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All about bemokoLive
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All about bemokoLive


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An overview of bemokoLive and how it can help you create the best mobile websites quickly and easily.

An overview of bemokoLive and how it can help you create the best mobile websites quickly and easily.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. How bemokoLive provides the fastest route to creating mobile websites
  • 2. What is bemokoLive? bemokoLive provides a multi-device, multi-channel delivery platform, designed with flexibility and speed of deployment in mind.
  • 3. bemokoLive solves...
  • 4. Benefits of bemokoLive bemoko®Live is a powerful and flexible delivery platform for mobile content and services, giving the best user experience over a wide range of mobile handsets and other devices. • Faster and easier development than other mobile solutions • Easily integrated with existing systems • Lower development and maintenance costs • Device Database supports over 5000 devices • Maximises device capabilities • Flexible and extendible • Social networking and picture upload out of the box • Industry standards
  • 5. Take full advantage of phone features Same Content on an iPhone Content on a SmartPhone
  • 6. bemokoLive Schematic
  • 7. Why bemoko is right for you • Reduce cost with the bemokoLive platform • Quick time-to-market • Easy transition from PC web to mobile-ready web • Sites created with industry standards - no weird and wonderful markup languages to learn • Low impact. Development teams can be productive very quickly. • Flexible approach
  • 8. PC websites work on mobile – don't they? PC based website on Blackberry Built for mobile version of the same site
  • 9. Why not just transcode? • Good for repurposing content but… • Does not maintain brand, design or UX • It’s a best guess at page layout • Pages jumbled & unclear • A little bit of work will always be best
  • 10. What's the investment? • Costs of adding mobile to a new website could be as little as 5-10% over the cost of creating the new website • Providing a tailored mobile solution for an existing website can be completed in a matter of days or weeks, not months. • Low cost implementation without compromising flexibility and quality. • Low cost of ownership – easy to maintain sites with low support overheads.
  • 11. Demonstration URLs These are best viewed on a mobile phone but will still work on a PC • Music fesitval – – Shows social & community features including photo upload, voting, commenting, Twitter & Flickr integration • Conference – & • Corporate – • Quiz – • “Normal” web site –
  • 12. Introduction to bemoko • The team have worked in mobile since 2001 • With the worlds biggest telco’s, brands, media, finance & enterprise organisations • A passion for mobile & the new opportunities it offers • certified • Founded bemoko in 2007
  • 13. bemoko engagement models A cost effective, flexible range for delivering mobile web • Evaluation versions – Bemoko will work with you to get started as quickly as possible • Hosting options – Ideal for short term sites such as microsites and festivals. – Perfect if you don't want the hassle of hosting yourself. • License model for customers who want to host themselves – Available on a per CPU, subscriber or site licence basis. • Reseller model for partners • Prof. Services – our experts can help with all aspects of your project • Training options for developers, ops, admin & mobile design