achieve this as appleare selling more and more products of iPodsand they are bringing out new ones everyyear.I think that the advert is inspirational asI love the music to the advert so everytime I think or hear the song itreminded me of the new iPod.Yes the advert has got and logo at theend of the advert and it also has thelogo on the back of the iPods. iPod is a line of portable media playersdesigned by a group. The first line was releasedon November 10, 2001, its most recent designsannounced on September 12, 2012. There arefour current versions of the iPod: the ultra-compact iPod Shuffle, the compact iPod Nano,the touchscreen iPod Touch, and the hard drive-based iPod Classic.Steve jobs created the iPodmost of the other products.Apples hardware engineering chief JonRubinstein made a team of engineers to designthe iPod line, including hardware engineersTony Fadell and Michael Dhuey.And design engineer Jonathan Ive.
  • 4. Task 1c
  • 5. Hand printing.Hand print can usually be etched on stone.Advantages disadvantagesSaves paper - It cannot produced very high qualityprintsLow cost Hard to produce a good peace of workFaster to produce - It cannot do small print runs sopeople who want to print in smallnumbers cannot.Can be used on lots of materials - The materials are complex to use.
  • 6. Mechanical printingLetter press printing is where you press the machine againstthe paper to form a picture.Advantages DisadvantagesQuite cheap Can take a long timeLooks good Difficult
  • 7. Digital printingPhotocopying is where you can get a photo you like and you canmake it copy the exact same one.Advantages Disadvantagescheap Ink can be expensiveQuick prosesEasy to use
  • 8. echnique Definition Advantage DisadvantageEtching Etching can be done on a plate. Andit can also be done on metal.low cost, saves paper, faster toproducecannot produce very high quality prints, thematerials are hard to use.Linocut it’s a design carved into a block can do simple designs and youcan use loads of methods.hard to cut hard to get smooth[texture]Alsolong time to dry.Screen print Screen printing is a technique wherean ink-blocking stencil is printed.makes good quality prints. stencils are very fragile and could break.Wioodcut block of wood on whose surface adesign for material, stand out, nicetexture.long winded prose.Lithography Is where you have a piece of stonepreferably flat then to be drawn onby a greasy substances etc. oil produces a clear image. Low cost,reusable.not a clear picture.anical: letterpress Letter press printing is where youpress the machine against the paperto form a picture. Also you can useletter press to make envelopes carsetc.quite cheapLooks gooddifficultCan take a long timeanical: gravure gravure is a printing and it also canbe used for packaging and labels.high quality bright visible coloursgood for value.high cost takes a long time.anical: screen process silk screen printings a stencil processand its also a mesh process.quick easy one mistake can destroy thousand of copys.: photocopying Photocopying is where you can get aphoto you like and you can make itcopy the exact same one.quickEasycheapInk can be expensiveUses lots of paper: laser printing laser printing is a digital form ofprinting using a highly focused beamof light which is projected onto apiece of hard to use: injet inkjet printing is where a methodthat involves a variable size dropletsof ink onto paper to make a hardLong pocess: desktop publishing the creation of printing materials ona page layout on a personalcomputer.easyquickcheaplong time.