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Webinar - Mobile, choosing the correct channel

Webinar - Mobile, choosing the correct channel



Part of the bemoko/Alterian "Lifting the lid on mobile" series

Part of the bemoko/Alterian "Lifting the lid on mobile" series



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  • Most exciting time in mobileNew era of Web – Mobile webThe tipping is here – mobile browsing will exceed PC browsing within 12 monthsYou don’t see an advert for a phone saying how good at calls it is – It’s all web! And browsing -
  • Evolution old industries converging Maximise revenueUnpredictable due to multiple influencesMedia companies have effect – Nokia and XFaxtorConsumers massive effect – speed due to low cost of ownership – PC versus a mobileMaximise revenue in a new landscape - Very different landscapemultiple channels more organic and therefore unpredictableMedia and content providers influence Nokia X Factor in connection with Carphone warehouseConsumers have influence cost of ownership –PC VCR
  • Thousands of devices100’ds of TabletsThey can’t really do “mobile” just a tiny partLetting down their customers – they expect their phone to work Not their fault
  • Risk on 4 products – alienate much of your customersTV campaigns don’t only run on LG!Miss 95 % marketThe bigger risk is the speed of change and variety of different devices – out of our control.
  • Looking at the mobile landscape - on the surface it seems pretty simple
  • When you start to drill down you see the growing challenge especially for developersUsing methods adopted for PC web – IE 6, 7, Fire fox and Chrome – will simply not work – We are in a new era of the internet!So tapping into specialist software platforms is the fastest way to ensure resilience to this ever growing challenge
  • Pace of change is fast is also a huge challenge – Technology base your strategy on could all be different in 6 monthsMarket can change in the time it takes to deliver a campaignAnd that’s just handsets!
  • In addition to handsets…Most things we use now are connected – even cars! Need a delivery platform that deals with all mobile technologyBecause we don’t know what’s coming next
  • If a year ago someone had predicted a PlayStation Phone?It’s almost impossible to predict future device trends – anything could be around the corner!
  • We love apps – they have kicks started the industry and growth of interactive mobileApps are filling a gap for Brands to deliver their content – They are the bridging technologyProvided the simple layer for mobile engagementthis simple platform will unfortunately become more complex.
  • Fragmented App MarketDilutedDo you have the resources to deliver an app across all platforms?If not which on will you pickThe days of doing an iPhone App and it being a success are becoming increasingly distant
  • If you are going to then it has to stand alone –take your brand outThe Snow Report from North Face is a good example - the App stands on it’s own Unfortunately it’s only available on iPhoneLaunching an app for your brand is less like launching a campaign than launching a new product.
  • The Android Market is growing at three times the rate of Apple's App StoreThe number of Android Market apps increased about 127 %If apps continue to be developed for each platform at this same rate, the Android Market will have more apps than the Apple App Store by mid-2012So it is going to get harder to get noticed in the sea of stand-alone apps out there.
  • The other thing to consider is that Apps are really public! and if not thought through can work against you!We also need to consider that they are publically rated! And let’s face it, we all prefer a poor story to a good one!
  • Even the experts can get it very wrong!This example is pretty poor when you consider the audienceThese are not edited! We have not removed any good comments! There were none!
  • Cost of managing growing!
  • Apps have influenced a change in the language that we useCustomers now associate a website with a PC and an App with a mobile The term Web App is creeping in to our language A mobile website to you and me – but one that is well designed and gives a perfect user experienceWeb Apps are set to be the next wave in mobile growth for Brands
  • We can deliver value added engaging experiences to all our customers, not just those with an iPhone.So the problem of being forced down a particular route goes way
  • How many of you have tried booking a cinema ticket on a mobileUser experience is paramount – regardless of the technology!
  • Marketers and technical people need to get closerCustomer experience is directly effected by poorly developed sites
  • Delivering to increased channels big challenge.We’re silo’d SMS e-mail etc.
  • Introduce platforms, that encompass, multi channel functionality to cope with the changing technology landscape is the only way aheadShould be made of a combination of “Content Management technologies” plus “channel specific content delivery platforms”
  • Alterian and bemoko technology partnership Delivering operational efficiencies due to centralized managementHelping with a consistent brand experience (branding, messaging)Delivery of both optimized web and email experience to all sorts of devices

Webinar - Mobile, choosing the correct channel Webinar - Mobile, choosing the correct channel Presentation Transcript

  • Mobile Internet
    Powered by
    Lifting the Lid on Mobile
  • Mobile Web -
    Conflicting Perspectives
  • Market Influences
    Social Media
    Social, Technical & Commercial Convergence
  • “We can already do mobile” ?!
  • Conflicting Industry Agendas
    Mobile Co’s
    Selling data
    Selling phones
    Increasing creative spend
    Client lock-in
    New channel
    Media and Content
    Advertising revenues
    Sales Channel
  • Mobile Web -
    Different Technical Approaches
  • Different Approaches
    The new generation of rapid device aware Application Development Environments are built for the mobilised future of the Web
  • Growing Platform Base
  • Keeping Pace – Handset Models
  • Keeping Pace – Handset Evolution
    OS version
    Javascript Support
    CSS support
    screen size versions
    video support
  • Rapid Speed of Change
    Global Handset Manufacturer Share
    July 2010
    January 2011
  • Wider Technology Landscape
    Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    Games Consoles
    Internet TV
    Feature Phones
    Smart Phones
    Electronic Signage
    Home appliances
    In Car entertainment
    Internet TV
    Medical devices
    Net books
    e books
  • Fantasy or Reality?
    The new ‘Expiria Play’ from Sony Ericsson – aka “the PlayStation Phone
  • Constantly Evolving Device Landscape
  • Apps – Part of the Evolution
    • Simple development platform
    • High Commercial appeal
    • Well supported by the handset manufacturers
    • Revenue generating
    • Simple to use
    • Fun
    • Engaging
  • App Landscape Becoming Complex
    Native Apps
    Browser Based
    • Apple App Store
    • Android Market
    • BlackBerry App World
    • Ovi Store – Nokia
    • PlayNow arena – Sony Ericsson
    • Windows Marketplace
    • WAC - operator consortium
    • AppUp – Intel
    • Frigo– Telefonioca
    • Samsung Application Store
  • Making Your App Count
    Tom Fishbourne
  • Getting Your App Seen
    • 350,000 Apple Apps
    • 88,000 Android Apps (Google say 150,000)
    • Android will have more apps than Apple by mid 1012
    • 9.9 billion Apple App downloads and counting
  • Apps Reputational Risk
    Leading UK High Street Retail Brand
    Public comments taken from the App store:
    “Competent at what it does but that's not much”
    “Pretty useless but at least they have an app unlike competitors”
    “You can’t use this app to shop”
    “Only had this App for a month before deleting”
  • Even the experts can get it wrong!
    “Laughable effort. Can't believe someone at the GSMA thought this would be any good”
    “Dire! If there was a 2011 turkey prize, this would be it”
    “Totally useless, just like the dead wifi and the arrogant staff at the site”
    “Rubbish app. Was expecting much more from MWC as industry body and organisers ”
    “What a useless piece of software... tried to use it twice, gave up. The paper map is more interactive”
    “Absolutely pathetic. Lame excuse for an app”
    “what kind of amateur app is this?”
    “What a pitiful application! The developer must have never seen an Android device”
  • App Security Risk
    • Apps are software!
    • Only as good as the developer
    • Access on-board hardware
    • Access on-board files
    • Malware
    • Spyware
    • Data leakage
    • ££££ Data download
  • Web Apps – Next Generation
    Web App or Native App?
  • Web Apps – Next Generation
    • Fully featured Apps delivered using the browser
    • One version for all mobiles - over 12,000 device types
    • Instantly available – no need to download
    • Available from the Brand’s own site
    • Faster and cheaper to develop
    • Easy to update and maintain
    • Integration into CMS and external content
    • Easy to share
    • Detailed analytics
    • Integrates and augments native Apps
  • Delivering a Good User Experience
    • Think customer out
    • Expectation
    • Device Aware
    • Logical Content for Mobile
    • Speed download
    • Cost - tariff
    • Clicks
    • Fingers and thumbs
    • Brand
  • Optimised for Mobile
    • Device compatibility
    • Optimized Markup
    • White space removal
    • CSS compression
    • Java script compression
    • Style sheet requests
    • Page Weight
    • Markup quality
    • Use of progressive enhancement
    • Image sizes
    • Page load time – single and under load
  • Consistent Experience
  • Managing Consistent Brand Experience
    Social Media
    IIP TV
  • Technology Management
    Agnostic Technology Layer
    Social Media
    IIP TV
    New tech
  • Technology Management
    Social Media
    IIP TV
    New tech
  • Alterian and bemoko Joint Solution
  • Summary
    • Market Influencers
    • Risks of relying on a single Technology
    • The Pace Of Change
    • Handset Diversity
    • The Wider Mobile Technology Pipeline
    • The Evolving App Landscape
    • Considerations For Improving User Experience
    • The need to use a different Approach
  • Questions:
    Next sessions - From the Perspective of Mobile
    Direct Marketing: Tuesday 12th April @10am UK
    Device Technology: Monday 9th May @10am UK
    E-commerce: Tuesday 14th June @ 10am UK
    Social Media: Tuesday 12th July @ 10am UK