ED 517 Oral Presentation - School Board Policy


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This was an oral presentation designed to demonstrate an understanding of School Board Policy.

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ED 517 Oral Presentation - School Board Policy

  1. 1. Ben Louey Tony DonniniMichelle Marusko
  2. 2.   The Board recognizes the importance of a safe school environment and its effect on the educational process.  Possession of weapons in the school environment is a threat to the safety of students and staff and is prohibited by law.
  3. 3. WEAPON POSSESSIONthe term shall include but not be a student is in possession of alimited to any knife, cutting weapon when the weapon isinstrument, cutting tool, found on the person of thenunchaku, firearm, shotgun, rifle, student; in the student’s locker;replica of a weapon, and/or any under the student’s control whileother tool, instrument or on school property, on propertyimplement capable of inflicting being used by the school, at anyserious bodily injury. school function or activity, at any school event held away from the school, or while the student is coming to or from school.
  4. 4.   Student will be expelled for one year after due process  Superintendent may recommend modifications  In cases where the student is identified as special education, a manifestation determination will be completed  Local law enforcement agency must be notified
  5. 5.   Student, staff and parents will be informed of this policy annually  Students are required to sign an acknowledgement form that they have read and understand this policy  Transferstudents with a prior weapons violation will be provided an alternative education placement
  6. 6.   Mrs. Martinobserved Student X (age 18) with a knife clip hanging out of his pocket  She immediately removed him from the classroom and placed him in a safe environment  Mrs. Martin asked the student if he was in possession of an illegal item
  7. 7.   Student X admitted to being in possession of a pocket knife and immediately turned it over to Mrs. Martin  Mrs. Martin notified the appropriate administrator of the violation
  8. 8.   Student was placed in the principal’s office  Confiscated weapon was given to the principal  Local law enforcement was notified  Superintendent was notified  Parents were notified
  9. 9.   Recommending a 180 day expulsion  Studentwill be permitted to continue education in our alternative school
  10. 10.   Painful decision due to: •  Student athlete •  Outstanding behavior •  Honor student •  Class President  Needs to be done because: •  Board policy •  Student safety •  Community perceptions