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David brown

  1. 1. David Brown Wind EnergyServicing the Supply Chain forOffshore Environment28th February 2012Alfonso GarciaBusiness Development Manager – Renewable Energyagarcia@davidbrown.com Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 1
  2. 2. 150 Years of Assurance Critical Solutions ‘To provide customised transmission solutions for applications where customers demand absolute assurance’ Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 2
  3. 3. Renewable Sectors Served Wind Hydro Solar Tidal Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 3
  4. 4. A Worldwide Capability UK France Eastern Europe • Land defence transmissions • Renewables – wind, hydro • Sales office • Naval applications • Rubber & tyre industries • Renewables – wind, tidal • Cement, metals & mining • High speed drives – oil & gas • Overhaul & upgrade • Custom designed ‘low speed, China JV • Rail high torque’ drives • Renewables - wind • RailUSA• Precision ‘double Indonesia enveloping’ worm drive • Sales Office• Renewables - solar, wind• Packaging/food & beverage• Machine tools, medical and high precision applications• Mining, steel & energyChile Australia• Mining • Overland conveyor &• Service ,repair and Port handling upgrade systems • Mining • Renewables – wind • Power generation (coal)Brazil • Sugar processing• Sales office South Africa Dubai • Service contracting • Girth gear and mill drives • Oil & gas, power, metals, • Rail • Mining cement, port handling India • Power generation (coal) • Spares manufacture • Business & design centre • Overhaul & upgrade programmes • Service, repair and • JV with Bharat Forge • Heavy duty conveying systems upgrade Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 4
  5. 5. Products & Services David Brown Gear Systems Product Groups Renewable Industrial Industrial Land & Naval Energy Engineered Aftermarket Defence Product Wind Mill Drives & Girth Specialist Spares Tracked/wheeled Gears transmission New Build Tidal High Speed & Rail High Integrity Repair Tracked transmission & Overhaul upgrade programmes Solar Low Speed, High Site Services High Integrity Naval Torque Drives Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 5
  6. 6. Wind Energy – Activities & Progress Since 2009… • Aftermarket Services – Globally  European repair contract with Vestas  25% UK market share in gearbox services  UK Wind Service & Upgrade Research Facility announced  Wind Service operating on 5 continents • New Build Onshore – Joint Venture, China  1.5MW gearbox in production, 3MW in development  State-of-the-art manufacturing facility with 550 staff • New Build Offshore  Selected as gearbox partner for 2 Wind Turbine OEM Programmes for UK Round 3  Product development 7-10MW Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 6
  7. 7. Wind Research & Development• Existing technology – Total Life Cost • Gearbox Bearing Technology• Condition Monitoring • Permanent Magnet / Hybrid Technology• Wave Energy Feasibility analysis for geared solutions. Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 7
  8. 8. Offshore Wind – A New Challenge• New paradigm - Offshore wind is a different challenge to onshore – New entrants can take a leading role• Offshore wind demands new & innovative thinking – Environment is harsh – safety considerations are paramount – Development costs are very high – a different model for investment is required – Operators need to know that their turbines are reliable - exacting testing standards are required – Deployment is challenging – standardisation & simplified logistics required – Reactive offshore maintenance is expensive & prohibitive – Planned interventions require predictive technology Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 8
  9. 9. Imperative for changeExisting GBX performance• Most of the problems with the current fleet of wind turbine gearboxes are generic in nature, meaning that the problems are not specific to a single gear manufacturer or turbine model. Over the years, most wind turbine gearbox designs have converged to a similar architecture with only a few exceptions. (*)• The majority of wind turbine gearbox failures appear to initiate in the bearings. (*)• Problems that manifested themselves in the earlier 500kW to 1000kW, still exist in many of the larger 1 to 2 MW gearboxes being built today with the same architecture. (*)• Many of the gearbox problems are the direct result of institutional barriers that hinder communication and feedback during the design, operation, and maintenance of turbines. Hence, a collaborative is needed to bring together the various portions of the design process, and to share information needed to address the problems.(*) Musial W., and Butterfield S. “Improving Wind Turbine Gearbox Reliability “. National Renewable Energy Laboratory , 2007 Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 9 9
  10. 10. Imperative for changeExisting offerings in the market• Normally, GBXs are manufactured in different facilities and locations. Then, they are sent Nacelle assembly plant.• Existing fix warranty periods for WTG components (normally 2 years).• Maintenance is currently done by WTG manufacturers. Wind Turbine technicians basically perform simple visual inspections every six months. Lack of GBXs specialists on site.• There are sporadic GBX assistances on site, performed by GBX manufacturers, when it is specifically required by WTG manufacturers or wind farm owners.• When a GBX is damaged, it must be replaced completely in most of the times.• Condition Monitoring Systems are rarely installed and, in those cases where it is, there is not a proper data analysis performed by operators at the remote control centre. Lack of knowledge.• GBX manufactures are reluctant to share data about performance and failure analysis.• Reactive response way of working with WTG OEMs and final users. Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 10 10
  11. 11. David Brown approach to Offshore ‘Assured’ UK Gearbox Design & Supply Chain Partner to OEM’s looking to UK Round 3 development: • UK presence & established supply chain. David Brown is the only British company with the know-how & immediate capability to engineer, source, handle, manufacture & assemble the large components and functionally test very large MW gear units. • Product Innovation. Modular design for reliability and in nacelle maintenance. Gearbox flexible designs for 6 to 10MW wind turbine generators. Scope includes design, verification, manufacture and testing • Rapid Prototyping capability. Already prepared to meet 2012/13 Demonstrator sites. • High degree of engineering capability. DB has a long history in delivering mission critical solutions where the consequences of failure are extremely high; defence, marine, airspace and offshore oil & gas. • Willing to invest in the necessary facilities/assets. Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 11 11
  12. 12. Technical differentiation for assurance Discrete, Planet gear & 2ndstage All removable 1st stage integrated rotor flexpin assembly annulus components annulus bearings <10T 2nd stage sun pinion shaft 1st stage sun pinion shaft Individual planet gears 1st stage carrier & fixed & flexpin assemblies 2nd stage carrier & fixed pin assembly pin assemblyMANTAINABILITY DIFERENTATIONExample of Wind Gearbox that can be completely disassembled from downwind end Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 12
  13. 13. Tidal Energy• In December 2011, the 1MW Hammerfest Strøm HS1000 tidal turbine (1 MW) was successfully deployed in the North Sea, signaling a major step forward for the global marine renewable energy industry.• The HS1000 tidal turbine is fitted with a three stage David Brown gearbox which was designed, manufactured and tested at our Huddersfield facility and delivered in April last year.• Following successful load testing, the turbine was installed at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney. The HS1000 device will now enter a test period to confirm its performance and reliability, in preparation for larger scale production and deployment. Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 13
  14. 14. David Brown Summary• David Brown is rapidly establishing itself as a trusted Supply Partner in Renewable Energy• R&D programmes give significant innovation in products and services• Collaborative approach ensures OEMs get a gearbox specifically designed for multi MW wind turbine applications with lowest cost of energy – Reduced transmission weight and length from structurally efficient architecture – High reliability from reduced component count – Innovative design for up-tower maintenance• Global supply chain in place for multi MW gearbox components• Facilities in the UK and China and supply chain investments make it an ideal partner for supplying the Northern European and Asian Markets – Wind – Tidal – Any other technical solution (Waves) Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 14
  15. 15. Thank you for your time and kind attention Company confidential © DB Gear Systems Limited 15