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AIDE - Android Integrated Development Environment presentation
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AIDE - Android Integrated Development Environment presentation


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Hans Kratz and Dennis Strein presentation of the AIDE made at the Codefest Karlsruhe on February 20th

Hans Kratz and Dennis Strein presentation of the AIDE made at the Codefest Karlsruhe on February 20th

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. AIDE Develop apps with an app appfour GmbH Hans Kratz Dennis Strein
  • 2. Session Overview • Introduction to AIDE • Demonstration time • The magic of AIDE • Questions
  • 3. What is AIDE • An Android app to make Android apps • Android Integrated Development Environment • Android SDK apps with Java & XML • Android NDK apps with C/C++ • Phonegap/Cordova apps with HTML5 & JavaScript (with AIDE for PhoneGap)
  • 4. AIDE Popularity 1.000.000 downloads/year
  • 5. Install AIDE on your device (free) • In Google Play search for „AIDE“ or just „IDE“
  • 6. Demonstration time
  • 7. The magic of AIDE • Full Android Build Process • Java/Dalvik compilation on device • Native build on device (x86, arm)
  • 8. Android Build Process (1)
  • 9. Android Build Process (2)
  • 10. Focus: NDK support • Not intended to run directly on Android devices • Officially supports only ia32/ia64 on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • 11. NDK support in AIDE • Based on NDK for Linux • Currently only the default toolchain GCC 4.6 is supported • Planned: Support more toolchains • Planned: Support x86 target on arm devices, arm target on x86 devices • Crazy idea: Support the Intel C/C++ compiler
  • 12. Technical challenge: GNU libc • Problem: - GCC toolchain requires GNU libc - Android only has limited bionic C library • Solution: Link GCC toolchain binaries statically against GNU libc
  • 13. Technical challenge: ARM architecture • Problem: NDK not supported on ARM • Solution: Cross-compile NDK for ARM on Linux x86
  • 14. Technical challenge: UNIX tools • Problem: Most NDK builds require a proper shell and UNIX tools (find, sed, awk, …) • Solution: - Bundle Busybox - Pass variables to GNU Make for a proper shell, dirname binary, …
  • 15. Giving back to the community • NDK is part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) under the Apache 2.0 licence. • Our modifications are on GitHub: • Cave: The build process is complex.
  • 16. Recap • Develop Android apps with your Android device • Work on your apps whether Java or native onthe-go • AIDE magic makes it happen
  • 17. Thank you for your time! Questions? web: email: